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The home servers migration got off to a rough start...


  11:29:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 2462 words  
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The home servers migration got off to a rough start...

Well, getting the ACS1s working wasn't that simple...I set the newer one up first, and it wasn't too bad...since it was in all default state, so it picked up its I by dhcp and I went through trying to get it working to where I could set up the Shuttle XS36V. Though had to upgrade its firmware before everything was happy....and it understood DST.

But, then I couldn't get the Shuttle XS36V to work....after much struggle, I tried out the other one...well that one doesn't seem to have the problem. So, I open up the first one and poke around. Hmmm, the CMOS battery is connected to a different port than the second one.

Moving it didn't help. Wonder if the battery is dead. So, after some search, I order something that looks right off of ebay. Meanwhile, I set up the other ACS1. Well, that didn't go so well, because its not fully factory reset. DHCP has been disabled on it, and can't seem to make it take at all. So, I end up making an RJ45 to DB9 adapter and connect the serial out from the working ACS1 to the RJ45 console port of the other ACS1. Fortunately the password is factory, so I make it talk to the network, upgrade its firmware and then set it up to be what I want it to be.

Though there's a few more iterations, before I decided that I'll use 115200 for console speeds. Default is 9600, which is what everything at work is, etc. The ACS1 to ACS1 was 19200 though. Debated about default 9600, or 19200....or 38400, when I decided to just go for it 115200.

Once I have these boxes running, it won't be the primary way that I use them....

Eventually, I have two FreeBSD 9.1 servers....I identify the packages I'll want for them, and start installing those....first working up a custom make.conf to optimize for the Atom processor....unlike zen, where the make.conf is optimizing for i7. If I had known that I was doing this sooner...I probably could've just done core2 all around, though since then...the package configs on these servers have changed a bit from what I used on zen.

But, getting around to configuring and enabling the services is taking a while...

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