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Blood Drive at K-State

Forgot to mention that the next day I came across a table in the K-State Student Union where they were taking signups for donation times and/or volunteering.

So I scheduled an appointment for 1pm, today (October 3rd).

Meanwhile...yesterday I got 2 phone calls (at least two that left voicemails) asking me to come in and donate.

Today...I got 3 voicemails to come donate blood. All to my old Dublin, Ohio number with Vonage....namely because that's the number I was giving out when I first moved here (since I had it forwarded to my cellphone and didn't yet have any local services). I'll probably cancel my Vonage account sometime this month....because this is probably the only exception for calls that I do want to get....the rest are job offers which continue to pour in, and most of them are the nuisance ones that aren't even close to what I did or do for a living.'s donation was somewhat more entertaining....though I shouldn't be taking pleasure in other people having a bad experience giving blood. Though it takes me back to when I first gave blood at the University of Calgary....while my first time was uneventful...there were a few 'interesting' experiences in subsequent donations.

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