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  12:00:16 am, by The Dreamer   , 70 words  
Categories: Stuff, PDA

Rotring Quattro Executive Stylus Retirement


It is time to retire this wretched pen. >:-[

I almost never use it as a stylus, and the ink pens skips terribly....and, it isn't all the pratical when I need a pencil.

Not sure what I want....pretty much I just need a write anywhere pen that fits my holster.

Might go with a Fisher....such as this one. &#59;D except that they don't seem to make it anymore.... :`(


  07:30:21 am, by The Dreamer   , 92 words  
Categories: General, Computer

Still Behind

While, I accomplished stuff this Labor Day weekend....there is one thing I wanted to do, but still haven't done.

That is to get all caught up on my email....I'm currently running some 1200 'filtered' emails behind (over 2 weeks).

'filtered' meaning spam and time sensitive emails removed....though its mostly portfolio tracking and news & weather emails that are the time sensitive ones that are removed. Order tracking and Customer Support emails are harder to pick out since I don't get a consistent flood of them....

Someday I'll get back on track.....|-|


  09:43:33 am, by The Dreamer   , 195 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer

It should be a no brainer, but....

The backup of my laptop has reached the point where it now requires 2 tapes. And, it has been on my list to get new tapes to keep both backup setups happy.

But, I seem to have this deliema.

Do I buy a new tape drive and different tapes...and probably a new SCSI controller...for more money than I have (and will likely be able to come up with during the remainder of this year, and still meet other objectives U-( ).... Or just buy more DLT IV's.

The reason this seems hard, is the other day in an unrelated search on eBay...I saw what kind of price I might be able to score an LTO drive. 100GB per tape is still an improvement from my current 35GB per tape.

Doing this will free up the 'good' DLT IVs from the other setup to my laptop backup setup.

It however doesn't address the fact that I have 3 other systems, largely running with no backups...with significantly more data at risk.

Perhaps I need to get a network backup system of some sort. :lalala:

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  09:08:38 pm, by The Dreamer   , 298 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking, WiFi

Once was in the last box.

...the last piece of the backup my laptop puzzle, was to find the tapes. And, eventually I did find them in the last box.... |-|

Though it wasn't too bad, since I found other stuff along the way that I either put into use or set aside knowing that I would get to it next.

However, it did distract me from a couple of bigger projects that I just keep putting off, but really ought stop.

To further the distraction.....while on the quest, I was also defragging my laptop and updating some packages on it...I decided to do a net survey.

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  06:26:24 pm, by The Dreamer   , 348 words  
Categories: Stuff, Computer

Higher capacity NiMH AA Batteries

I'm current rooting around among my boxes again...looking for the pieces necessary to do a backup of my laptop computer. Haven't done one since I moved, and would be nice to get one done before I next take my laptop out of my home.

While digging around, I found my old Siemens Gigaset 2410....decided I would see if it would work until the multi-handset unit I have coming arrives.

This was an okay phone....I used to have it on my office phone, thinking that it would be handy to deal with calls away from my in the computer room. But, it never actually got used. I suppose the nice thing about its design was that it took regular AA batteries. It came with NiCd, but I had long ago replaced them with NiMH....1600mAh ones. And, it was adequate for how I used it.

But, since the batteries had gone completely dead while in storage, I thought that maybe I'd go looking for my higher capacity NiMH batteries for it instead.

I found a nice matched pair of 2300 mAh LaCrosse charger had them as 2.25 and 2.26 Ah....except they wouldn't fit. But, these are AA batteries....aren't all supposed to be the same?

Well, evidently in the quest to cram more juice into the same diameter/length package...they decided to cheat by making the positive terminal shorter. And, the Siemens phone has a goof proof holder that expects the positive terminal to be of the 'correct' length, etc. Oh well, hopefully the old batteries still work.

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  08:27:39 am, by The Dreamer   , 378 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Computer

Retrospect and NTBackup don't get along....

For quite some unknown amount of time, I've been having trouble with NTBackup...because I just have a single DLT7000 drive, it requires many tapes to do a backup...and unless I keep a close eye on keeping it fed, the backup may or may not complete if left waiting too long.

Namely, overnight. :zz:

Very annoying having to restart the whole backup from the beginning and refeed tapes that had just been backed up to the day before, etc.

Recently, I started trying to figure out what happens....finally I noticed that the Removable Storage Manager Service had stopped, and more importantly that it was stopped by something at 1:35am.

I hunted around for services that run at night, but didn't see any scheduled tasks or reference that would suggest that Diskeeper's "Set It And Forget It" would be the issue.

Finally, it occurred to me that Retrospect is also running on my system doing disk-to-disk backups....sure enough, it set to run 3-4 times a week at 1:35am.

Most weeks it is 3 times for regular backups, and 1 time every few weeks it does a recycle. Too bad Retrospect isn't smart enough to manage what storage is available to it. You'd think it having two 300GB drives and my system only being a 120GB and a 250GB drive, that it wouldn't eventually run out of space.

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  09:18:56 pm, by The Dreamer   , 248 words  
Categories: General, Cable HD DVR, HDTV

Looks like we're getting FOX-HD

Though it doesn't show up on Zap2it yet, and my HD-DVR says "Temporarily not available" for it (but it is saying that for all the 'basic' HD channels)....OTOH, when I tune to it on the HD is bring up HBO-HD instead.

The HD-DVR, on the other hand, is saying that I'm not subscribed when I tune to HBO-HD...but I am subscribed, because it works on the HD Converter (I'm subscribed to 3 out of 4 of the premiums...only because of the pricing was the same price to get 3, as it would be to get just Showtime. Though I'm still questioning the move, since the only reason I got Showtime....was for "Dead Like Me"....though I later did watch some of "Huff". But, now I'm just paying for it....)

Can't say that it (FOX-HD) shows up on the Cox says it is part of the HD lineup (but then adds a disclaimer that not all channels are available in all areas). And, asking the site to show the actual TV listings for my is using Zap2It as the provider.

I was just thinking that I it was going to suck with out Fox in HD....even though at my old location, it was only OTA...but having just watched the season premiere of is harder than I expected to not be watching it in HD.

Oh well...for some reason I'm really tired already..... :yawn:

  07:26:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 71 words  
Categories: General

Cox has a strange idea on customer service.

I did it again....I believed the customer service person. :oops:

Every time in the past that I've called, and they would say that they needed to do something and would call me back. The never do.

So, when I called about my HD DVR, the person said he would call me back in 15 minutes.

Well, 90 minutes have gone by...and I don't think I'll ever hear back from Cox. :no:

  05:42:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 194 words  
Categories: Stuff, ReplayTV, Cable HD DVR

Got a DCT-6412 from Cox

Well, I managed to get a person on the phone at FedEx and eventually convinced the person to move me up the chain to get the delivery matter properly resolved.

Interesting that delivery status/exception gives "Topeka, KS" as location, but after getting the delivery to happen....they show the successful delivery in "Manhattan, KS". Kind of a big difference there.

Anyways, it was the HD DVR that I ordered from Cox. Interesting that having it delivered, really does mean having it delivered....

Hooked it up, and that's about it. It won't let me watch anything above basic services, even though I'm paying for almost everything. No guide data, etc. either. Hopefully, its just because I received the box sooner than they said I was scheduled to receive it.

The other cable box seems to work fine, and all I did was hook this box to the unused output of the 4-way splitter that is on my end of the service.

Though maybe I wonder if I should check the cable box....not like I've looked at its menus since I hooked it up to my ReplayTV.... |-| Okay, there is data on that box....

  03:23:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 169 words  
Categories: General

I might be a little bit angry right now!


I canceled my plans for today, and have been waiting at home for a FedEx delivery all day.

I have a Yahoo! Widget monitoring its progress, when it updated to show an exception.

It cames an attempt was made at 3:03pm (about 15 minutes ago)....but I've been here the whole time.

There is no attempt notice outside.

And the stupid voice menu at FedEx won't let just talk to somebody, have to guess the right command to get a person.

I just checked, and my door bell is working fine too.

I doubt the fact that it has been raining most of the day or that today is the first K-State Football game couldn't possibly have anything bearing in why no actual delivery was attempted :??:

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