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Guess it is time for a new UPS

In the last few weeks there have been seemingly strange, unexplained reboots of my main computer at home. Didn't notice that they also seemed to start happening after the last major power outage. I thought it was a heat problem, except it hasn't been all that hot in my computer room yet. Though it is kind of a problem with all the computer equipment crammed into the tiny bedroom in my apartment. It is about 10 degrees warmer in my computer room compared to the rest of my apartment.

Anyways, the other day I happened to be having lunch at home...when there was a short power outage. Only about 1 second. Power was low afterwards, but eventually everything returned to normal.

But, while I was checking things....where the big one was reset my DLT drive, which isn't on a UPS....and it'll flash after a power hit, because I usually leave the handle in the wrong position....suddenly my computer shut off. Which is on the UPS.

Not nearly as annoying as a brief outage during the weekend...when I was near the end of tape 2 of a 2 tape backup run.....:##

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