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  06:34:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 630 words  
Categories: Stuff, Travel, Appliances, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

Black Friday and

Black Friday started early because of

I had take Wednesday off from work, because I needed to. And, I had thought that I might need to use it to wait for UPS to show up. But, UPS hadn't showed up when I got home Tuesday night...and somewhere after 7pm they showed up with my delivery.

I took delivery of a Ricardo Beverly Hills Capistrano Lite Free Wheelers 29-inch Two Compartment Vertical Pullman, Iris Purple. Should complement the 21-inch version that I got for my trip to OLF. Plus I had tweeted that my old pullman was starting to look sad....

And, while I was waiting at home on Tuesday, I happened by, and saw that they were starting Black Friday already. They had the Leatherman Micra for $12.99. Don't know what its usual price, but it was lowered for a limited time (right now it shows up as $16.46).

It was very tempting, but at first I was going to resist. Even though I could use some new tool gadget in my pocket since I was missing. But, a quick look at my shopping cart and my wishlist, and my planned purchase list. I saw that I had down to get another Tea Wand as a present, but I hadn't actually ordered a new one yet. So, I added that to my cart and put that order through.

2-day Prime delivery would put that sometime on Friday. I didn't really want to venture out to the mall on Black Friday, so I went ahead and ordered it.

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  11:14:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 270 words  
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AppleTV HD Streaming

I was bored and playing around with my AppleTV, I'm way behind on my video podcast viewing...but there's only so much I can take in at once.

So, I was playing around with other parts of it, and looked at Trailers. Finally saw the Star Trek trailer. I tried it in HD format. And, it keep stopping to buffer. But, watching SD format trailers were okay. Maybe Cox can't deliver the consistent speed I need for HD streaming, wonder if this'll be a problem when NetFlix HD streaming comes to my TiVo HD....except that the TiVo's are on DSL. Though I had contemplated flipping them over.

Later I was looking at my MRTG graphs, and saw that once again the transfers were considered Bulk. Guess I should set QoS marking for the AppleTV to Express. We'll see if that makes a difference next time.

I was kind of hoping that NetFlix Instant viewing would be available on my TiVo's this long weekend, but I guess it'll be sometime next month. Wonder if I'll have time off to inflict damage of watching too much NetFlix during the Xmas break &#59;D

I thought of asking to borrow a NetFlix instant viewing device again, but now see that there's a limit of device activations that I can have on my account. And, I've already burned one. And, I think the plan is to activate both my TiVo HD's, so that I don't have to think of which one I'm on when the urge strikes. Even though, of course, they are both right next to each other and connected to the same display :P


  10:02:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 98 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, AT&T DSL

Netflix: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: Special Edition


I rated this 3 stars.


This is the first show I've watched using NetFlix Instant, it was okay. The lack of subtitles was kind of annoying, and it was difficult to reverse. There was only one spot where the picture broke up.

Pretty good considering that QoS on my router flagged it as a bulk transfer and gave it the Bulk priority.

I'll make a note to increase QoS priority to Express for when I have my own Instant View devices. Namely, the anticipated ability to use my TiVo HD's for NetFlix Instant Viewing.


  12:55:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 278 words  
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The end of DST 2008

Well, it is that day of the year where I need to remember what all gadgets I I can check that the clock has automatically moved back an hour, or move the clock back an hour. And, some its a matter of remembering what button or switch to move to make the correction.

I'm sure I've missed a few devices, in fact I've intentionally skipped two....gadgets that exist for other reasons, and the time display on it doesn't matter nor will it bother me (since I don't look at these gadgets much)

I can't remember what I set the outdoor min-max thermometer to....but I think I can live with the min/max reset time being an hour off one way or the other.

The only annoyance so far, is my atomic clock (in the bedroom) didn't adjust itself. In previous time transitions it had worked fine, but this time around it didn't.

This is also the time of year that I check the lamp timer on my TV. 1040 hours It has been about 11 months since I replaced it. So, I suppose that means I'll have another 3-4 years of life before it is time to replace the bulb. Though I don't know if I'll hold out that long before I get a new TV. I suspect I will, since there are all kinds of other things to upgrade/replace first. But, LED engine and 50" is kind of something I'd like to have. And, more digital inputs is another.

Finally, I went around replacing batteries in and testing the four smoke detectors in my condo. Wonder if I'll hear anybody else testing their smoke detectors :??:


  05:35:14 pm, by The Dreamer   , 603 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, DVDs / NetFlix, AppleTV, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, Boxee

I got an AppleTV

I had recently decided, after seeing a Inside Secret podcast on getting XBMC/Boxee onto an AppleTV, that I would settle on getting myself an AppleTV instead of a Mac Mini for my Home Theatre setup.

I pulled the trigger on my 40th birthday :wave:

But, I didn't get to finally setting it up until last night.

Somewhere in anticipation of getting it, it occurred to me that I might not have enough capacity on my current Zektor HDVI5 to switch between all the devices. At least if I wanted to keep all the 'HD' sources on DVI. Like I could move the Momitsu back to VGA or use the AppleTV on component, etc.

But, I'm using 4 of the 5 inputs....and somewhere down the road I plan to get something that'll do NetFlix streaming. If I had stayed with the plan for a Mac Mini...I wouldn't have the input concern. At least until I get BluRay, though the BluRay may replace my current DVD player rather than supplement it....

Anyways...connecting the AppleTV to my setup was pretty straight forward...the hardest part again, for some reason...was finding an extra ethernet cable. I don't know why I seem to always be out of them. Actually, the digital audio cable that I used is kind of perhaps at some later point I'll replace with both with longer cables. But, I have a small supply of short digital audio cables. Maybe I'll stock up on ethernet cables again.

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  11:49:04 am, by The Dreamer   , 562 words  
Categories: Software, BOINC

Norton Antivirus 2009 hates BOINC and its Users

Well, before I posted on this subject a few days ago, I had submitted a support request using Norton Antivirus 2009. Shortly after the the blog posting, I got an Email for Symantec's PR company....sent to my work address. Not via the blog (or the associated email address).

Of course, that doesn't matter, my employer banned Symantec and Norton Antivirus on PCs a couple years ago. In fact, they would actively scan computers connected to its network to detect, and block access to, computers that continued to use the software. We have a site license for Trend Micro, and policy that requires it to be installed on all PCs connected to our network (including personally owned ones). The site license extends to allow (current) students and employees to use the software on their home computers, even if they are connecting via a 3rd party ISP.

Of course, TrendMicro doesn't support Mac or Linux users, but the use of Antivirus software is still required. A bulk license for software for the Mac exists, with a periodic review of how many are being used...and ClamAV is the recommended solution for Linux users, and I thought Bradford checked for it (along with being current on patches) in the dorms.

Anyhoo....I eventually got a response for Symantec Technical support. It was try to disable a feature of Norton Antivirus and see if the problem continues. If it does, then it isn't their fault.

Lucky for them, it is their fault. I disabled Auto-Protects Advanced Protection resolve the issue.

Then things continued to be less than helpful. Vague response on how they want me to be protected so make sure I keep running LiveUpdate....though are they saying they'll turn it back on when remotely when they think it'll be resolved or will LiveUpdate tell me that it has finally resolved this issue.

It did a provide a link suggesting that I submit information about the false positive to. But, it was for false positive phishing urls. And, submitting the false positives from "Advanced Protection" yielded the response that the submission does not appear to be URLs so, therefore, "We have concluded our research
of your submission and will take no further action."
. Even though I included reference to the support incident ticket that led me to the form.

I emailed back, and was provided with yet another form. With the note that "Incomplete submissions and requests that are not deemed to be genuine will not be processed.". The form instructions say that it must be submitted by the software vendor of the false positive.

In other words, they don't care about its users.

Category: Resolved Security Risks
10/19/2008 16:51  High  prepare_dpf4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR        Removed
10/17/2008 19:11  High  prepare_receptor4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR   Removed
10/19/2008 16:52  High  prepare_dpf4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR        Removed
10/19/2008 16:51  High  prepare_dpf4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR        Removed
10/17/2008 19:12  High  prepare_receptor4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR   Removed
10/19/2008 17:08  High  summarize_results4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR  Removed

Category: Quarantine
10/19/2008 16:51  High  prepare_dpf4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR        Removed
10/17/2008 19:11  High  prepare_receptor4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR   Removed
10/19/2008 16:51  High  prepare_dpf4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR        Removed
10/19/2008 17:08  High  summarize_results4_9.51_windows_intelx86.exe detected by SONAR  Removed

So, now I'm going to ask them on how to remove this crapware. :##


  06:47:28 am, by The Dreamer   , 174 words  
Categories: Software, BOINC

Norton Antivirus 2009 hates BOINC

A few days ago, I got a LiveUpdate Notice that I could upgrade to the latest version of Norton Antivirus for free as part of my annual subscription.

This was new. In the past, I just kept renewing the subscription of Norton Antivirus...until they decide that the version is too old and force me to buy the latest version. That's happened a couple of times on this computer (the other computer died earlier this year, but I wasn't planning to renew its subscription for this had become a dedicated BOINC machine)

Well, upgrading proved to be a mistake. The advanced auto-protect feature, which "Provides real-time protection against threats and proactively detects unknown security risks on your computer." Keeps reporting that certain BOINC processes as high risk and removing them.

Of course, it nags annoyingly if I turn the feature off....but running BOINC is more important to continuing to be a Symantec customer. So, I guess I'll be looking to replace NAV2009 with something else before my subscription expires in 90 days....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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