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  10:36:41 pm, by The Dreamer   , 168 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software

More WiRNS changes

That went way to easily.....

I made yet more tweaks to WiRNS.....I now have TV ratings, MPAA ratings, Star Ratings and Movie Year showing up correctly in my ReplayChannel Guide.

Though the only reason I did it was because, the presence or absence of TV ratings affects whether it things a show is the same or different....I suppose next wish is actor info....wonder if I feel up to more hacking....

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  12:18:08 pm, by The Dreamer   , 241 words  
Categories: General, Wireless/iPhone

Orders Delayed

ARGH.... >:XX

Darn....I have one gift left, ordered it after Thanksgiving. Was backordered (even though the site gave no indication, and continued to give no indication...I ordered it from them, for about $10 more, because a different site did indicated that it was out of stock...).

The confirmation email said it would ship around December 4th.

Still no sign of it, and the online tracking system wouldn't shed any info on it...because it would only say that something was shipped and that I received it, but nothing on the fact that they didn't ship the full order, etc.

So, I emailed about it. They say they plan to ship it around December 16th now. But, they didn't actually say they have it in stock or not....which seems deliberately vague. >:(

Though it means I probably won't receive it by December 21st inorder to rebox it and try to overnight it to its recipient.

Meanwhile, the other item I ordered back on November 13th was a Swivel Holster for my Blackberry 7100t. They charged my card immediately. But, gave me no indication that they didn't have it or weren't going to ship it. A couple weeks later, they had updated their site as saying it would ship December 15th. DHL 5 day service....might get it in time.

But, I checked today...and now they are saying January.... >:(

And, I was thinking of ordering something else from them....but perhaps not.


  08:23:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Garfield: The Movie

  12:15:54 pm, by The Dreamer   , 147 words  
Categories: General, Computer, VoIP

Another UPS Swap

Well, time to move the CPS700AVR that was displaced by the CPS1500AVR-HO under my HT rack to somewhere else.

I replaced the APC Back UPS Office 500VA that is covering something behind me. I thought it was my network equipment.

But, when I shut it network didn't go down. I guess those items are on the CPS700AVR that backups my Linux server. Wonder what UPS (if any) is protecting my DVArchive/WiRNS/Poopli server. was just my phone equipment (minus the Vonage box) that was on the 500VA UPS.

I have suspicion the DVArchive/WiRNS/Poopli server is also on the CPS700AVR of the Linux server and network perhaps I should move the DVArchive server off....or plan an upgrade of that UPS. Though upgrading the UPS on my main computer is slightly higher on the list.


  10:51:08 pm, by The Dreamer   , 73 words  
Categories: General, iPod

Took a hot bath and played some Tunes

Took the first hot bath of the season....

Wanted some tunes, so I quickly setup my iPod and had it shuffle my "Top 100 Most Played" Smartlist.

Wonder what it says when out of 11 tracks...the representation was:

Bif Naked - 3
Barenaked Ladies - 3
Butterfly Boucher - 4


Chantal Kreviazuk - 1

I suppose 3 of them being with Nettwerk or 3 of them being Canadian....or there's probably some other deep meaning that I don't want to get into....:oops:


  01:46:50 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1526 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software

WiRNS and Digital Cable

How do I get a custom guide to show up for a Digital Cable box?

I set up a lineup on Zap2It...but it shows up for the Cable input on my ReplayTV (but not for the Digital Cable box).

I'm not in a hurry to get this working, but the cable company is changing its lineup on the 16th...and I want to keep the offset to my other inputs where they are.

The digital lineup is going to 4 digits. Hmm, I hope the box continues work.

Though what is happening is they are moving the on-demand channels in X-99 to 1000+. It is kind of weird, but the reason for the move is because 2-X is basic/standard cable...and they are adding more channels to standard (analog) cable.

One move is BBC America is moving from digital to analog. At first I wasn't happy with it....because I like recording it in digital. But, since I only have one ReplayTV on digital, but 4 ReplayTVs on solves the issue of conflicts....though by no longer recording The Screen Savers, the issue has long ago gone away.

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  02:33:37 pm, by The Dreamer   , 563 words  
Categories: General, Stuff, Home Theatre, VoIP

SmartUPS 1250VA is here

It arrived much earlier than expected.

Which is bad, because I wanted to be home when they delivered it. The thing weighs 55lbs.

Instead I had to go the lease office to drag it back to the apartment. Somedays living on the top floor has its drawbacks.

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  08:34:45 am, by The Dreamer   , 255 words  
Categories: General

FIBI's new bill pay interface


Today was the first time I took a peek at FIBI's (First Internet Bank of Indiana) new BillPay interface.

I don't really like it.


  1. It informed me that Firefox is an unsupported browser
  2. Can no longer edit scheduled bills, which was useful when you're tweaking a snowball
  3. The compacted scheduled bills/paid bills chops the payee names really short.

The last is bad when you have more than one bill from the same biller. I have a FirstUSA Visa (now BankOne) and a Chase Mastercard. Eventually they will both be Chase. It'll be hard to see at a glance which one is which. Already that way with American Express. The thing is, you're allowed to set a shortname for each payee...why can't they show this instead.

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  05:57:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 57 words  
Categories: General, Travel

eBags Delivery


Today's Delivery from UPS came earlier than expected.

The box was in pretty rough shape...but it would be a bad sign if the contents hadn't survived.

It's my new suitcase. Guess, I really am going to visit my parents this Xmas.

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  01:20:51 pm, by The Dreamer   , 89 words  
Categories: General, Stuff, Home Theatre

SmartUPS 1250VA


Decided it was time to stop putting it off and order one of these units to protect some of my Home Theater stuff.

Of course, it'll be coming by UPS....

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