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  11:06:07 am, by The Dreamer   , 256 words  
Categories: Software, Wireless/iPhone, PDA

Get New Mail on Right Click in Thunderbird 2.0

One pet peeve that has resulted from upgrading to Thunderbird 2.0, is that I can no longer right click on an account in the Folder Pane and fetch just the mail for that account.

I have many, many accounts, and some are not set to fetch mail ever, unless I have a specific need Outlook will crash when it gets a certain kind of SPAM message, so I have to use Thunderbird to fetch and purge SPAM and then Outlook can work. Some day I may phase out Outlook, but in the meantime I have a lot of stuff in there that I don't want to I haven't retired my Palm yet (and there's some stuff that is linked to my Blackberry).

Wonder what happens when the Get Mail drop down becomes taller than my screen... :??:

Anyways....I decided that I can't be alone on the I went Google'ng for things.

The solution was to install the userChrome.js extension for TB, and then add the snippet below to userChrome.js.

/*  Add menuitem to Folderpane context - Get New Messages */
var insertWhere = document.getElementById("folderPaneContext-markMailFolderAllRead");
var miGetNewMsgs = document.createElement("menuitem");
miGetNewMsgs.setAttribute("label", "Get New Messages");
miGetNewMsgs.setAttribute("oncommand", "goDoCommand('cmd_getNewMessages')");
insertWhere.parentNode.insertBefore(miGetNewMsgs, insertWhere.nextSibling);

To take the lazy way to getting to userChrome.js, I installed MR Tech Local Install and called up the Chrome Editor.

Now to pull up this blog post on my other computers, so I can apply the same to the Thunderbird there.... &#59;D


  08:25:22 pm, by The Dreamer   , 159 words  
Categories: Software

Firefox - Rediscover the Web - 2.0.0.x


Similar along the lines of upgrading to Thunderbird, I decided it was finally time to take the plunge and upgrade my home desktop to Firefox 2.0.0.x (3). 88|

Again the hold off was some of my favourite extensions hadn't been upgraded yet, plus there were a few that were likely to never be upgraded. But, I remembered from my upgrade to 1.5 days that there's a way to hack extensions to make them work. Though I wondered if perhaps there was an easier way to do it yet.

Either way, I had decided that today I would upgrade....largely motivated by the desire to play with the Firefox Companion for eBay. Fortunately, just before I was to actually do the upgrade, I stumbled upon the fact that MR Tech's Local Install would provide the necessary functionality. It also turned out to provide a bit more, so I'll probably update my other browsers as well.

The main old extension was Amazon Button.... B-)


  07:07:22 pm, by The Dreamer   , 273 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone, Travel, PDA

SplashID Password Manager for BlackBerry


The Palm PDA to Blackberry migration continues.....

My Tungsten T is hardly being used had been falling the wayside gradually, ever since I got a Blackberry (2.5 years ago). I've been thinking of upgrading, but they don't seem to offer PDAs much anymore. And, I'm hooked on my Blackberry.

But, there are a few things on my Tungsten T that I don't yet know how to live without. One of which is PDA SafeID (which has evolved into Splash ID for Palm, but I haven't had the urge to update anything on my Palm in a very long time).

There's probably a ton of stuff in this application that I no longer reference, or have need to have around. But, every now and then, it comes in handy as the place to stash something important (usually frequent flyer numbers).

And, since I'm about to go on a got me thinking that there must be some way to easily migrate and have this data on hand in my Blackberry. Even though I might opt to having my Palm PDA along anyways. I quick google search yesterday, and I found SplashID for Blackberry...a quick email to support, after I guessed my old login information....and found that I could export/import my data. And, I then downloaded and installed the trial....and everything seems to be working great.

It'll definitely be something I'll register.

Now to figure out how I'll move other things I depend on, or see if I can live without...and then finally retire my Tungsten T. Though I haven't yet decided what gadget will replace it.... :lalala:


  07:28:18 pm, by The Dreamer   , 246 words  
Categories: Software, BOINC


When I saw that Thunderbird had finally been released, at first I wasn't going to upgrade to it. Was gonna wait for the version....except that I at work I have been plagued with 1.5.0.x version crashing.

So, I upgraded the work desktop to this version to see if it would solve the crashing problems. It didn't. Worse, my theme wasn't compatible and many of my extensions didn't work.

Searching around, I found places where some of the extensions had been hacked to work...and the next day most of the other ones started appearing. And, I was mostly back in business.

One change between 1.5 and 2.0 is labels versus tags. Which impacted my message filters....largely in the import/export to synchronize between my other Thunderbird instances in accessing my work IMAP account. (perhaps somebody'll write an extension to sync the filter via the IMAP account :P )

Since it didn't solve my main issue, and not all extensions had updated....I held off updating my work laptop or my home desktop (I don't bother updating my home laptop just runs BOINC now &#59;D )

But, I started getting emails that I wanted to update filters for, and then joined another mailing list....and I'm going on a business trip soon, so I took the plunge and updated my work laptop (Mac OS X, both desktops are Windows XP). Then last night I updated my home computer.

Now if only it would stop crashing at work..... :**:


  09:27:57 pm, by The Dreamer   , 76 words  
Categories: General

29 and counting....

Yes, that's right....I gave blood again.

Guess, Manhattan, KS is only 3 times a year....guess the figure the turn out will be low with all the people getting sick in the winter. Traditionally that's the one I would've missed. Though I felt pretty healthy then....waiting for later to get sick.

Now I'm trying to tolerate local allergens without resorting to steady dosing of drugs. Perhaps I should see about seeing an allergist or something.

  07:37:19 am, by The Dreamer   , 1369 words  
Categories: VoIP

Sipura SPA-3000 & Broadvoice

Sometime before my move to Manhattan, KS....I had been researching the idea of getting a WiFi VoIP phone. And, once I knew that I was headed for KSU, it seemed like a really nifty thing to try out.

As things drew near, one of the problems I found was that neither of my VoIP providers, of the time, offered Manhattan, KS numbers. Just before the move, had come across an banner ad for NetZero's private phone service, and did get a Manhattan, KS number. So at least people could make local calls to leave me messages, though it continues to be useful....

Anyways, I found that Broadvoice was a VoIP provider that could give me a Manhattan, KS number. And, they had the option of allowing me to use my own device. I got the D-Link DPH-541....

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  09:15:59 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Happy Feet


  09:55:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Just My Luck

  02:33:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 269 words  
Categories: Software, Wireless/iPhone, PDA

SyncJe Client 2.11 for Blackberry


Well, I did it again....I bought another piece of software that is kind of work related. At least I own the hardware that the software is going on, this time &#59;D

I work at Kansas State University, where we use Oracle Calendar for scheduling... And, I've been looking for a way to sync my work calendar with my Blackberry. Both when I had just the 7100t and now that I have the 8703e.

I had originally looked at trying to do the round about way of syncing with Outlook first, but couldn't get that to work. And, it turns out that syncing my Blackberry to Outlook after syncing with Oracle Calendar was a bad thing. Apparently, this a known problem though....Outlook with Oracle Calendar, bad :p

Anyways, after hearing of other people also working on syncing their blackberry's with Oracle Calendar, I set out to look for a method as well. I heard that there were SyncML clients available that might solve this. I tried a number of different ones...the free ones didn't work out for me, but this one did...and after 10 days of trying it, I've decided to go and buy it.

BTW, the hardest part of getting this to all work was figuring out the URL to have the client connect to. I found it to be:

And, it was interesting that I had to find it using Google .... which took me to a different University's IT support page. But, that isn't totally unusual.... :P


  07:58:50 am, by The Dreamer   , 275 words  
Categories: VoIP, Networking, Cox HSI, AT&T DSL, Broadband, RoadRunner

What is COX's problem?

Apparently, they just don't care that they are unreliable....and its not just consumers, it hits KSU. (though it is especially bad because both primary and secondary DNS for the university go down, so not only are on campus sites down...but all name lookups fail, so off campus hosted sites are also unavailable).

Though KSU does kind of have an AT&T backup....actually, so do I.....but my living room is on Cox and my bedroom is on DSL....should come up with some way to do automatic failover or something :P

Because, line monitoring looks something like this (bottom is obviously Cox): Line Monitoring

Too bad I can only get 768k down from AT&T/Yahoo! DSL (I'm paying for the 1.5M tier).

Now is partly my fault. I had been advised numerous times from people in this area before and after I moved here to stay away from Cox, etc. Even had somebody mention that KANREN is Cox, and its what the University....

Guess I had been spoiled by the service I had gotten from Time Warner's Roadrunner in Dublin, Ohio. Never had the choice of DSL back there, since the phone company uses linesharing in the apartment buildings (even though they were the ones that offered DSL when I ordered service from them, and said it was available, etc.)

Hopefully, there won't be any more outages like last Wednesday afternoon/evening....were everything digital was out, and analog was snow ridden. Hard to call during outages when it also takes out your phone service.... The only stuff I could watch was WIBW-DT using my OTA HDTV receiver.....&#59;D

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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