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  11:34:02 am, by The Dreamer   , 908 words  
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Oops, that was fast.

I had started the quest to research what cordless phone I would get to replace my current 5.8Ghz one, since it doesn't get along with the Amphony 1520.

I had kind of narrowed it down to a 2.4Ghz phone that I had come across on eBay, a Uniden DCT646-3. Well, I bought it. )-o

At first I was questing for a 900MHz phone...but there doesn't seem to be much (or any) in the way of *NEW* digital (DSS) 900Mhz phones. Making it even harder to find one with the features that I would want. Namely handset speaker phone, multi-handset capable or included, VMWI, CID.

I know that 2.4GHz and WiFi don't get along...but consensus is that WiFi doesn't prevent a 2.4Ghz phone from working and the 2.4GHz phone only causes performance degradation to the WiFi. And, in the congested 2.4GHz that is life in a condo, near apartments, near a major is kind of something I'm stuck with. Plus it is still my plan at some point to replace the bridge portion of my WiFi network with something else.

Like the phone demarc is in the room where the DSL modem is, and the condo is wired with maybe I'll put the DSL modem directly on the incoming line? And, use the condo's CAT5 for networking. Though my Living Room is laid out wrong for this to really work right now...and no plans to move the main computer to the other bedroom. But, if I did move the computer, than it could be a definite possibility. Or the condo's CAT5 would only link the Living Room to the 'computer' room. And, I would keep WiFi for the stuff in the LivingRoom. On the basis that they are close enough to I still want WiFi for my DPH-540 and my laptop(s).

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  09:25:34 am, by The Dreamer   , 215 words  
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Amphony 1520 vs Cordless Phone

Well, rethinking things....short term I have decided that the Amphony 1520 wins...and done away with my cordless phone. It only inconveniences me when I need to make an outgoing call....and I...well, I don't like incoming calls :lalala:

I'm in the process of revamping my VoIP setup anyways (probably gonna drop Vonage and/or Lingo)...and it is the cordless setup that is on Vonage. And, at the moment...nothing on Lingo. Difference is that Lingo has 785 area code (but not Manhattan), while Vonage doesn't have the area code at all. The current BroadVoice is via the D-Link DPH-540, so that's 'cordless'. Though the battery life is poor and it doesn't use a cradle charger. I might replace one or both of the ATA VoIPs with a BroadVoice ATA...

Though how to distribute phone service around my condo is the new issue. There is distribute a bunch of different VoIP ATAs around the place...and use SimulRing to make it all seem like one. But, that is probably just too crazy :crazy:

OTOH, maybe I don't need multiple handset cordless that my main computer is in the living room. Its just that the ATA is part of my HT rack setup, so I need cordless to reach over to the computer..... :??:


  10:42:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 434 words  
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My ThinkGeek Order

Well, no real surprise as to what would be inside the box from ThinkGeek. :.

There were 4 tins.... Penguin Cinnamons

There was an LED Lantern, which for some reason seemed bigger than I expected. Though looking at the site, it seems right now. Not sure where I'll use'll be part of my collection of emergency lighting....though not sure if it will be for home or work.

Finally, there was the Amphony Model 1520.

It took a very long time to get to setting it up, because I got distracted looking for my side cutters...which I never did find >:-( I tried my teeth, but that just really hurt. And, so I had to use some other wire cutters. It was still a pain to strip, because the short little pieces had extremely elastic coating on the wires. But, I got it done and that end hooked up.

Then I proceeded to work on the receiver end. I had the speakers in place for things, but where did the speaker wire for this side go? >:( Eventually, I found them and cut some pieces....both are equal length...but for layout one is barely long enough and the other piece is overkill. Of course, it means direct wiring the surrounds is no longer an option for me.

Well, powered up the receiver....instantly a loud pop, though my speakers were going to blow up...and the kept crackling afterwards....lots of digging around, but all I can get is crackling and loud pops out of things. Lots of fiddling with the transmitter and checking the cables, etc....but no surround sound, just pops and crackles.


Finally, I looked at sources of interference...well, there's only one thing, my cordless phone. And, that was it....the Amphony wireless transmitter/receiver seems to be incapable of getting along with anything else that uses the same band. I see nothing in the way of frequency adjustment so either it is fixed or just expects to be the only thing on the band. Either way, its bust.

The only advice....from the 'Amphony' either get rid of my phone or move it away. Well, moving it to the other end of my condo was no help, and I need my phone....

Why couldn't they make the Amphony work with other 5.8GHz. Even if I got rid of my phone, there's no way to ensure that my neighbors won't get 5.8Ghz devices and mess things up.

Good thing I didn't pay the extra $100 for the Amphony Model 1550.

I don't know what I'm going to do for rear surrounds now. :**:

  06:54:29 pm, by The Dreamer   , 130 words  
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Guess I'll be waiting at home all day Saturday....

Don't know why...but I sure hope it is for something good.

Found a FedEx door tag on my door, but I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what package I'm waiting for.

FedEx will be by sometime between 8am and 8pm to make the delivery....and then I should probably be home in the evening, so that a co-worker can drop off the HOT phone for me to take care of over the weekend....sometime before the first game.

I had kind of hoped to do stuff tomorrow morning....hopefully before things get crazy around here. Guess I may have to put off hitting the mall for Labor Day.

Meanwhile...should go and see what the post man has brought me, and look over the package from ThinkGeek.


  08:38:23 am, by The Dreamer   , 562 words  
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Getting a Cable HD-DVR....

When I got out of the shower this morning....I guess I was in there a lot longer than I thought. I found it was after 8am.

Remembering that when I had email customer support regarding an order for blank checks I made last month, that I hadn't received. The response was to call them and then asked me to fill out a survey on the helpfulness of their response.

Well, since I was home during the window (I haven't yet gotten around to trying the now working phone in my cubicle at work :)) )....I called and all they did was look up the info confirm my address and offer to send me another book of checks. Hopefully these will materialize, etc. |-|

Meanwhile, I since I was hope and using the phone....I thought I would give Cox a call, since it had been more than 24 hours since they promised that I would get a response within 24 hours. (digging through my email backlog....1000+ of manually filtered emails [meaning spam and date sensitive material, removed]) I saw that I had previously gotten a response email from them, also promising a response within 24 hours....but no actual response (since that's among the date sensitive stuff I look for, though not so much the received receipt...)

Anyways....after getting a hold of a person...I had to keep repeating that I wanted an HD-DVR and not to take anyway any of the stuff I'm already paying them for. Finally, he accepted that I really did want to add an HD-DVR to my current subscription and not remove stuff.

And, not because I had threatened to do so in a previous blog entry. He didn't seem to understand why a single guy with a single TV could possibly want to watch so much stuff. Though I'm starting to wonder if I can still watch all this stuff. But, I suppose if I spent less time at work or doing work from home....I would be able to resume my habit.

Plus the new fall season is starting to pile on....

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  09:38:22 am, by The Dreamer   , 203 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Cable HD DVR, DVDs / NetFlix

Didn't I order an HD-DVR

I thought I ordered an HD-DVR a while back to add to my current Cox cable setup. Because I seem to be missing this year's US Open Tennis coverage....

Though I don't actually know when I would watch it....though that is kind of the point of having a DVR &#59;D

Because of the long stretch of having no TV, and settling into a new pattern/routine that is not TV centric....I am watching significantly less TV than I think I have ever done since I turned on a TV for the first time in my life.

Probably a good thing given the nasty things those people seem to think TV is supposed to be for (a means to force us to watch commercials...rather than derive enjoyment). Though it means I have this huge investment in electronics that isn't getting much use.

And, I just ordered the digital wireless audio transmitter/receiver (Amphony Model 1520), which may even arrive in time for the long weekend. So, I'll finally have rear surrounds again....hasn't been that enjoyable listening to anything without them.

At least I'll be able to get back into watching DVDs, and use my NetFlix subscription that has been idling.... )-o


  07:15:56 pm, by The Dreamer   , 102 words  
Categories: PlanUSA/Childreach

Migration Happens


Today, I got 'sad' news again from Plan USA. :?

Sonila and her family have moved to another community, which is not served by Plan, in search of better economic opportunities (better rain). I'm wishing her and her family the best for the future.

IIRC, she had aspired to be a doctor, I hope this (or whatever she aspires to) will happen.

The "Cancellation" report goes on to discuss one of the principles they try to bring forward to the area, that of "gender sensibilization". Being who I am, I guess I will seek out to sponsor another girl in the same region.


  10:18:27 pm, by The Dreamer   , 124 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, Movies

DVD: Born Into Brothels


I rated this 4 stars.


This is the second installment of MOG (Movies on the Grass, outside of the Hale Library at K-State - Movies with a conscience).

Normally, I don't watch much in the way of documentaries...but since due to weather this was indoors and I had come out for the pre-show entertainment, and now didn't feel like walking back home. I stayed.

I'm glad I did.

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  10:35:17 am, by The Dreamer   , 263 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone, PDA

When and What Blackberry....

Further late night investigation seems to indicate that a version of the 8700 will be available in CDMA soon. 8702?

So, should I wait for this?

How long can I endure without a local phone number? Or how long can I endure without a blackberry? Though there was also the part where I thought about having two personal wireless voice and one blackberry. Though I'm starting to have too many different gadgets to contend with.

Especially when my week with the HOT phone rolls around.

But, I'm still not ready for Palm & Phone convergence. I'm still eyeballing the Tx, but I still haven't made that move yet. Because pretty much the only thing that I use is DateBk5.

I usually acquire new phones around the end of October....hopefully I'll retain this pattern? End of October being around when my birthday is &#59;D

Though I've also seen rumors that the next 8700 series is targetted for iDen....hopefully, the CDMA will actually be first (or at the same time). Since I'm pretty sure of the choices I would prefer a Sprint or AllTel, rather than a Nextel. I have no idea what the coverage is like for Nextel, and I don't know anybody (at work) that uses them....which might be an indication.

Hopefully not Verizon Wireless....who I had jumped ship from before T-Mobile and who isn't available in this new area (seems it is AllTel that is the equivalent company). Of course, more and more, it seems cell phone companies aren't into customer service. So, maybe if I stop expecting it.....

  12:22:41 am, by The Dreamer   , 159 words  
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Blackberry Addiction.

Maybe I was premature on saying that I would give up Blackberry, because of my current problems with T-Mobile (and not being able to get Cingular).

Looking at the other phones that are out there....I just can't see myself using such devices. Feels like I'm cutting something off of me. Even though they do offer other bells and whistles....but I don't have much need for a camera in a cellphone (especially the crummy res., etc....and I'm rarely with out a digital camera... &#59;) ). And, have seemingly less interest in MP3 or watching TV by cellphone.

Though other than the 8700, which Blackberry's purport to play WAV file attachments? Since, that's one thing my current blackberry doesn't do....and it would be nice since my home phone has the option to forward its voicemail's as a WAV attachment....

Maybe I'll just have to settle for a 7130e.... :|

OTOH, the other model that will do WAV files is the 7100i....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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