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Upgraded to FreeBSD 9.2


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Upgraded to FreeBSD 9.2

Not sure the USB problems that seemed to start after upgrading from FreeBSD 9.1 to 9.2 were (entirely) due to FreeBSD 9.2. Also they weren't affecting my FreeBSD workstation at work. But, when I went searching problem reports, I found these:

usb/174695, usb/183302, and usb/181159.

I also found that the disconnect/reconnect problem was happening if I didn't start X, there wasn't much help from the first two. But, the second seemed to point to a problem with xhci support in 9.2, which from discussions wasn't going to appear until 9.3 since its not a security bug. Though the USB problem was increasing the point where my system was becoming unusable.

Given that part of the problems in upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1 was that I had built custom kernels, I was hesitant to try the xhci patch. Though after some thought, it occurred to me that xhci is USB 3.0. I had removed the USB 3.0 controller that came with the system at work, because there was only one PCIe x1 slot so the SiI3132 had bumped it.

OTOH, zen has 3 PCIe x1 slots....and while I had a plan that would eventually bump the USB 3.0 controller out, I hadn't gotten around to it...and I seem to have misplaced the cards that I was going fill all 3 slots with. :oops: (well two of them, the one that would drive the additional SSD drive I've been intending to add and that SSD drive aren't misplaced....) So, I took out the USB 3.0 controller...and that seemed to stabilize my USB situation when in console mode....and it was okay for a short while after I started up my desktop. Though eventually, it started being a problem again.

Eventually, I turned my attention to X, and the physical mouse and keyboard.

The interesting thing is that I had purchased a new laser logitech mouse to replace the stock HP optical mouse some time ago (like more than a year ago), and I had also purchased a new keyboard earlier this year (a Cherry MX Brown, though I'm thinking I should've held to my original intention and gotten the Cherry MX Blue)...I also picked up a Cherry MX Brown Mac keyboard (woot) a while back too...though still don't know when I'm going to actually have a mac at home (and I no longer have any desire to bring a personal keyboard into work to use at work....) While I had gotten rid of the original stock HP keyboard (because it had a non-standard layout for the middle keys, I had replaced it with a different HP keyboard...with media and other shortcut keys, since at the time this was a Windows 7 Professional computer.)

I also decided to recompile some parts of X to see if that would make any difference... which resulted in an unexpected upgrade and reinstalls of a lot more. Namely, I had started a reinstall of x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard and x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse, which surprising showed that it was going to upgrade xorg-server.

But, an upgrade of xorg-server hadn't been indicated in previous 'portmaster -a' or 'pkg_version -vIl<' invocations. Evidently, neither of these tools know about WITH_NEW_XORG and check to see if there have been updates to those versions. So, I went through as best I could checking to see if there were any others that needed attention and rebuild some dependencies....and while that was going, I switched out my mouse and then my keyboard.

The mouse feels a bit strange, and will probably take a bit of getting use to. But, the keyboard is pretty great....don't know why I suffered with all the problems of the old keyboard for so long. My typo rate (which largely are of the kind where letters are transposed, has greatly reduced....not sure if its the tactile-ness or the full n-key rollover of this new keyboard...someday I may have to be serious about getting a buckling-spring keyboard.) Though will I be able to use regular keyboards again?

The end result after a reboot....is no more USB problems. Though its only been about 1.5 days so far....

Wonder if the other two FreeBSD 9.1 (p7) systems that I care for will get upgraded to 9.2. While the 9.0 system that started all this recent activity, will probably continue to stay stuck at its point in time. Since that was the way it got done. And, the SLA had been scaled back and will probably cease soon.


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