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  05:17:12 pm, by The Dreamer   , 175 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking

CPU (fan?) for Linux Server

Things are kind of weird here and my Linux server is missed.

I checked the computer store today at lunch, no luck on CPU fans...guess its kind of hard for them to stock these. They were were I got the case fan though. reports the ones I did order from them should arrive on Friday...I have the order directed to my personal mailbox, so it'll be the weekend before I get them. Neither are exactly the right size, one is smaller and one is bigger...hopefully it'll just work.

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  07:35:47 am, by The Dreamer   , 185 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Computer, Home

Moved the Geek Squad UPS

Power hasn't stabilized yet, and the UPS problems affecting my Home Theatre setup were getting annoying. After it dropped the loads for the second time, last night, after return of power (and while I was trying to watch a recording). I decided that I would take the Geek Squad UPS and put that into play...since the computer it was protecting was a casualty of the power outage.

Odd that it had been running for over a year without a UPS...but died after I got one. Of course, 7 hours without power....not something a UPS made any difference for. And, I did manage to shutdown the computer before the UPS finally tanked.

It was kind of disturbing listening to all the creaking of electronics cooling during the outage....

With the UPS switched out, I decided to pop open the CPS1500AVR-HO and make sure I had the battery details right. Still not sure if I'm going to order replacements or which. Guess its not something has available for Prime delivery, otherwise I would be sitting around at home waiting for its delivery. :>>


  07:05:49 pm, by The Dreamer   , 159 words  
Categories: Computer, Home, Cox HSI

Ice Storm Power Outage

I survived....almost 7 hours without power. It got really cold. I was worried I'd have to sleep without heat....but I did find my old sleeping bag.

Unfortunately, I had trouble after power came back.

My Windows desktop lost its mind....guess I need a new CMOS battery for it.

My Linux server came up...but then went away. Just like its predecessor....extended power outage....the fans failed in it and it toasted itself. Hopefully it had some kind of safety shutoff, and replacing the CPU fan will get it going again. Though I don't know where I'm gonna score one....hopefully the computer store at work has one. Otherwise, I guess I'll put Amazon Prime to the test.

Not sure where things stand on improving my emergency preparedness or UPS replacement or other things....

Suppose I should figure out what I'm having for supper, just in case I lose power again....

Meanwhile Cox is still out >:-(

  06:34:12 am, by The Dreamer   , 266 words  
Categories: General, Broadband

K-State Closed Today Due to Ice Storm

MANHATTAN - Kansas State University's Manhattan and Salina campuses are closed today due to inclement weather and downed tree limbs on campus. Normal schedules will resume Wednesday morning.

Provost Duane Nellis, in consultation with Faculty Senate leaders, has arranged for finals scheduled during the day Tuesday to move to Saturday; and for finals scheduled Tuesday night to move to Friday night. The residence halls will remain open an extra day to allow for the Saturday finals.

"President Jon Wefald and I discussed the weather conditions, with the storm predicted to continue through today," said Tom Rawson, vice president for administration and finance. "We are concerned that tree damage and falling tree limbs could be hazardous for people walking on campus."

The safety of our students and employees is paramount, Rawson said.

Nellis said, "I am asking faculty to be as flexible as possible in making reasonable accommodation for students with Tuesday finals who would suffer hardship if they are required to change transportation plans in order to take their final."

Gary Leitnaker, assistant vice president for human resources, said employees who are involved with housing, feeding and the safety of students and campus buildings should report to work if possible. All other employees may stay home.

The only other stuff I see this morning so that most of the FM stations are noise, the bad UPS situation failed again during the night. The tape backup that was in progress stopped and COX is out. There was an interruption to DSL during the night, but its working now....

Cranking the heat and hanging out online....


  10:41:31 pm, by The Dreamer   , 286 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Computer, Broadband

Bought a new UPS

Today, I bought a new UPS. A Geek Squad Model GS-1285U (1285VA AVR). It was kind of planned, and kind of impulse.

The CP1500VA that I was protecting my Linux box had failed about 1.5 years ago. But, since I made the switch to screen/irssi for my main IRC use....and recently having a Cox HSI outage, eventually getting me to remember how to make it use the other gateway (Y! DSL)....I decided it was important that it be able to ride out the occasional power flicker.

Today the opportunity presented itself that I could pop into Best Buy to grab a UPS....and there was the impending threat of an ice storm. Though UPS for Linux box and ice storm don't really jive...I bought the UPS, since walking 3 miles to Best Buy to buy a UPS wasn't going to ever happen...and definitely never gonna walk 3 miles back with was heavy enough lugging it to the checkout line.

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  09:37:32 am, by The Dreamer   , 103 words  
Categories: Stuff

Premium Ambient Devices Accuweather Feed Update

Well, it still wasn't working on Saturday. So, I decided to reset both my account and the device and leave it this way until Monday. In case, there were also issues with Ambient's system.

This time I used 66506 as the zipcode for the weather I would like it to report. Which is kind of more specific to what I want anyways....since that's where I'm usually headed when I walk out the door. &#59;D

While the numbers don't match, at least they are reasonable compared to the nearest free city (Topeka)...and in the same neighborhood as the other Kansas locations.


  09:02:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: V for Vendetta


  09:50:26 pm, by The Dreamer   , 182 words  
Categories: Stuff

Premium Ambient Feed for 5-Day Weather Forecaster


Well, especially the last few days, the premium feed of what should've been my local weather...was coming in significantly colder than I expected and what it really was.

It was also significantly colder than the other the neighboring cities...Salina, Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City. But, it shouldn't be wrong....I has the zipcode of where the device is located, which is the same zipcode of the weather I want.

Earlier this evening, I looked on the Accuweather website. What I saw on the Accuweather website was consistent with the kind of weather actually being experienced. And significantly different that what was being displayed on the Weather Forecaster. Which, of course, makes no sense...since Ambient is supposed to be sending Accuweather's data to my device.

I tried reseting things, and now I got nothing. :..(

The Ambient setup page shows that it has deduced that 66502 is Manhattan, KS....though just poking around randomly for other Manhattans on Accuweather....what I'm getting is kind of close to the weather being reported for Manhattan, MT. Though its probably not as stupid as that.


  05:01:13 pm, by The Dreamer   , 219 words  
Categories: Stuff, Home

Brookstone: 5-Day Wireless Weather Forecaster


I was looking around on Brookstone the other day, because I had a discount code that was about expire. It didn't look like I was going to find anything worth buying....but then I decided to look up the coverage area for the Wireless Weather Forecaster. I had assumed that Manhattan, KS was not in the coverage I had never paid attention to these much. Guess I was getting MSN Direct and Ambient Devices....or maybe Ambient Devices has expanded into the area.

But, they had partial coverage, and it looked like my condo is in the partial coverage area. So I went for it.

It works...kind of. The basic service only provides weather for 5 cities, and Manhattan, KS is not one of them. It does Kansas City, MO -- St. Joseph, MO -- Topeka, KS -- Wichita, KS -- Salina, KS. So, that means I have to signup for the premium service if I want weather for my zipcode. Which is what I opted to do. Premium option also allows me to have it send current RealFeel temperature instead of actual. Because of my lifestyle, knowing RealFeel is more useful than actual.....

Nice that it has a built-in magnet....I stuck it on the metal door, so I can see it before I leave, etc....


  11:25:49 am, by The Dreamer   , 1507 words  
Categories: Software, Home, Appliances

Home Air Quality Enhancers Update

Guess I haven't blogged about my recent air quality enhancement related purchases....

But, first I need to import my Outlook folders into Thunderbird so I can remember when I did these things....ran into some trouble..."Unable to save your message as draft. Error writing temporary file." After a few google searches, I found that the conflict was my AntiVirus turning for Norton AV's autoprotect has it working....

Back in June, I ordered the Pure-Ion Advanced Air Purifier from Brookstone, just before leaving for my brother's wedding...with the anticipation that it would arrive on the later on the day of my return, so I should be home to receive it. Unfortunately, the flight(s) didn't go as planned and I didn't get back until the wee hours the next day.

Turned out the idea of putting the filter modules in the dishwasher wasn't all that practical. The rack tines prevent them from sitting low, they take up a lot more space than I wanted. Plus I don't wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, so I run the risk coating the filters with food particles. Guess I'll just use the Oreck Assail-A-Cell cleaner on them when more than a simple rinse isn't enough.

As for my other experiences....the clean light comes on quite often, and I don't see visible accumulation of dust. Not sure it is doing anything. Wonder if making the cells dishwasher safe reduces their effectiveness in being charged to capture dust? Worse, the oscillate function has broken on it. It will now often just go in a (full) circle, and then randomly stop turning at all. I coaxed it to work a big longer so that it is in the 'straight' orientation and now don't use the function. :**:

The model seemed to have gotten redesigned shortly after I purchased it....don't know if it is better or not, but it does have a larger surface area..... :..(

Next, I've occasionally checking out the site....then one day (October 25th) they were having a woot off, and I was seeing stuff that I might actually I signed up for an account that day. And, then later that day....they had Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier. I had been thinking of getting another one or two, though the Oreck site seemed out of refurbished units and I don't have a spot cleared for it yet. Like the bedroom that is still packed full of boxes from when I moved in, I have plans to actually make use more than just a few clear spots where I put shelves and such.....or next to the other computers. Anyways...when I saw this on, I went for it. Some day I'll open the box and set it up.

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