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Oreck Certified Factory Reconditioned Air Purifier


Well, first spring in Manhattan....allergy season must be coming soon.

Decided to go blow my tax refund and finally buy the new air purifier that I've been talking about getting.

Went for a reconditioned Oreck Air Purifier. Combination of cost and size.

It was still kind of heavy lugging home from the UPS. But, after I cleared some space in my bedroom and set it up....and then ran it on max for a while, later I could smell an improvement. But, near bed time I dropped it down to low....and then later saw the red cleaning required light was on. But, it couldn't have gotten that bad. And it didn't look dirty at all.

I cleaned it I couldn't leave it running overnight, as the cell wasn't dry yet.

Next day, almost was red again. Guess this is why its a remanufactured unit?

After some fiddling around, it seems to have an issue if the cell is pushed in all the way.

Wonder if I'll still get another one or two....

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DVD: Over the Hedge

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Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Casino Royale


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DVD: Scary Movie 4


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Using a Compact Flash card for Paging

My old P3/933Mhz bookpc has been getting quite a thrashing has its maximum 512MB of memory installed, but I'm running 3 Java programs and a couple .Net...along with a few other programs. So it does a lot paging, and even worse when I'm copying files to and from the C drive.

But, it only has the one internal drive....the rest are connected by firewire.

Well, it occurred to me that I might use its PCMCIA slot to help with the disk having it put its page file on there. So, I set out on to eBay to see what the price of a flash memory device that will go in this slot.

I decided on a cheap 4GB CF card and an adapter. ~$50.

I doubt there's any measureable change in application or memory performance, but at least the harddrive light isn't on solid as much anymore. Guess this means I can get back to saving for a Mac, instead of another Windows box to split the load from this box....

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Well, just an update. It arrived and it works great. The extra size does make it easier to hold and doesn't get in the way.

I haven't deliberately run it down, but I have missed an overnight charge here and there and it still works through the next day.

Wonder if I'll get a second though....


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DVD: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

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An early DST 2007.

Well, I didn't want to wake up this morning...I was sore, my throat hurt, there was a productive cough, and it is kind of gloomy out. But, I wanted to check clocks at home and at work to see what changed and didn't change.

The first computer that should've updated, but didn't was my SuSE 9.3 Linux box. I had updated the zoneinfo files for DST....however, I didn't notice that the link between /etc/localtime and /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Central had gotten severed. So the machine was still running using the old zoneinfo definition. But, zdump -v US/Central wasn't gonna tell me this.

I then check the other main computers at home and moved on to other devices. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my radio controlled clock, which I try to set all my other clocks against, was showing the correct time. I had been holding off on looking at another one of these clocks, guess it is safe to get one.

Then I check the VoIP phones....the Uniden has a local clock, so I had up date it. I drew a blank on what my Vonage number was...guess it has been a long time since I had to call it or give it out. It read an hour ahead, I guess it is still stuck on sending Eastern Time. Guess the still go by the timezone for the areacode of the number associated with it, rather than the timezone in my account profile. That's annoying.

Broadvoice doesn't seem to have updated for DST :(

I then updated the important clock...the clock on my coffee maker and put on coffee, and then back off to updating other clocks around home. It was also good to see that my Palm Tungsten T had updated....though hotsync'ng is a problem. DST change always seems to reset everything in my calendar...and this time was worse than usual. I blame Microsoft Outlook. Though I did run the timezone tool, though it was a bit weird...since Outlook is not my default mail client...its my calendar and contact tool. I suppose I should do something about this setup....especially since I have too many different calendars now. Plus, I haven't figured out where I'm at in my PDA replacement project. The Palm Tungsten T is pretty much only calendaring for me now....anyhoo.... The DST change also causes the backupbuddy to backup everything fresh again...which makes the first sync really long and painful.

The Blackberry sync seemed to have issues...but it was problem me trying to do it while the Palm sync was still going on. It worked fine later.

But, it was off to check my ReplayTVs and other HT devices if they had the correct time. All the ReplayTVs had the correct time, I was surprised to see that my Momitsu V880N was also right....and it was good that the Cox HD DVR was also right, because when I looked at it last night...the guide was wrong. But, the lack of new programming for the first few days might seem intentional :?:

As usual, since I was here...I checked the lamp timer on my Samsung HLN4365W1....5255 hours. Had noticed that it seems to be having more trouble turning on that usual, but it is still working. Hopefully the spare bulb I have works, when that time comes. OTOH, I see that 50" units are now thin enough that they should fit into my stand....and 1080p might be nice. Though I'll probably wait until the spare bulb is then they should perfect LED based RPTVs :>> Plus I might be willing to update my furniture to allow an even bigger screen &#59;D

I'm sure I've missed other clocks (at home)....but I think I'm done.

Wonder if I want to wander out and see if the outside world is right....namely it has been over a week since I've done groceries....

Hmmm, the server time for this blog is off my an hour....guess I'll have to do it manually? :P


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Third Times the Charm


Coolmax 3.5" Black - Aluminum USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure

Actually, it might be more than that....

Recently, I've been in the market for a new USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure...actually two of them.

As part of my backup strategy, I had purchased two Maxtor One Touch II 300GB units. The USB/Firewire model, since my preferred attachment method was for Firewire. But, they kept disappearing every time I rebooted my computer and it was really annoying.

I tried switching to USB 2.0, but this didn't solve the problem.

Some blog I had come across detailed the dissasembly of the drives, and that gave the idea of moving drive internals into a different enclosure. At the time my preference was for external enclosures that didn't use a seperate brick (I still would've preferred this), and I still wanted to maybe use Firewire again. So, I got a pair of such enclosures from eBay and was in business.

It would consistently show up after reboots, so everything was great.... until I moved last summer.

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