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  02:34:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 212 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, DVDs / NetFlix, AT&T DSL

Netflix Ready Devices


Roku has a set top box for Netflix instant watching. I've been neglecting my Netflix subscription, because the selections I have out right now don't match my current mood....but I don't want to send them back unwatched.

Though a couple of the selections were ones that were my mood at the time I was reordering my queue. Since at least one of them could've been instant viewed....perhaps this is what I should've had then.

Guess I need to acquire more HDMI to DVI cables....since it looks like I'm going to acquire more devices in the future and they'll only have HDMI outputs...though at the rate I'm going...I might use up all 5 inputs of my DVI switcher.

One question I had was whether the Roku box does video up conversion....or whether there might be other devices down the road. But, reading the details...sounds like I may have to order the speed upgrade on my DSL service sooner than later.

While it says a minimum recommends at least 4.0Mbps for high quality video and audio. I think I can get that out of AT&T, but I'd have to upgrade to the next tier to see.

Wonder what happens when they get HD content....


  09:08:20 pm, by The Dreamer   , 161 words  
Categories: Software

Select URLs in PuTTY


Now that I run irssi in screen and PuTTY (on my Windows machines) has been a wish of mine to be able to click links that appear. Alternatively, to have an easier way to select the whole link....

Double clicking on the URL leaves off the http: part, so that doesn't quiet work....its not enough, or too much. Depending on your perspective.

But, just now I typed some terms into Google and eventually came upon this posting.

Since its mainly for the saved session that launches/restores my irssi session that needs this, I tried the edit saved session method. It didn't work, because the line it gives to replace is actually the original line. The correct line to insert for Wordness32 is:


Also it was tricky finding the key Registry location, but it's:


Now to leave a note for myself to do this to my computer at work on Monday &#59;D


  09:25:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 154 words  
Categories: AT&T DSL

DSL Upgrade is Final?

It was last week that I ordered the upgrade of my 1.5m/384k DSL service to the next tier. Even though two tiers up were offered.

I was previously only getting a sync rate of 768k/384k for the 1.5m/384k service that I have been paying for about the last 22 months. For a few days when I first got the service, I was getting the full speed....but then it went away, and numerous calls (and various changes in my condo) didn't yield any improvement.

But, in the 3-5 business days for the upgrade...they now have me at (a sync rate of) 3.0m/512k, as ordered. Perhaps next year when get my annual increase, I'll consider pulling the trigger on trying to get 6.0m/768k. Should be able to get the upstream rate, and hopefully there'll be some further improvement on downstream.

Here are the DSL modem graphs for the last week:


  06:50:36 am, by The Dreamer   , 157 words  
Categories: Computer, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, AT&T DSL

Another day in the DSL upgrade

Starting to look like 6.0/768 might be a real possibility for my DSL connection.

This morning (around 3am) another bump in speed. Sync rate is now 3008/512. No noticeable change in SN Margin, but Line Attenuation has gone up by another db.

DSLReport's Spectrum Tool shows an estimated downstream rate of 4660 now.

I may really look at moving more over to it now. Think I'll move the TiVo HD....though now that Amazon Unbox is going to have HD content, that might mean that I really should be looking at the 6.0/768 tier.

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  07:04:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 143 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer

HP 2133 Mini-Note Now with XP, Only for Businesses


Well, XP is finally an option for the HP 2133 Mini-Note. But, it isn't for everybody :..(

But, it you can customize now....except you can't customize everything, and not all options are available. IE: you can only select Vista or Vista downgrade as your OS options. No customizing for a 1.6GHz with Linux. For some reason Windows users get 1.2 or 1.6 GHz CPUs, while Linux users can only get 1.0 or 1.2 GHz (and only preconfigured choices). Like no bluetooth for them.

I was kind of hoping to be able to get a fully loaded HP 2133 Mini-Note with Linux, not sure I want to get one when I'm being forced to get the unnecessary Vista part. Especially since I don't really want the Linux that comes with it either.

Word is that Dell will have something next month, hopefully they'll have a nice preloaded Ubuntu version.... )-o


  07:06:50 am, by The Dreamer   , 169 words  
Categories: AT&T DSL

Another day, and more DSL speed improvement

Since it is still within the 3-5 business days for upgrade order completion, I guess they will continue to slowly inch up my speed and improve my line. Starting to make me really think that I should've gone for the 6.0/768 tier, since it looks like they might even be able to achieve acceptable levels for that.

This morning, the sync speed jumped to 2496/512 (from 1984/512). The latest DMT Spectrum plot gives an estimated downstream of 4044 (with estimated upstream at 818). And, cacti shows a slight improvement in SN margin, with no change in line attenuation.

Perhaps I'll revisit 6.0/768 in a couple of months.

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  04:02:06 pm, by The Dreamer   , 222 words  
Categories: Software

Update on slow starting MS Money


Thought I should mention the latest in start times for MS Money.

Now that some time has past, and I have all my bills reentered again.... I've found that the slow start and it taking 100% of my CPU for a long time when starting problem has returned.

The normal repair of the file didn't yield any problems or do any help. And, I wasn't going to delete all my bills again.

So, figuring it was something related to my upcoming bills, I made a guess that it might be the bills that are estimates of previous bills. Like having it estimate my electric bill (or natural gas) based on the previous 12. Or other bills that vary. I tried reducing the windows on these to see if it would help.

Didn't notice any help.

Recalling that budget was attributed to a slow down...and that the old budget was pretty much meaningless, since it was largely based on a previous life where I had much more means than I do now. I decided to nuke the budget (and try the saving and spending budget)....

There's still a spike in CPU and some lag at start...but it doesn't drag on as long. But, it might be too early to tell if this is the 'fix'.

Now the problem is sticking to this budget.....

  02:52:39 pm, by The Dreamer   , 172 words  
Categories: Software

b2evolution - trackback do not work at all!


I discovered that I couldn't send trackbacks from my blog.

I had previously turned it off, because I was getting too much trackback spam...but the new version of b2evolution offers more control to reduce trackback spamming, so I thought I would give it a try.

So far since my site's upgrade, no trackback spam....actually no trackbacks at all.

It did make me wonder if there was a problem with my site accepting trackbacks, but that seemed to work. Eventually, I found that the trackback sending code using fopen(), which is disabled on Dreamhost. Then I had better keywords to search b2evolution forum...and found a post on the subject.

I found a simple class that encapsulated curl, and used that to fix the part of the sending of trackbacks that wasn't working for me.

See my reply to the forum post for details....

I didn't touch the other part (POST method), because I hadn't encountered it I didn't have a simple test case to play with.

  11:48:45 am, by The Dreamer   , 182 words  
Categories: Stuff

My Ambient Device Update

I have previous noted that the reason my Brookstone Weather Forecaster had stopped working was because of this:

I've just received word from our tower providers that the signal coverage in your area has shifted slightly. This change was made by our wireless provider in order to improve signal coverage for the majority of our customers, but unfortunately, this has left you further away from the nearest point of transmission. This means that the device will most likely not receive a stronger signal than it is currently. I'm so sorry for the disappointing news; it is never our intention to inconvenience our customers.

Last weekend, I popped batteries into the Forecaster in the grim hope that it would start working. It didn't. I decided that I would take it into work (Kansas State University), wondering if their idea of majority of customers in my area would be the University.

Well, not there either. Guess what they really mean is Manhattan, KS is not considered of any concern to them.

Guess I'll put searching for some other weather gadget back on my list....


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Categories: General, VoIP, Networking, Home, AT&T DSL, Broadband

Woohoo. I have faster DSL service now

This morning I woke to find my DSL modem reporting a speed of 1984/512. Reran the spectrum analysis tool at DSLreports. I shows a theoretical 35xx/818....wonder if I could've really gotten the 6.0/768 tier to at least get the much higher upsteam speed. It would've only been $5 more per month. (The tiers were 1.5/384, 3.0/512, 6.0/768 and the prices were $25/$30/$35).

I graph the SN margin/Line Attenuation along with up/down speed from the modem in I see that my SN margin has dropped quite a bit, and Line Attenuation has gone up a little. So I see it started shifting gears around 5:20am.

Using the speed tool, I still can't get the reported speed. But, there is a proportional improvement. But, latency has dropped quite significantly. Better than cable now. Well under 100ms.

Don't know when the current DHCP leases expire, but I reconfigured DHCP to tell my Broadvoice VoIP service to use DSL as its gateway now. Wonder if there's anything else I want shift around....


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