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DVD: The Incredibles: Bonus Material


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Sony HD Digital Video Recorders


Looks like the Sony HD DVRs are finally going to appear....wonder if I'll get one.

Probably work out to be a better way than building an HTmac around the EyeTV 500....except that I can't afford one at the moment, because I've spent money on various other things...such as the EyeTV 500 :P

Plus, there's how am I going to pay for my vacation...both the parts that have already been billed and the parts that will be billed..... U-(

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Now I'm even more ticked?

Today I found a charge I didn't recognize on my Mastercard....after much thought and checking my records, I go to dispute the charge.

Response...because of the type of charge, they will automatically close my account immediately and in 3-5 days I'll get a new card/account number. :##

Now I have to track down the automatic billers to the card.... :**:

....and I wonder what happens to the payment I made to my card, which hasn't posted yet? :??:


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ARGH, does it again....


ARGH!!! :##

Back on March 18th, some what impulsively, I ordered a watch from Described as "Lucien Piccard Men's Chronograph Tachymeter Grey Watch" and "Features include: Deployment clasp"....

Watch Image Watch Clasp

I thought it looked cool, and it had the kind of clasp I last watch had what they call a hidden clasp...I hate it, so I wanted to make sure whatever watch I got next had the more normal deployment clasp.

Problem was that when it arrived on March had the hidden clasp, the very thing I didn't want the watch to have. I suppose buying a new strap would solve the thing, but it shouldn't be my problem and extra expense to solve something when got it wrong.

I got a response that day, confirming that I was going to return it and they sent me an RMA number and told me that I would get a prepaid return label sometime in the next 4 business days.

Well...4 days go by...and it is now March 30th...still no label, so I email again...and they repeat the process....need to wait up to another 4 business days for the label. I decided that if I didn't get anything my April 2nd (Saturday) that I would package it up myself and send it back by USPS Priority Mail.

That's what I did...and according to USPS Delivery Confirmation they received it on April 4th. Annoyingly enough, when I got back from the Post Office on April 2nd...the information on the prepaid UPS Ground return label was waiting among my email. Though it would've meant not having it leave my hands until April 4th and not get to them until around the 11th.

It says allow 14 days for them to process an if I didn't hear anything around now...I would email.

Well, April 14th, I got an email that another item had been shipped to me....does this mean I'll get the correct item, rather than a refund (to apply towards a somewhat more expensive watch purchased through a B&M).... :??:

I guess not! >:XX

Because, today in my is another of the same WRONG item from, so does this mean they want to make me go through the whole !@#$ RMA process again.


  11:21:23 pm, by The Dreamer   , 54 words  
Categories: Stuff, AppleTV, HDTV

EyeTV 500 here....

Well, the EyeTV 500 is here....and that's about all I can say about it, since I can't really do anything else with it until I get the rest of the system...which won't be until much later in the year.... :]

Meanwhile...I just sold my REB1200, wonder if I'll ever get another eBook device.... :**:


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Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: The Incredibles


I rated this 4 stars.


I think I'll rent Disc 2.


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Categories: General

Car Free Cities


Hey, I'm all for car free cities....I'd sure like to find one now....

Considering I've been living car-free since November 1997.....but then again that's when I almost died in one.

Meanwhile, I've some how managed to live here in central Ohio, which is far from that....


  06:29:30 pm, by The Dreamer   , 35 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, AppleTV, HDTV

EyeTV 500 ordered


Well, I took the plunge and ordered an EyeTV 500. &#59;D

Though I probably won't get around to buying the Mac Mini until fall.... :lalala:

Of course, there's the need to buy it before July 1st, 2005.


  11:32:33 pm, by The Dreamer   , 98 words  
Categories: General

Attack of the Show - Kitten Fodder


I was channel surfing this weekend...and come across this show.... Sarah Lane is on it....guess its the show that replaced The Screen Savers.

I didn't watch much of it....she seemed older....

But, what I did see featured a game involving kittens.....

A pretty sick game...though I had to go find it and play it a few times just for kicks. What is more interesting is the high scores on record. The best I could was still less than half the lowest high there must be some pretty determined people out there. &#59;D


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Congress may extend daylight-saving time


So Congress is talking about changing Daylight Saving Time to start the last Sunday of March (like the EU), but have it go until the last Sunday in November.

I think this is a horrible shift in the if the extension was better centered around the Solstice, perhaps....and why does it have to be Sunday.

If they made it the Saturday, it would give us a bit more time to adjust to the disruption to sleep patterns before returning to work (for those of us that work, more or less, regular hours). Though I'm pretty much screwed sleep wise for a month or two after each time change. :yawn:

Hmmm, the news article says they want to extend it by two months....but, what they are proposing isn't that much...though it is more than a month.

The present system is First Sunday of April to Last Sunday of October (a week less than the EU). The proposed change is the Last Sunday of March to the Last Sunday of November.

I would be more in favor if the were to go First Sunday of March to Last Sunday of October...or something like that. At that way the Xmas holidays are kind centered away from the time changes, so the disruption to sleep won't impact my ability to enjoy the holidays as much.

But, we're talking 8 months of the year where daylight saving time is in effect.....why don't they just make it year round. Move the whole country one timezone over. The reason Daylight Saving Time has less energy savings in the winter is because there are so few hours of sunlight...that none of it would fall outside of work hours to give people the incentive to stay outdoors after work rather than be indoors using energy.

According to this site:

In the summer, people who rise before the sun rises are using more energy in the morning than if DST was not in effect. However, although 70% of Americans rise before 7 am, this waste of energy from having less sunlight in the morning is more than offset by the savings of energy that results from more sunlight in the evening.

In the winter, the afternoon Daylight Saving Time advantage is offset for many people and businesses by the morning's need for more lighting. In spring and fall, the advantage is generally less than one hour. So, Daylight Saving Time saves energy for lighting in all seasons of the year, but it saves least during the four darkest months of winter (November, December, January and February) when the afternoon advantage can be offset by the need for lighting because of late sunrise.

So, I think it would make more sense to exclude these 4 months rather than the proposed "December, January, February, March". Or just make it year round...since it still saves some energy, and eliminates the hassle of having to change our clocks twice a year. :!:

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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