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The 2013 Chuck Yerkes Award goes to...


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The 2013 Chuck Yerkes Award goes to...

Link: https://lopsa.org/content/2013-yerkes-award

...me :cool:

The Chuck Yerkes Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding individual contributions in [system administration] online forums. It was created after Chuck Yerkes' untimely death in 2004 to memorialize the mentorship he provided countless systems administrators through his helpful and accurate posts to systems administration mailing lists.

Since 2009, LOPSA (The League of Professional System Administrators) determines and presents the award to someone who followed Chuck's example in their contributions to system administration online forums--whether mailing lists, web forums or chat rooms. 2005-2008 awards were presented by the USENIX Association.

According to alerts coming from IRC, I found that I got the award during the "Opening Remarks and Awards" portion at LISA '13 conference in Washington, DC.

I knew I had been nominated, but hadn't heard anything after that...so I'd be curious to see what get's written up on me officially, etc. B-)

I was surprised to read what they had found out about me, namely that it reached beyond the lopsa mailing list and IRC #lopsa.

As the current president of LOPSA I [Dan Rich] have the honor of presenting this year’s Chuck Yerkes Award.

Dan Rich presenting this year's


This year, I am happy to announce that the Yerkes Award is being presented to Lawrence Chen. Lawrence is currently a Senior Unix Systems Administrator at Kansas State University. While maintaining their e-mail systems, DNS and load balancers, he is active not only on IRC but on many mailing lists such as lopsa-dicuss, bind-users, and several freebsd lists. On these he often provides answers to a variety of questions that frequently include examples based on his own experiences. His blog is also an excellent source of information. Since his being selected for the award I have started reading it have even learned a few new things myself.

Chuck Yerkes Award to...


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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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