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  01:44:35 pm, by The Dreamer   , 250 words  
Categories: Amateur Radio

de W0LKC

Yay :wave:

I am now have a callsign of W0LKC. In retrospect, I probably would've liked to have gotten N0LKC....but when I was checking the vanity callsign database, W0LKC was shows as a 1x3 callsign that was immediately available. There were no 2x3 in "Immediately Available".

Later I looked under the "Date Controlled" area....and saw that N0LKC was available, and indicated as "Immediately Available". I updated my application for vanity callsign to include this option, and then later found out that it resets the 18 day clock on the processing...and that the W0LKC request had already been approved, but the grant was waiting for the 18 day clock. Plus I just added it to the list of requested callsigns, I didn't make it the more desirable one. And, I choose not to fiddle with the application again to further delay things.

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  06:27:57 pm, by The Dreamer   , 149 words  
Categories: General

The National Marrow Donor Program


I am once again a registered Bone Marrow Donor. :yes:

Many years ago, I joined the Canadian one....but, then I moved to the US and the information doesn't transfer between countries. Finding a session somewhere in the US where I could get into the US program (for free) was difficult.

However, now that I work at has become easier. I found out that they had held a few now and then, but they were mainly advertised to I didn't know they were taking place. Until I read about one in the newspaper....after it had happened and on a Saturday.

Then one day, I saw it written on a sidewalk. So, I walked in and registered.

Meanwhile, something tells me that there should be a blood drive at the University soon, but I can't find any to register for at the site.....


  11:03:10 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1077 words  
Categories: General, Home Theatre, Computer, DVDs / NetFlix, Travel, Home

So, what did UPS bring me today?

Well, there were 3 boxes from

I started out thinking there were things I needed, or wanted to stock up on, or have in preparation for other acquisitions. But, then I trimmed it back to keep under budget...and I'm not sure I ended up with stuff I really needed.

First, the mouse on this computer is not moving around as well as it could. Not sure if the mousepad is getting gummed up (its a 3M Precise Mousing Surface pad, so maybe....) or the mouse bottom is getting gummed up, especially since the teflon pads have migrated around the maybe that adhesive is what is gumming things up. So, I bought a new mouse and a new 3M Precise Mousing Surface pad.

Next, I was thinking of getting the Netflix Roku player. I doesn't come with an HDMI to DVI cable....and I would need one to connect it to my system. So, I got out of these. Of course, now I don't think I'll get the Netflix Roku. Because based on reviews...its not quite DVD quality, which since I do DVDs in an upconversion player...would likely be quite a step back. It also doesn't do 5.1, which I figured I could live with since my initial interest is watching old TV shows (namely old Doctor Who shows). So, there's probably no immersive sound field to get into....though I'm the guy that watches all his DVDs with subtitles, because I don't hear dialog all that well.

But, a review I watched recently, says the Netflix Roku player doesn't do subtitles either. So, that has pretty much shelved my interest to get one for the time being.

Third, or rather, in the box with the mouse and in the box that had the HDMI cable (the 3M mousing surface came in a 2nd day air envelope)....was a roll of duct tape. The one roll of duct tape that I could find the last time I needed to do a patch....disappeared. The building people had been in doing some other work, and I suspect they packed it off along with theirs when they left. But, I wasn't home when they came to do the work, etc. So, I don't know what really happened to it...except that it was on my dryer, which they moved and rearranged stuff around to do their work....and now I can't find it anywhere. One is regular duct tape of the same kind that had gone missing. And, another roll was acquired only because it said it was purple. Of course, its not the purple I was thinking it would be. Oh well. :P

The other two boxes from UPS?

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Categories: General

UPS Deliveries seems to be getting slower and slower.

At first, I was getting UPS deliveries around 9:30...I could stretch my trip to work and get packages. So, I signed up for Amazon Prime and started getting more and more stuff delivered to home.

Then suddenly...UPS wasn't showing up until around 10:30....I could still manage it once in a while.

And, a few times a delivery person had commented that my Amazon Prime shipment had been sent with instructions to deliver by 10:30 (though maybe those were the times they didn't ship by UPS). Apparently that doesn't apply to next day or second day air service by UPS anymore. Though maybe Amazon Prime isn't shipping by second day service for Prime service anymore.

Now I have no idea when they'll show up....even though they more often than not, check the 10:30-2 box now....since they don't seem to come around 10:30 anymore.

Now that they seem to arrive after noon....wonder if I want to make that assumption and take super long lunches...or go back to try to make them deliver on a specific day and take that day off from work.

The latter might work, given that I have an overabundance of vacation time. Or maybe I could combine with something where I make UPS make extra trips (delivery attempts)....

I wish UPS would go back to the old way of around 9:30 though. :**:


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Air Cleaner Shuffle

I bought a new air cleaner.....

The Kenmore EnviroSense™ True HEPA Air Cleaner - Model 85500

I had been researching getting a new air cleaner, though I probably still pulled the trigger on this too soon. It looked similar to what I was looking for....though it doesn't have all the features that I was looking for.

But, there has been a odor problem in my condo...smells from the condo below getting into mine. So, I've been looking at units suggested as capable of helping with this issue.

Before this, I had 3 air purifiers....two Oreck XL Professionals (refurbs, one from and the other from and a Brookstone Pure-Ion (the older, small grill, big tower one). The Orecks have been working good at dust and such, but not sure about odor control. But, I've had one in the bedroom and one in the 'computer' room. Though the 'computer' room is the quieter one...the bedroom has a bit of a rattle somewhere. I've been thinking of switching the two.

The Brookstone Pure-Ion seems to have been a waste of money. The clean filter light comes on way to often, and nothing washes off of the filters. Also sometime ago the oscillate feature had become an issue....sometimes it won't move, other times it'll go all the way around instead of back and forth. Though other times it'll start working again. I seldom use that feature anymore.

So, the shuffle...has moved the Oreck air purifier from the 'computer' room out into the living room (where I have replaced its carbon filter with a 3-in-1 Odor Absorber.) Moved the bedroom Oreck to the 'computer room'....putting in a new carbon filter (when I use up my supply, I may look into getting a 3-in-1 Odor Absorber for this one as well).

That puts the new air cleaner in my bedroom.

It seems to do its job...though the lighted display is way too bright and annoying, and I seemed to recall reading that a different model had a light sensor to dim the display in a dark room (also make it automatically switch to quieter operation). So, I may yet seek out this one.

It'll still work, later I can move the Kenmore to the other bedroom (which is storage now, but some day I plan to clear out enough to make it usable space. Thinking I might set up the 'shack' in this room.)

In the meantime, I'm looking for somewhere to put it where it'll function...but shine away from my bed and against light absorbing surface (or not against a light intensifying surface), but still be workable by its remote. Or perhaps some duct tape or something may come into play. :??:


  08:38:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Jumper


  12:18:10 pm, by The Dreamer   , 69 words  
Categories: Amateur Radio

It's Field Day


I don't know if I'll get to go on the air during it....but if I do, and I get to use my callsign...I'll have to follow it with Authorized General, because I just checked the ULS and my license doesn't yet show that I passed my General on June 22nd.

Wonder what are the odds of having a QSO with anybody that I know from VE6 land....


  08:02:42 am, by The Dreamer   , 518 words  
Categories: Stuff, Safety & Security

Almost bought a new weather radio

Some time ago, I noticed that I wasn't getting weather alerts from my weather radio in the living room. It was annoying, but I could still hear the one by the bedroom. But, that one was getting touchy/scratchy as well.

But, then with the recent bad weather, especially the tornado...which fortunately hit while I was out of town and missed me. 'cause I'm not sure what I would do if I were home. I should try to remember to ask if there's some place near by that I can go seek shelter for tornadoes.

Since all the weather radios that I've had have been all the same brand.... Oregon Scientific. And, I've had a few over the years stop working....I've contacted them on it, but they said because I've had it over a year and they had discontinued it...I was SOL.

So, I been meaning to replace them with ones made by another manufacturer...but as long as they are still working....

Well, last night another killer thunderstorm...and neither weather radio made any noise. I decided that maybe it was time to see what's up. Though just as I was about to order....the living room one started to do a Flash Flood alert but cut out mid-alert.

I knew that ambient RF noise in my living room was pretty high, I haven't determined if its the stuff in the room or something external....I suspect its both. Since some of the noisier parts aren't near any of my electronics. Though it there's enough stuff that there might just be lobes and stuff.

I decided to try find another place in the living room for my weather radio to see if that would make a difference. I couldn't find any spot that was near an outlet and a flat surface to set it down on that would work. As I was about to conclude that it just wasn't as sensitive at it used to be, etc. I remembered reading somewhere that the area is covered by 3 different overlapping NOAA stations....and no one station specifically associated with the area.

So, I tried checking the other channels....because maybe the coverage pattern off the stations has changed.

Well, I found that one of the other channels was stronger....enough that I got a full flash-flood alert (though those are the ones I don't really care for....I'm not in a flash flood area, and waking me up through the night just annoys me even more. Wish there was some further selectivity. I seem to think that newer units do have this perhaps I'll check some other day).

It is still kind of scratchy....and other receivers don't get the channel at all (or not any better than the other.) So, maybe there's just no good weather alert radio coverage for here.

Meanwhile...I just got an email from Ginger People that bulk sizes are available [again] finally. But, no email from Thinkgeek on the [new] item that I've been waiting for, but want to use my coupon that expires on June 30th.....


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Boca Java called me

Right at noon, as I was trying to head out to my Tuesday lunch meeting. Hot topic, the recently released results from the IT Open Forum on Upgrade Needs....

But, the call was in response to my blog posting. At first I tried to brush it off, because I was hungry and rushed...but he suggested calling me back at 4pm his time, so 3pm my time...IDM is around 3pm. chance to get away from my desk and blow off some steam

Talked a little bit though...about how I did eventually get a helpful response, and that there seemed to be progress now. He also confirmed that there were problems with the website and that I wasn't the only person affected. And, that the specific part of the site that I was having trouble may not have gotten the attention it needed, but that it would get it. There were also other changes planned for the site, he mentioned the cart function....didn't occur to me, at the time, to ask if the checkout option of ship items along with next club shipment would come back.

I just popped over the site and, my 'calendar' settings have been adjusted to what I had requested through the support messaging system (move my next delivery up 2 weeks and reduce my interval by 1 week)...should put me back to just-in-time fresh roasted/ground coffee delivery. Didn't play with the calendar, but it seemed that it should be working now.

Guess we'll see how things go around August 1st, when I either I make last minute changes my selections...depends on what new and/or special coffees are available then...or if I need to fine tune my schedule (or adjust around business trips).

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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