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  06:47:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 177 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software

PRG is dead, so do it in WiRNS

Anybody remember PRG :?:

Well, I still use it regularly....but haven't been able to get it to completely go with XMLTV data. replaySchedule seems to be the culprit, but I can't seem to figure out how it parses the XMLTV data and make it put stuff at the right time.

Anyways, there's one main feature of PRG that WiRNS doesn't do.... so that's why I've been spending the last two weeks trying to get PRG working with xmltv instead of datadirect (I didn't see PRG on the list of approved apps, not really inclined to try getting it there).

Then it occurred to me that maybe I could try making WiRNS do that feature.... So that's how I spent my Friday night....and most of today as well. :P

Now I have this:


It could use a lot more work....but it does the job....wonder if I'll push it out, so that everybody can see the mess I made (and make it better &#59;D)

Nice to know that working as a Systems Administrator now, I can still make code up :))


  12:34:27 am, by The Dreamer   , 1055 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Time Warner/Cox Cable, OTA HDTV, Software, AppleTV

WiRNS is dead, long live WiRNS.

Actually, it is Zap2It that will be dead. And, with that deadline looming, I've been trying to decide when to make the leap from the very stable WiRNS version to the Preview release of :**:

I had been holding off for a variety of reasons, one the Preview wasn't distributed as a ZIP file...just an MSI, so I could just unpack and drop it into my less than normal setup. And, for some reason I couldn't do builds of this code on the same computer (Guess Microsoft is trying to kill Windows 2000). |-|

But, I decided this this afternoon that I would make a quick try at getting the preview release going....even though I also had plans to be somewhere this evening. Well, I blew off those plans...and now it is quite late, and I have a job interview tomorrow....

Anyways....I made a quick backup and moved things aside on my computer and set about to install the 8.16 preview.

It crashed a bunch of times, but I eventually got it up....and then I set about to go through the configuration to make sure everything was reasonable. The hard part was updating the lineups for my ReplayTVs....since I have 7 of them, and it does a rebuild of the ReplayGuide each and every time I edit one.

Then I did an update went to build ToDo and kept crashing....I have Season Premiere/Finale and Series Premiere/Finale ReplayZones on two of my for regular cable TV and one for Digital Cable had 155,xxx for the regular cable TV unit, and it would go for about 30 minutes on the Digital Cable unit and then crash. And crash was considered a good response....other times it would just hang and be unresponsive until I killed it. At least with a crash, it would eventually automatically restart (Windows Service setting).

Didn't I add a boolean option to decide if ReplayZones would go into Building the ToDo list? Well, I found that another developer had commented it out...saying ReplayZones works now. Ummm, I don't think so. So, I guess if I'm going to make WIRNS 2.0 work, I would have to figure out how to get it to build and go back to making custom builds for myself. :??:

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  11:41:52 pm, by The Dreamer   , 156 words  
Categories: Stuff, Appliances

I think I need another Tilley


I'm really going backwards today...but the first thing I thought about as I was making the trek to the UPS Store this morning...was that maybe I need another Tilley Hat.

I have been wearing the one that I did get (an LTM8) quite regularly, but it needed to be washed....but the problem is that my washing machine is a pretty noisy beast, so I only run it when I know I'll be out. Of course, that's when I'll want to be wearing my Tilley Hat.

Now I had purchased other hats over the I fished around for one, and wore that for the trip. It just wasn't the same.

So maybe I need another hat so that I don't have to be without when one is being washed. Or just other back up needs. B-)

OTOH, it might be winter by the time I get around to getting another Tilley Hat.... |-|

  05:59:07 pm, by The Dreamer   , 190 words  
Categories: Stuff making me forgetful.

The 'swim' home this morning, made me forget the whole peeve that I had wanted to blog about.... )-o

The lack of a pocket knife. I used to have one, except that I left straight from work to go to my brother's wedding in June...and forgot that I had my pocket knife on me. Well, airport security took it away, of course. The instant I remembered that I had a pocket knife still on me, I already accepted that it was lost.

I've been kind of on the fence about getting a new one. Different kind of priorities on what I needed out of it.... So, it opened the door to get a new one. :p

But, I didn't replace it immediately...or even research its replacement. Though I can think of a couple (or more) possibilities to replace it with. It didn't seem important enough....

Though standing in the UPS store this morning, opening boxes to reduce the bulk of my sure would've been nice if I didn't have to try different keys to rip open those boxes....

I wonder which I'll go with, and when. :??:

  02:39:23 pm, by The Dreamer   , 403 words  
Categories: Stuff, Appliances, Outdoor, Furnishings

I swam home from the UPS store.... least it felt like I was. Last weekend, I didn't make it down to the UPS store to see what loot would be waiting for me....and I decided I couldn't put it off another weekend.

There were 4 boxes waiting for me, I had to open 3 of them in the store and make the contents fit into my duffel bag. The 4th was too large either way, but light enough that I carried it under arm....though it cut of the circulation, so my arm was asleep before I made it home...and it was hard to swing it to the otherside, because of the stuff on my belt on that side :(

There were some simple things like a massager I had picked up to pad an order, a digital thermometer/hydrometer which I had been thinking of getting one for the office to see how humid it gets sometimes, a nosquito to see if it would help manage my indoor flying insect problem, as well as some spider traps. The big item is a seat cushion that I bought with the intent of using it on my deck box outside.

It is dark green, but it has that annoying white label on the side that says 'new content only' or annoying stuff like that. I tugged at it to see if it would come off did, but it wasn't supposed to.

The seam opened up way to easily to let it loose. Now I had a hole in the side of a stuffed bench cushion >:XX

Probably can't return it as defective and too much hassle anyways....

So, I went looking for my sewing kit and sewed it up. A pretty good job, though perhaps I should have some additional color choices for thread in my box....only had black and white thread. I used black for this sewing job.

I can see myself crawling into work late now and then, more often so I can get stuff delivered to my home. At least my job is flexible enough (or is it because I never stop working.... :lalala: )

Next on my list...the new Core 2 Mac Minis and a pile of books. Strange that even if I did work for the library (and not just in the library)...I'd probably still have to be buying tons of books, because the library doesn't carry these kinds of books. Oh well....


  08:49:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 563 words  
Categories: Home, Appliances, Outdoor

Dishwasher Update & Weber Q 120


Well, I finally got the new dishwasher today, it arrived this sure was an ordeal getting it. Crammed allmost of my dirty dishes into and it went to work....while I headed off to work.

Originally had said I would get it Thursday, sometime. Though it had to be morning for me, since I had a doctor's appointment (made over a month in advance, and it this last day or try my luck on a waiting list) and the interview of one of the job candidates at work. Wednesday afternoon they had left a message on my home number (I had provided my work number as my daytime number, and repeated told them to reach me at this number...and up until this call...they had been.) The message they left said they would delivery between 11am and 3pm on Thursday. That doesn't work... I called back, but I didn't get home that night until after 9pm...(which had been the norm for a couple of weeks) I tried my best to leave the appropriate message.

Late Thursday afternoon...I got another call at fact 3 calls, and messages....none at my daytime/work number :## I called to retrieve the numbers and promptly set out to pin down what was going on....except it was after 5pm and the person that called had left, the person that she said to call if I could get a hold of her had also left, and her manager had also left. But, I did talk to a manager and eventually he called back to say things were straight and that I would get a call from the installer later that day or tomorrow with time.

Later that evening, the installer called and said he would be here to install around 9:30am on Monday. Hence the Pizza Hut weekend.

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  05:16:01 pm, by The Dreamer   , 260 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone

Cellet Ruberrized Elite Swivel Holster for K1m

Was a nifty holster while it lasted.

Wonder why Motorola doesn't make a holster clip for this phone...because of this I have to resort to non-OEM holsters.

Most of have tab at the top to separate the phone from the holster, which doesn't give the leverage needed to quickly remove the phone from the holster to take calls. The side release is much easier.

But, I was walking to the grocery stock...I after crossing Claflin into Westloop I heard a click. I looked down and wondered what it was, but everything looked alright. Then I took another step, and the my phone with the holster minus the half the belt clip went crashing into the sidewalk.

Before I picked up the pieces, I could tell that things were gonna be good. :no:

Yep...the front of the KRZR is now crazed(?) XX(

At least it still works. I picked up the holster bit from the ground, and fished part of the clip from my belt and examined how it had failed. And, then I tossed the holster into the nearest dumpster and put the phone in my pocket.

Later walking home I made a quick call to make sure that part worked. And, then I called it when I got home. It seems to still be functional. Now to find a case that'll cover up the cracks. Maybe wearing it on my belt isn't the way to go with this phone. Hmmm...

Meanwhile, there should be another holster somewhere at work...of the top tab kind....


  04:10:46 pm, by The Dreamer   , 352 words  
Categories: General, Home, Appliances

Ordered from PizzaHut online

I ordered some pizzas and stuff from Pizza Hut online today.

Probably doesn't seem all that strange, because they were one of the first companies to do online ordering for food delivery. And, I came from Columbus, Ohio where for the first part of living the US I lived online....doing the Peapod thing, in addition to Pizza Hut. There was also Donatos, which I kind of miss more.

And, it was kind of planned that I would be ordering food online this I do my 4th weekend with no working dishwasher. I've been washing some by hand....I sure use a ton more water doing it by hand, and drying it a problem...not having a dish rack or much in open counter space. And, I'm keeping them out, so that when I do finally have a working dishwasher again....

What is special. Is that when I was job hunting....and figuring out where I might live next, I was looking at the livability of the various locations. And, one of the things I looked at was the proximity to fast food, and/or the ability to get online food deliveries. Use a phone is so last century, especially if you want to know it'll be right, etc.

One of the things I had noted when I was moving here to Manhattan, KS...was that Pizza Hut didn't do online deliveries. I wondered if I could survive without Pizza Hut. I had been, since there are quite a number of other Pizza establishments in Manhattan, KS from which I can order online from. Such as directly from Papa John's or using CampusFood (Gambinos, Dominos, Gumby's). CampusFood is interesting, in that not just Pizza places are available....perhaps someday I'll try getting Chinese delivered. I don't think I've done Gumby's yet.

But I don't have delivery as often that I'm acceptably close to a grocery store, and can't really afford it as often now. Still the same kind of tipper that I've always been...just now it is much more likely that the service person is a student &#59;)


  06:25:53 pm, by The Dreamer   , 219 words  
Categories: General, Home

Walk Score - How walkable is your house?


Here's an interesting site I wish I had known about a long time ago....

Comparing Collegiate Villas Condominiums and Collegiate Villas at Aggieville....I find that my condo has a score of 49 versus 80.

Though it is kind of that some info is wrong and it doesn't match my needs. Though if I could've afforded it and it was available, I think I should've opted for Aggieville....

The big error is it doesn't account that "Tuttle Creek Blvd" is a horrible street to cross, especially since the walk light stopped working.

Interesting looking at other addresses:

My last apartment in Dublin, OH scored 42, and my first apartment in Dublin, OH scored 52. I knew my last apartment was worse than what I'm in now...but I'm surprised that my first apartment scored so high. Probably doesn't account for the wall or that I think closeness to groceries should be top of the list.

Interesting that it can do Canadian addresses as well.

Like my home in Medicine Hat scored 52, while my first apartment in Medicine Hat scored 66. My parent's place in Calgary, not surprisingly only, scored a 12. But, the home before that get's a 20. Though this doesn't account for the sharp drop over the cliff and the Bow River.

Wonder what I would've done when I was job hunting....


  10:36:39 pm, by The Dreamer   , 64 words  
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30 and counting....


Have I really given blood that many times???

Wow...I have lost count.

Today after giving blood, there was a quick poll about the number of times people had donated in their life and at K-State.

I guessed it to be almost/around 30....the poll taker made it 30. Turns out he got it right.

As for times at K-State...this is my 4th.


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