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  06:31:56 am, by The Dreamer   , 110 words  
Categories: Home Theatre

This morning's impulse buy....


Got another instock notification from Radio Shack for Accurian HomePlug Digital Audio Transmitter, so I rushed over and immediately tried to order it (along with a receiver).

The order seemed to go maybe I'll have this sometime next week.

Didn't get speaker stands though....its on my list, but I felt to rushed to browse what Radio Shack had to offer to decide on what to get. Plus I was sure there was a different venue I had been shopping for other reasons....

Hopefully this'll work better in my home situation than the Amphony 5.8GHz wireless. Wonder if this means I'll dig out my 5.8Ghz cordless phone again?


  09:38:12 pm, by The Dreamer   , 142 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Wireless/iPhone, Networking Blog > BlackBerry OS X Tethering Bounty Winner: Daniel Pasco!


Well, this has been occupying a large part of my free time with my BlackBerry 8703e....and I'm not having much luck with it.

Though, I've also been mucking around with GoogleTalk and Yahoo! Messenger on the Blackberry...and getting the same on my MacBookPro. I now have GoogleTalk identities on all 4 computers: work desktop, work laptop, home computer and Blackberry....guess that leaves out my home laptop, but at this point it probably won't travel anymore (and it lives in the same room as my main home desktop). The work laptop probably gives me another year to put of its upgrade (it was due last year).

The other minor thing...I'm been playing with the Sodoku on my Blackberry. I don't really need the distraction from work, etc...but having it on my new toy, kind of drawn me in.... &#59;D


  03:47:53 pm, by The Dreamer   , 485 words  
Categories: Software, Wireless/iPhone, PDA

Blackberry "Switch Device Wizard" is flawed

I think I have my Blackberry 8703e working again after it got all messed up from trying the "Switch Device Wizard" of the 4.2 Desktop Manager.

The wizard sucks all the information off of my old Blackberry fine...but it doesn't wisely figure out what should and shouldn't get pushed onto my new Blackberry.

I was hoping to save my option preferences...though they changed all the names of the included sound files, so it was kind of limited usefulness. Though losing all my bookmarks is kind of a pain.

It did figure out that the 3rdparty apps on my 7100t weren't compatible for the 8703e, and refused to put these on.

But, it blinding replaced other important things in my service books. Ignoring that my old device is T-Mobile and my new device is Sprint. So T-Mobile service books probably won't work on Sprint's network....

Basically, I resorted to invoking the security option to wipe my blackberry, and cross my fingers that Sprint will OTA put it all back right.

The only thing I can't remember...was there ever a PHONE application on the blackberry? There isn't one now...and it just seems strange. Now it does have the annoying default where pressing keys from home can dial calls. But, it is the first thing I turned off after the reset...and now I'm trying to figure out what key will get me back....

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  10:41:38 am, by The Dreamer   , 23 words  
Categories: General, Stuff

Chinese cookbot arrives, you are now obsolete


Now I can have chinese food at home?

Though I've been meaning to check out getting it delivered using


  09:05:27 pm, by The Dreamer   , 114 words  
Categories: Stuff, Wireless/iPhone

DVD Rewinder


It's least I think it is....I'm too tired to open the box and look at it tonight....:yawn:

Plus its intended as a gift....

Meanwhile....I'm taking a chance and upgrading my Blackberry Desktop Manager to version 4.2, with the intent to later try out the "Switch Device Wizard".

Though it doesn't seem happy....perhaps because there is no corresponding 4.2 verison on my handheld...and I don't think such a version exists yet. According to Sprint my device is current (and its a lower number than my T-Mobile device, though the Desktop Manager was already newer than it).

Plus preliminary doesn't appear that Oracle Calendar will sync with my Blackberry....


  10:18:27 pm, by The Dreamer   , 321 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone

Sprint Blackberry 8703e - 2

It is here....

But, I'm tired.... :yawn: So, I don't know how much play I'll get in....

Hmmm, Sprint messed up my order :..(

I ordered it with the 29.99 Fair & Flexible and the 39.99 unlimited Blackberry Data Pack. And, the online special offer was for free shipping and no activation. Also the online sales person talked me into placing the order that day, rather than shop offering an additional $50 invoice credit.

Well, the bill that came with my phone....charges for 1 day plus a month of Fair & Flexible. No Blackberry services. I got the free shipping (though it took considerably more than the 4 business days...from October 1st) to actually get it. They didn't email that the order had shipped until Octoer 6th...and then said it would be up to 4 business days from that point for me to receive it. The charges were for October 6th, and the billing cycle of October 7th to November 6th.

The other oddity....the order completion and the enclosed invoice both said my phone was activated and locked....and gave different unlock codes. But, the phone wasn't locked.

I decided to call *2 and try to ask about the issues.... :yawn:

Well, the person explained that it'll be 1 or 2 additional billing cycles before I'll get the 'credit' of no activation fee for ordering online :**: And, she couldn't find any record of my having orded Blackberry service for my Blackberry. :??: But, she added it....though I see no sign of it on my phone yet.

The main thing is that I want to see if I can get an Email set up.....though I'll probably defer all the other customization activity to the weekend.

The only good thing so far, is that they did get me a local number. So, as soon as all my data and preferences are migrated from my T-Mobile Blackberry....I'm going to cancel that.

Meanwhile....time to sleep. :zz:


  12:56:19 pm, by The Dreamer   , 157 words  
Categories: General

Spammers and Telemarketters....

...are getting more annoying....

For months I'd get these spam messages that alledged I visited their website and requested the information that I'm getting....but you could tell from the incorrect information contained (and the bogus IP) that it was still spam.

Though I guess I didn't realize that it was bot spam....they could be legit sites, but somebody is filling out their forms with my information to get them to send me spam.

Now some of these websites claim that they are calling me, because I filled out a form on their website asking them to harrass me. :##

They are complaining that they have resorted to calling me, because the address and email address that I alledgely provided to request information is incorrect.

I sure hope the FTC and its DoNotCall list will accept the complaint and make these dumb companies wise up that being a victim doesn't give them the right to victimize me. :>

  11:16:22 am, by The Dreamer   , 824 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer


Today, I noticed that I could've/should've ordered this battery last Monday.

On Monday there was another momentary drop in power...and everything connected to my CPS700AVR rebooted. Guess it is time to replace the battery in this I went to see what kind of battery it needed, etc.

It shows as an SLA-12V7-F2, so I ordered one from my usual favourite vendor of BatteryMart - $11.95. While I was there, I decided to order batteries for the other dead UPS (thinking that I'd later move some stuff over to it to help improve runtime)....that one calls for 2 SLA-HC1225W's...though I've been ordering the SLA-HC1228W's, which are the same size but higher capacity.

Didn't occur to me that there might be an equivalent for the CPS700AVR, but today I found that there's a 9AH equivalent to the original 7.5AH.

Oh well, I guess I'll put it down on the list for the next time I replace the battery in the CPS700AVR.

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  07:59:38 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1018 words  
Categories: General, VoIP, Networking

I answered the damn phone

One of my phone numbers had been acting kind of weird lately....this morning I decided to investigate. It was my BroadVoice VoIP line which I have configured for simulring to my landline. I also have my Vonage number set for simulring to my landline. This was largely for historical reasons.

When I was using the D-Link DPH-540 WiFi phone with BroadVoice, I wanted my landline to get the calls....because the phone was kind of iffy. So iffy, that I have shelved the $250 piece of junk and gotten a different adapter to do phone with the service at home. Though that isn't without its problems.

Later in trying to resolve DSL issues, I had moved the cordless phone from my Vonage adapter to my I could be calling from the problem landline while talking to phone repair. So because that meant there was no phone attached to the Vonage box at all....

Well, those calls were completing because the landline seemed to be sucking those calls into a blackhole.

So, I tried calling ring and then noise. Tried again...same thing. One more time....same thing. Then I looked at the VoIP activity logs and found that I was paying for calls that were being routed to the landline (I only get 100 minutes a month, and I do more than that just talking to my I should probably upgrade to unlimited, but it currently isn't over that threshold). But, the landline never rang or anything.

So, I walked over to the landline phone (a basic AT&T line powered phone...since the main reason I have landline, is so I will have something in the event of a power outage....or something 'reliable' to call 911 on). No dial-tone...just noise. Though the DSL is working fine.

So, I log a trouble report...which wasn't easy. I first went online to do it...and at the last step it said it couldn't process my request online and that I would need to call.

Calling the repair number....routed me to a hold queue....where they kept telling me in the recording that I should be using their website to log my trouble report. Umm, that's what I tried first!

Finally got through to somebody....quickly rattled off that I not an idiot....but left out that I'm a Professional (Electrical) Engineer and I already did numerous internal wiring checks (though I couldn't find my buttset, which probably gives me the excuse to get a DSL safe one to replace it &#59;) And, they said somebody would be out by 6pm to look into things...but since I'm not paying them their special service fee to cover my inside wiring, there would be a charge for the service call if the problem is on my end. Didn't I just tell them that I already know the problem is on their side.

Well, I wasn't gonna wait around to see them show up....I already missed half a day on Monday, when they finally responded to my DSL trouble ticket. Where they knocked and said they were here and would look around outside and get back to me. Later I noticed they were gone and I didn't hear from them ever again. If it weren't for the 12-month contract, I'd cancel the DSL....and I'd strongly be thinking of going landline free again. (Hopefully, my new Sprint phone will appear soon and it'll have a local number, etc.....unlike my T-Mobile line where I asked to have the number changed to a local number...and they only got as close as being in the same area code.... for a small city of population ~3300... But, T-Mobile was glad to charge me for changing my number....and my old number was gone forever and any additional changes would result in the same change fee again....oh they finally said, that they are currently out of local numbers.)

Anyways....I came home, eventually remembered to check for dial tone....and went about my evening....

Until the phone rang. I answered it....though I guess I was kind of expecting an automated message from AT&T telling me that they had completed the repair (sometimes I get one, sometimes I don't....though I'm supposed to get some kind of work completion indication...and there were times I got the message even though they didn't actually complete anything. Like when I first got service...they turned it on, but didn't feel it necessary to connect my home to their system...and it took a major effort to convince them that they needed to send somebody to connect the wires, instead of assuming that a remote circuit test was sufficient and any lack of service at my end was a problem on my side....even though I told them that there was nothing connected to the wires sticking out of the side of the building.) I guess this is what happens when the phone company turns into a monopoly again. They broke up AT&T so that one of the pieces spawned from it could buy up all the pieces and eventually buy up AT&T and become AT&T again? wasn't an automated message...but somebody looking for a Brian. I told him he had a wrong number....and then it was just apology or acknowledgement. Some people.

At least it wasn't a Sunday 6am call for somebody looking for some hotel....or some 3am call, because some girl is giving out my phone number at bars. The last ones are worse, because the guys won't accept that they have a bad number...

The rest of the time...its people calling for money....while they are worthwhile does make me wonder how they got my name, address and phone number...I don't want incoming calls on the line (I'm thinking of turning the ringer off again). Obviously the answer is that the phone company sold my personal information to them.

Not sure who I'm angrier at in this case.....


  10:51:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 405 words  
Categories: General

Blood Drive at K-State

Forgot to mention that the next day I came across a table in the K-State Student Union where they were taking signups for donation times and/or volunteering.

So I scheduled an appointment for 1pm, today (October 3rd).

Meanwhile...yesterday I got 2 phone calls (at least two that left voicemails) asking me to come in and donate.

Today...I got 3 voicemails to come donate blood. All to my old Dublin, Ohio number with Vonage....namely because that's the number I was giving out when I first moved here (since I had it forwarded to my cellphone and didn't yet have any local services). I'll probably cancel my Vonage account sometime this month....because this is probably the only exception for calls that I do want to get....the rest are job offers which continue to pour in, and most of them are the nuisance ones that aren't even close to what I did or do for a living.'s donation was somewhat more entertaining....though I shouldn't be taking pleasure in other people having a bad experience giving blood. Though it takes me back to when I first gave blood at the University of Calgary....while my first time was uneventful...there were a few 'interesting' experiences in subsequent donations.

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