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  03:00:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 763 words  
Categories: VoIP, Networking, WiFi, Home, Broadband

Finally did one phase of redoing my home network.

When I first moved into this place, I ran into a problem where I wasn't able to put all my computer equipment in one room. And, then it was further compounded by the fact that there is only one cable jack.

Though the room where I had intended all the computer equipment to go is where the demarc is located, so it probably would've been possible to add a splitter for the the cable modem there.

But, what I did was reconfigure my Linksys router to do WDS bridging and participate in the WDS bridging I was doing with a pair of Belkin F5D7130s.

So I had the cable modem and a pile of stuff at the front of my living room connected to it...and the Linksys router. My computer with one of the Belkins in the opposite corner of the living room and the other Belkin in my 'computer room'.

The VoIP ATAs at the front of my living room....

And, all was adequate. :lalala:

But due to the SNAFU of getting cable service, I had gotten DSL service and I got out what was my spare Linksys router and set up the 'computer room' with that. So far I've kept the dual gateway home network.... :>>

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  06:40:58 am, by The Dreamer   , 573 words  
Categories: Stuff, Home, Furnishings

Restwarmer Electric Mattress Pad


Last January, I had purchased an electric mattress pad from Select Comfort. Expecting it to be the right thing to go on top of my Select Comfort bed.

But, it was just a Sunbeam mattress pad. And, as I have since found other people have found it equally annoying with its connection point being on the top of the mattress pad (where my feet keep hitting it) So, I've only used it for a while before I threw it aside.

This fall, I started looking again to see whether I would be getting an electric mattress pad or an electric blanket for the season. I was getting frustrated trying to find pictures of prospective mattress pads to see where the attachment location was, to see if there were any that attached on the side rather than on top like the waste of a purchase I had done with the Sunbeam one.

It was frustrating enough that I thought about giving up the search for a mattress pad (which I think would work better for me, since I'm a back sleeper and there's things like logic....) and just settle on finding an electric blanket.

I even tried going to a few brick and mortar stores to see what they had for electric mattress pads. But, the boxes refused to show the detail of the connection point and none were open for inspection (and I didn't feel like cracking one of the glue sealed box open to find out....).

But, then I don't know where I came across a picture on the Internet (most likely that seemed to indicate that the connection point for the Restwarmer was halfway down the side....which meant that it was exactly what I wanted.

Then it was a decision on whether to get it from or JCPenney, where I had also seen it. With Amazon, I could get Prime shipping and get it at home at a predictable time. With JCPenney, I could support Make-a-Wish....though I would then have no idea when it would show up, etc.

JCPenney had it on sale, so I went that way....but then the price at Amazon came Amazon probably would've been the better way to go. Especially since I ordered in December, but didn't get it until yesterday (picked it up from the UPS store). With Amazon's price now matching JCPenney's...the free shipping (ground or prime) is far better than what I paid for ground shipping from JCPenney....and I didn't get the tracking number from JCPenny until after the item was I didn't know when to expect it.

Anyways...I only have one gripe about it....

This piece from the instruction manual is confusing:

Restwarmer Connection Setup

I set it up last night based on where the "Control with Service Information Label" was located, which is the opposite of the picture. And, ended up with the controls backwards....controlling opposite side of bed. So, this morning I switched to match the picture ignoring where the label(s) is(are).

Otherwise, so far all is good. :zz:

Though the attachment point is on the edge rather than on the is out of the way sufficiently that it doesn't cause too much discomfort at night. And, I'm not entirely sure how JCPenney can say it'll fit a mattress up to 17" thick. Especially since the manufacturer's site says only 12". Fortunately, my mattress is (only) 10" thick.


  07:02:12 am, by The Dreamer   , 199 words  
Categories: Stuff, WiFi

ThinkGeek :: Wi-Fi Detecting Watch


When I first heard about this WiFi Detecting Watch, I thought it might be neat enough to get....though I probably should've read the description a bit better.

It just detects the presence of WiFi and reports on signal doesn't report SSIDs or what WiFi is present.

And, I don't know if it is really insensitive or what, because when I'm on campus, it always reports 00....even though I know that there is pretty much total WiFi coverage on campus. Just the closed K-State WiFi network. Though it seems to give readings of WiFi at home. Though I don't know if it is reporting scores for my WiFi network or somebody else's.

There might be a strong open network that its seeing, instead of the local closed network. Or maybe it can only detect APs within a few idea where the APs are on campus, though I could probably find out if I really wanted to....

The other features on the watch are kind of confusing as well, and it doesn't fit very well, etc. So, I'll probably still be looking for a new watch....assuming that I still want to be wearing a watch. :??:



  05:18:20 pm, by The Dreamer   , 338 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Samsung HLN4365W1, Time Warner/Cox Cable, HDTV

6118 Hours

I had been thinking that over the Xmas holidays, and then on New Year's....that I would replace the bulb in my Samsung HLN4365W1. It had been getting darker and darker for some time, and was beginning to annoy me...especially which watching TV shows and movies that tend to be dark themselves.

But, I keep forgetting to do it before turning the TV on for the day. Being that I need to do it with the set cool.

Today I got an email from a person looking for a replacement bulb for her Samsung HLN4365W1....which made me think that I should try to remember replacing mine. She told me that looking at Sears Parts online, it would set her back like $250. And, wanted to know if I knew of somewhere cheaper. I went over to, where I had ordered my replacement bulb from...and found that they give a price of $149.99. Darn, I paid $199.99 for mine...of course, I bought it over 1.5 years preparation of a move for just in case. :**:

The bulb replacement was pretty straight forward, except that it was on the side that required contortions and later pulling the TV out to get at.

Once the set turned on...I went into the service menu to clear the lamp timer. Making note that the timer was at 6118 hours.

Interesting to note that the new bulb is a 120W, whereas the original bulb was only a 100W...where I had read somewhere that the 'Dynamic' picture mode ran the bulb at 120W. Guess the part change addresses this fact. Though I guess I've been fortunate to not experience total bulb failure.

Meanwhile, while checking out the new bulb...I noticed that Fox HD is now available on Cox.

Wonder how long before DNNA get's the lineup fixed so that I can record it using my ReplayTV? Maybe I'll have to dig out my fax machine and send them the full line up, so they can get it right.


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Categories: General, VoIP

The End of A Phone Number

Today marks the end of a phone number.

When I moved to Manhattan, KS....I couldn't get a local number for my Vonage account (nor my Lingo account). I opted to cancel my Lingo account, I had mainly been using that to make calls to the UK (part of the 500 minutes a month I got) and for faxing. But, I didn't set up my fax machine after I moved and my cousin no longer lives in the UK.

But, I kept the Vonage account because it works pretty good (better than the VoIP account that does have a Manhattan, KS local number) and I still make calls to Canada regularly. The problem is I get many telemarketing calls to the number, even though its on the DNC. And, worse I still get lots of calls from headhunters....even though I had changed the voicemail greeting to even tell them to stop calling me. Of course, they don't care that leaving me a message is also costing me money....since I got the voice-to-text service. And, the job search ended over 18 months ago!

Wonder what my parents will think that my new number is in the Oxnard, CA local calling area? &#59;D

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  08:26:32 am, by The Dreamer   , 198 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Computer

Google'd: Fixed my Linux Server

I was copying large amounts of data back to my Linux server last night...and it was still going this other things had failed over night, because load was very high. Main thing was mail was deferring connections. But, irssi was a pain to use.

So, I went googling in the hopes that I might find the answer.

Evidently the problem is that between Linux and the new BIOS and whether to use DMA. It had now defaulted to not using DMA, so now I have to explicitly turn it on.

Once I turned DMA back on...performance shot up....instead of bursts of data over the network peaking at is a fairly sustained 55Mbps. And, the CPU load is dropped to normal.

Yet again, this complicates whether I should go with Linux or (Open)Solaris for the new box I'm building.

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  06:56:17 pm, by The Dreamer   , 494 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Computer, BOINC

GT5636E: Growing Dilemma and Costs

While, it isn't set in stone....I started leaning towards the idea of going with Linux as the OS to install on this system. Pretty sure it'll work, while Solaris might not. And, it isn't like I'll be playing around with ZFS/raidz in the immediate future.

But, then today I took a peek inside the machine to see what kind of expandability options I might have. I was mainly looking to see how the internal drives were setup and how many additional drives I could mount in it. And, what kind of slots it had.

Well, looks like there two PCI, PCI-e x1, and a PCI-e x16. Not sure what I'll stick into the slots, but have some ideas. The internal harddrive just room for one more, no SATA cable for I'll need to buy one. Though lots of extra power connectors. There's an open 5.25" bay which I could adapt...and there's that portable drive bay which I'll probably never use.

But, what threw me is that there are 6 SATA connectors on the motherboard....that's just screaming for me to eventually try raidz. Plus today at work I tried plugging my flashdrive into my sun workstation, and it maybe Solaris might get along with whatever personal stuff I want to do with it. Used to be BOINC would've been a deciding factor....since there are only two projects (SETI@home and BOINCsimap) that run on Solaris x86, and both require work. I don't remember how I managed to build the BOINC client, but haven't been able to upgrade....because I haven't been able to successfully build anything since. But, with BrandZ zones....I'm running other BOINC projects at work....and could do the same at home (though not sure how many more months before I get the machine up).

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Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Serenity

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