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The home servers migration got off to a rough start...


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The home servers migration got off to a rough start...

I hits me that April is just around the corner, and the end of 10.04LTS is near.... box is a Pentium 4...originally SuSE Linux, but then Ubuntu 7.04/7.10/8.04LTS....and then 10.04LTS except that Ubuntu dropped 32-bit hardware support with 10.04LTS...so the upgrade turned my server into a 'desktop'....so only 3 years support for it. Orac is a Core 2 Quad, so its 64-bit Ubuntu....though it wasn't nice going from 8.04 to 10.04....while I had waited a couple months before upgrading, it was still a week too soon, since I got hit by an bug that was fixed the week after I upgraded.....so before 12.04 came out, I had decided that I was going to wait until 12.04.1 before I would even think about upgrading. Turns out Ubuntu also felt this way, and didn't offer the upgrade option until 12.04.1 came out.

But, by then I had started this other upgrade path....

Anyways...there was one thing I was mulling over...how to do configuration management of my two new servers. It was one thing where I had easy physical access, connected monitor/keyboard...(well a KVM)...etc. And, they sat next to each other. Two headless boxes tucked in difficult to get to places, etc.

With the old, I had a collection of shell scripts, rsync jobs and Makefiles to keep them in a consistent state. Which I could certain recreate if need be.

But, I kept coming around to the idea that I wanted to set up a full blown configuration management solution. At work we use cfengine 2.2....which I guess is pretty dated, but after lots of hemming and hawing...we're probably going to upgrade to cfengine 3, except its going the forklift way...and I'm not in the loop on how that is going, etc. So, eventually, I decide that I was going to start setting up the latest cfengine 3 among my FreeBSD systems.

With zen as my policyhost, and all three systems as clients. I try setting things up using a few tutorials here and there, but get stuck with the linux centric instructions on getting started. But, eventually find a FreeBSD oriented one.... http://www.unix-heaven.org/freebsd-cfengine3-handbook

I didn't follow it to a tee, but it got me along far enough to where I've been plugging away at steadily. At first I tried to do all the things I initially wanted...but soon peeled it back to doing one promise at a time....generally using with what I had done on zen or at work, or in other cases ubuntu. And, then implementing the service through cfengine onto my two new FreeBSD servers. I had also initially direct converted some of the stuff I had done at work under cfengine2 into cfengine3...though I soon found better ways to do it, and tossed those old files.

Though I stayed with subversion for managing my cfengine configs and masterfiles....like work, rather than git which the handbook uses. And, there were other differences.... But, I've gotten a fare bit done, including some stuff I hadn't done before...but intended for this new set up. Namely running both apache and nginx....apache for web services on the systems and nginx as reverse proxy....pointing everywhere else....including some that are still on box and orac. Though eventually those services will move.

Guess I should say what I named the FreeBSD boxes as.....they're named cbox and dbox....cbox is cable, and dbox is dsl :>>

Right now they are pretty similar in services....and there's still quite a few other services to install and configure that would be on both. Though they will diverge when I get to moving nagios and cacti to these boxes....think I'll put cacti on cbox, and nagios on dbox :))

Also slowly working on pointing stuff over to these systems....when I moved DHCPd, I turned it off on orac&box. But, when I set up freeradius...I left it running on the old systems and they're still being used. DNS...I stood up the new master/slave, while leaving the old master/slaves as is for a week...finally made them into slaves off of cbox today. I had initially changed resolv.conf and was going to turn them off...but decided that I hadn't really gone through my entire network and pointed everything over yet....and the dns stats for cacti piece hasn't been done on the new servers yet.

Wonder about moving my irssi....and how I do mosh....yeah...there's still a long way to go in getting to where I'll decide what upgrade path I'm taking with the old box/orac.... orac will upgrade, but not sure about box.....might franken it with the PC formerly known as gumby...which is a Pentium D.


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