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  07:45:55 am, by The Dreamer   , 181 words  
Categories: Stuff, Hardware, Computer

DVD-R Burn Speed Update 2

Well, with a lot more burns with my new drive arrangement, it is clear that the Optodisc 16x DVD-Rs aren't really all they are cracked up to be.

As I had noted that, the burn on seemingly three different speed zones. The first is a 4-6x zone, then an ~8x zone, followed by the ~12x zone. The maximum that the Pioneer drive will allow me to set for the media.

But, I've also been burning an extra copy of stuff recently using Fujifilm 8x DVD-Rs....the Optodisc being thermal printable and having nice labels, while the Fujifilm discs being silkscreened and labeled with a the Optodisc ones being set aside as archival storage of the data, while the Fujifilm discs being the ones I'll be usually immediately.

Anyways, the Fujifilm discs burn all the way through at ~8x.

I do have some Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-Rs, which Pioneer recognized as 16x from the very beginning. Though I haven't tried burning anything on these since the change. Perhaps something to try, should I find the excuse to 'waste' a disc.

  07:02:40 am, by The Dreamer   , 579 words  
Categories: Hardware, WiFi

The Next Gumby Operation

Well, last night I started on the next operation. :wave:

To replace the questionable F drive with a new disk. The old drive is an OEM Seagate 250GB and the new drive is a Retail Kit Seagate 300GB. I figured with all the success I had been having with Acronis Migrate Easy 7, that I would use it again for this operation.

First I took the time to slowly format the new disk, as a check to see that it would work. The last time I had taken the effort, I discovered the bad counterfeit Maxtors. While I was quite certain that this wasn't going to be an issue, there's always the DOA or early death issues.

Plus, also perhaps by coincidence, the one time I skipped doing the complete (slow) format....the drive experienced an early death (<3 months). &#58;&#35;&#35;

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  01:08:48 am, by The Dreamer   , 458 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software

Long Live Gumby

Well, I got Gumby back up.

I was kind of scary and a bit of a pain, but I managed to figure out the recovery procedure with Retrospect to recover the whole system. The hard part was that getting past the first stage recovery, where it didn't have the drivers loaded for firewire...and there for couldn't see the OneTouch II.

And, the second stage was harder because contrary to what it implied it didn't have all the 3rd party drivers it needed to do the second stage recovery install. There were odd things related to the i815 chipset....though I suspect there were drivers for the integrated things, namely video. But, what it did load and setup was enough to run the restore...and that got me most back to before the crash.

Kind of lucky that the last backup run was only about 4 hours before the harddrive crashed.

The only foolish &#58;&#99;&#114;&#97;&#122;&#121;&#58; thing I had done initially, was run the recovery using the same bad drive. There were a couple times during the recovery procedure where it rebooted my machine....only the reboot hung. And, afterwards...there were a few more hangs.

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  01:51:50 pm, by The Dreamer   , 283 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Software

Gumby is Dead


Gumby became unresponsive over lunch today...finally I rebooted, and it wouldn't start (wouldn't progress beyond the BIOS scan of IDE devices).

After much fiddling it made an effort to start, except it kept blue screening. INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE. Not a good sign. Trying F8 and various options...finally I reached the conclusion that it is dead.

Hopefully the other 120GB drive I have somewhere will work and the Retrospect that came with my Maxtor OneTouch II will work. Otherwise, it might be a major loss.

Though I do have the original 80GB drive still from the October 23rd upgrade. But, a lot has changed on my system since then.

So, I would prefer if I can recover from Retrospect....especially since it ran a backup this morning.

But, first to see if the very old recovery cd will get me to the point to where I can try doing the restore.

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  01:25:23 pm, by The Dreamer   , 125 words  
Categories: Stuff, Hardware, Computer

DVD-R Burn Speed Update

Well, apparently it is an issue with the media.

Listening to the drive, it sounds like it wants to go faster...but is having trouble....but then I did get a DVD-R that made it up to 12X. There also seems to be a zone factor in the speed.

Running about 7.8X and then jumping to 11.5-12.2X near the end. Of course, when it starts it just barely over 4X..holds around 5.8X, then jumps to 7.8X....and then it took off. But, not all the Optodisc DVD-Rs take off at the end....

Though I don't think this knowledge will alter my general buying habit for media. Price is still a big factor. Someday I plan to pick up some DL media as well.... &#41;&#45;&#111;

  08:25:50 am, by The Dreamer   , 529 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software

Moved DVR-109

For some possessed reason, I decided that last night (around 23:30) was the time to move my Pioneer DVR-109 from its external firewire enclosure to in my PC....rather than turning in for the night &#58;&#121;&#97;&#119;&#110;&#58;

I thought I had two reasons for wanting to do this, though both turned out to be invalid.

The reasons against, included that the drive was it wouldn't match the black front of my PC and I didn't want to dig my computer out from the mess of attached peripherials and cables.

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  09:13:24 am, by The Dreamer   , 122 words  
Categories: Digital Photography

Nikon D200 Preview


Yeah...they finally made the Nikon D-SLR that I've been waiting for.... &#58;&#121;&#101;&#115;&#58;

It has an AI Aperture Ring. &#66;&#45;&#41;

Now I can use all my old Nikon lenses (well, except for my IX lenses...better than none &#59;&#41; ) on a Nikon D-SLR (without having to buy a[nother] handheld meter....)

Now to wait until I have a job again, so I can buy it. I guess that's the upside of losing my job just as I was contemplating giving up the wait and taking the plunge for a D70s....

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  10:06:05 pm, by The Dreamer   , 151 words  
Categories: Software

Spam Bully is dead, long live Spam Bully.

This morning Spam Bully started doing bad things. Clicking on the Spam/Not Spam buttons would cause Outlook to exit abruptly.

Later when I came home from work, it still wasn't working and I noted that it was largely not processing incoming mail. There were a few messages moved to my Spam folder, but most weren't. And, clicking the Spam button caused Outlook to exit abruptly.

A bunch of reboots and reinstalling it didn't help....searched around for help, found a troubleshooting document. Finally had to totally clean it from my system and then do an install.

That got it working again, though now I have to go through all the retraining meanwhile, tons of false negatives and false positives to contend with.

And, it was working so nicely before....rarely any false negatives and the occasional false positive, because spammers can be so difficult to keep up with....


  09:15:05 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Fever Pitch

  02:35:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 248 words  
Categories: General, Samsung HLN4365W1, Cable HD DVR, VoIP

Lamp Hour Check

Just as I thought I was done my semi-annual time change, I remembered that I had forgotten to do my TV. Just after I had turned it off after checking my scheduled recordings in my SA8300HD DVR.

The Lamp Timer read 2753 hours.

That's 999 hours consumed since the last time change. So it has been 210 days since I last checked the Lamp Timer, so that's an average of 4.75 hours per day. I guess that's about right.

I've been thinking of getting a new lamp as a spare. Probably getting closer to a point where I can rationalize doing it better &#59;&#68;

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