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  04:21:16 pm, by The Dreamer   , 37 words  
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Phew...missing package has turned up....

The big, long, heavy part 1 of 2 has turned up....gonna just stash it somewhere, because I don't have room to set it up just yet...and I'm starving, so it is time to tackle the turkey. )-o

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Zektor HDVI5.1 HDVI5 5x1 DVI / HDMI Switcher switch


Oh yeah...during the blog move, I picked this item up from the UPS Store.

I got a black one.

I unpacked and placed it under my TV, though I don't have much in the way of cables to put it into service. And, I don't yet have much need for it....the TV can handle everything that I currently have plugged in to it.

But, if I do get that Mac Mini and/or add a PC to my setup....or decide on Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD (or get a universal)...then I'm going to have need more inputs.

I was originally planning to get a remote controlled Digital Audio switch, because I there is one device where its audio output is not connected to anything at the moment....the OTA tuner. Though its usefulness might have reached an end due to neighboring construction (too late to move to a higher place...)

But, I anticipate a need for some kind of switch...and I had been looking at a component video / digital audio switcher for some time. Though some of the things that I switch by component now, could also be switched using DVI...and the price/feature point was in the ballpark of what I would pay/get. So, I went for it.

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Columbus Day 2007

Today, is Columbus Day. AKA Canadian Thanksgiving.

I took today off from work as my discretionary holiday (AKA floating holiday, use it or lose it holiday, etc.), so that I could do the Canadian well as do some stuff I've been wanting to do around my home and wait for some deliveries.

First the deliveries. I mentioned that I had something that was attempted on Wednesday, when I wasn't home, that I had them defer delivery until today. Well, that didn't quite work out. It was shipped in two boxes, but only one of them arrived today....the one labeled "2 of 2". Hopefully they'll find the other one and complete its delivery today. The other item I had delivered today is a Dyson DC18 Slim. I don't feel like opening that box today, so it might be a while before I get around to using it to vacuum.


The thing I've been meaning to do around the home is hang some new curtains. A while back the landlord turned an area outside into a parking lot, and the lights for the lot shine against my condo...namely right against my bedroom window. So, I started looking for better light blocking drapes...though it would take a while before the order would arrive, so I resorted to foiling my windows.

The foiling worked really well, perhaps too well. I could sleep all day.... and I found that my bedroom was much cooler. And, since summer was coming, I opted to leave the foil up. Plus I didn't own the condo yet, so I put off drilling holes and hanging drapes. But, now that it is cooling down and there might actually be cause to open was time to take action. Plus the foiling seemed to prevent my atomic clock from syncing.

Though I have now discovered that it wasn't the case. Evidently my (Oreck) electronic aircleaner is throwing off stray RF that jams reception. I think I got the aircleaner a bit before I did the foiling, but I never looked at the clock until afterwards. Guess I'll find somewhere else to put it.

The drapes might not work out though. They aren't quite wide enough, a little long (so I had to move my dresser), and they don't seem dark enough... So, it is possible I might be ordering new drapes again. At least when I do, I'll have the option to get another rod and hang these drapes in the other bedroom. Which I plan to use as soon as I clear some clutter.

Guess I'll find out how well they work tonight....


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New Home - - DreamHost


I have a new home.....that is a new home for my blog.

After the 3rd significant outage in the year with my previous hosting provider, and no explanation (at all). I went looking for a new hosting company. I had been hearing of dreamhost from various people on the work-related IRC channels.

So, I popped over to the site and see if it might fit my needs. There was a popup (which firefox blocked, but I opted to open it to see what promo it wanted to tell me about).... The popup told me of their recent 10th birthday, and a $110.10 discount for their first 1010 new customers.

Well, that was plenty of incentive to become a new customer of DreamHost. And, not just because I'm The Dreamer &#59;D

I didn't really want to make the switch this weekend. I had booked this off as a long weekend (to use my discretionary holiday for the year)...and I was going to do some non-computer stuff that I had been putting off at home.

But, it looks like everything had made it over....with only minor inconvenience (one feature broke, but that's because the new host is more secure than my old I guess that's a good thing. I could fix it later, but its low on my list of things I want to do to this site).

So, back to my regularly scheduled blogging....there was something I wanted to blog about, but didn't because of this move....

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.


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Delivery Wednesday

Today, was kind of a day that I got a lot of deliveries...

First was when UPS was going to delivery a CD rack that I had purchased, I wasn't home...but as it turned out my Wednesday morning meeting was I could've been home to wait for it. But, either they would leave the ~101lb package on my doorstep or they would leave a notice and try again later. They went for the latter, so I went online and directed them to defer redelivery until Monday when I'm taking my discretionary holiday from work. (Since the suggested time tomorrow doesn't work with all the other stuff going on, and I just haven't had time to read about the new health insurance stuff at I intend to go to the information sessions. And, Friday is also a bad day to be juggling time around....)

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DVD: The Wild


  02:48:01 pm, by The Dreamer   , 319 words  
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Return of the Terk HDTVa

As the impending start of the new fall season, I noticed that my OTA HDTV tuner wasn't getting a signal for some reason..... At first, because it was like 2am, I thought maybe it was because WIBW-HD was off the air. But, since it wasn't working this morning, I started to fiddle with the antenna. The Terk HDTVlp had served me well last fall thru spring....and there just hadn't been anything worth watching during the summer, so I don't know when it stopped working. Though WIBW-HD did go off air in the spring....apparently it had taken a lightning hit. So I hadn't paid much attention to it during the summer.

But, now there's lots of new shows to check out, and I not enough HD recording capabilities to keep up. So I need the ReplayTV with OTA HDTV tuner to supplement my recording capabilities again. I still plan to get the HTMac, but now I'm waiting for Leopard to come out before buying my first Mac. (though there might still be another computer in the I can run Momitsu's V880N's MMC software somewhere closer and with more storage...).

Anyways...I suspect the condo's new building outside my livingroom window is doing more than just blocking my view.... Turning it to off to the side a bit, I could some signal...but not enough for a stable picture. Probably just a narrow slit between buildings.... So I switched to the Terk HDTVa to see if I can get more directionality on receiving a usable signal.

It seems to be working now.... )-o

Meanwhile, I saw the Tivo HD was being carried by the local Best Buy...wonder if that means if I can actually get Cable Cards around here? Though I'm wondering when they'll be more than just Tivo with CableCards. Would like to keep my fleet of ReplayTVs going for as long as possible....

  02:32:22 pm, by The Dreamer   , 360 words  
Categories: Stuff, Travel

My New Pocket Knife


I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I've been frustrated to be without a pocket knife, ever since I went straight from the office to a flight one day...and had to forfeit my Leatherman Juice S2.

Now before I realized I had forgotten to leave it behind, I had been contemplating getting a Leatherman e307x....well last month I finally took the plunge and got a new knife, though I opted to get the Leatherman e303 instead.

It took a long time to get to me after I purchased on eBay. Seems the sending post office delayed sending it on its way until 9/11 :?: But, it proved to not be the knife I wanted. They made the thumb stud too long, so it pokes into my leg.

Trying to decide what I would do next....I decided that maybe it wasn't all that important that my pocket knife have a philips screwdriver. Which had been a significant criteria for as long as I could remember. The number of times where it had proven to be handy I can't recall....and nothing in recent maybe I didn't need it anymore. And, there were times along the way where the knife I carried didn't have a philips screwdriver.

At one time I had a CRKT M16-02Z, and it was nice basic pocket knife. And it was among one of the ones I had acquired back when it was okay to carry a pocket knife on an airplane. They just didn't allow serrated blades.... But, I knew that it would have a stud and that it wouldn't stick out too far....and it was a nice knife. So, I went looking to see what one I should get to be my new current pocket knife.

Browsing the CKRT site and eBay...I settled on the M16-10KZ....actually it was just any M16-10 that I was looking for, but found a price I liked for the KZ model. It turned up yesterday, but I already like it. So looks like this saga has come to a least until I lose it and need to find something else again. |-|


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Death of an Email address

I have finally had to kill off one of my old email addresses :##

It was one of the first email addresses I created when I got my own domain name, and it is my name....and at one time it was also the one I used in the online job hunt (I didn't know that you were supposed to use a disposable email address when looking for work).

But, it had been drawing in more and more spam over time....and lately there has been a flood of bounceback spam. Someone using my email address to send spam to other people And, unfortunately not all users and, even, email administrators are bright enough to know that the from address doesn't mean that's where the spam is coming from. After all, K-State frequently lands on block lists because they are mis-identified as the origin of spam. Especially because we allow all our users to forward all of their email off campus (unlike some places which will employ spam filtering and only forward the messages that pass, its a catch-22....people worry about not getting email that only looks like spam. The emails from the company that CES at K-State has outsourced the generation of their emails to. Our spam filter gives it a score of 4.7 based on message body contents (actually its a bit higher, because there's a negative score that is added because we 'trust' them). Though part of the problem is that the default spam score threshold was lowered from 5.0 to either 3.0 or 3.5 last year. Personally, I use a threshold of 4.7 since I would otherwise too much emails. And, still some important emails still get flagged as spam (they tend to have scores higher than 5.0).

Though this is why with my hosting providers, I do not use their spam filtering services. I want my email to reach me, and giving me full local control on what is spam and what isn't. Especially a problem with the accounts I use for eBay activity. Or online banking and related. The phishing emails from banks I have no business relationship with are easy to spot...its a little harder with the ones that I do use, especially if they find the email address I currently have registered with them.

Anyways...I have had to nuke this long time account. Though I did it rather impulsively, so nobody knows it is gone...and I have to figure out now what things I should update. The ones that are obvious though, are like my UofC alumni information record (and forwarding), and my membership records with the professional organizations that I belong to....APEGGA, NSPE, IEEE....

Though I'm sure there'll be others that I miss. :**:


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Incadescent Bulbs are becoming extinct


There are hardly any of them in use in my condo now....the only ones I can think of are the ones are appliance ones....range hood, microwave, oven and fridge. Don't know how to classify the DLP bulb....but someday I'm thinking of getting DLP with an LED light engine &#59;D

This process started a few years ago....I had a problem with keeping my previous apartment cool in the summer, and noting that there was a measurable temperature rise in my bedroom due to the 300W halogen torchiere lamp that was lighting the space. I replaced it with a fluorescent torchiere lamp of equivalent brightness. It helped and I liked the light better.

Later I sought to replace the other halogen torchiere's around my apartment with fluorescent ones. Later I finally got ones of those SAD lights, to see if it would help with my winter might, except I never remember to use it. But, it occurred me why wasn't using the full-spectrum fluorescents? We had gotten these at my first job....though later I know other people had the small light boxes in their offices....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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