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  11:04:11 pm, by The Dreamer   , 168 words  
Categories: General, Computer, Movies

Movie: The Break-Up


I rated this movie 4 stars.


Though I'm not really sure if it is classified as a movie or a DVD. I saw it for $1 at the K-State Student Union.

And, it had been reformatted to 4:3 aspect. But, I thought the DVD wasn't gonna drop until October....

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  01:17:35 pm, by The Dreamer   , 15 words  
Categories: Stuff

Pyranna - plastic package opener


Oooh...somebody has made something to solve a peeve I've had... :idea:

I want one!


  09:30:47 pm, by The Dreamer   , 100 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone, Travel, VoIP, WiFi

DPH-540 Talk Time

Well, just had my first long-ish phone was actually short at only 21 minutes. The battery guage is one line from empty.

But, since cell reception at work went from non-existent to full-5 bars....I guess I don't the WiFi phone for that, in fact I'm wondering if I still need it at all.

Especially since, I'll be doing less travel in the near future because of those darn terrorists. >:-(

Meanwhile, because my cell works at work now....I guess I should call T-Mobile and see about getting a local number. :o

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  11:40:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 145 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, Movies

DVD: North Country


I rated this 4 stars.


I actually watched this DVD on a somewhat bigger screen at MOG (Movies on the Grass, outside of the Hale Library at K-State - Movies with a conscience). &#59;D

I'm pretty sure nobody saw me crying.... )-o

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  09:54:47 am, by The Dreamer   , 102 words  
Categories: Stuff, Hardware, Computer

Obnoxious Bright LEDs

Forgot to mention one thing I already don't like about the Dymo Labelwriter 400.

It has an obnoxiously bright blue light on the front.

Seems to be a new trend in technology...blinding bright LEDs on the front of the device, to force you to resort to hiding the technology from public view.

The other recent example. My new Sun Ultra 20 workstation at work. While it is green. It is annoyingly bright, which means it can't be used as a desktop workstation (unless I point it in some less convenient direction).

Time to see where that roll of gaffer tape has gone to.....


  09:32:44 am, by The Dreamer   , 191 words  
Categories: General

A Gel Handle Umbrella....

Link: sitting in my trashcan.

It seemed like a nice thing to have when I got it, last year...but I've hardly used it and now the automatic feature has jammed, such that it is neither closed nor open. Just junk. :##

They don't seem to make them like they used to anymore.

Now I'm back to carrying my old compact/automatic umbrella....I forget where I got it from, but I think it was early in Medicine Hat, or maybe even when I was still living in that puts over 10 years old. Granted I didn't use it that much back then, but it got regular use once I moved to Dublin, Ohio....

Not sure if I'm in the market for additional umbrellas now. Might be good to have one to keep at the office now, and an extra for home. Though I do have a non-automatic compact umbrella from ShedRain somewhere. Which used to be my carry around with me everywhere one. Though I guess I kind of like the 'automatic' part. Though the old automatic is 'open' only, while the gel filled handle one was 'open/close' type.


  08:33:48 am, by The Dreamer   , 151 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer

Dymo LabelWriter 400

About a year ago I bought this LabelWriter, because my old EL60 had died in a power outage.

Today, I needed to mail a letter and I didn't feel like wasting the expense of repackaging (etc. :roll:) it and sending it by priority mail, because that is what my LabelWriter 320 has in it. And, I don't yet know where my netstamps sheets have disappeared to.

It was pretty straightforward on the setup...though it updated the driver to my LW320 while it was at it, so I have to do some extra reconfiguration to get things back the way I have things. And, during that step, my machine locked up so I had to reboot...and then do the reconfiguration by remote.... :P

It was still somewhat expensive to mail the item....since if I had my netstamp sheets, I could've printed postcard rate instead of the full firstclass rate.....:oops:


  07:14:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 226 words  
Categories: Software, Networking

MRTG and QoS


Well, since I made the switch from PRTG to MRTG....this has resulted in being able to monitor more stuff about my router. And, cope with the fact that I have two of them on my home network.

It has been interesting learning about the additional stuff that I can monitor, though it hasn't been all good.

I found that with Alchemy (though apparently not with Talisman), I can monitor the amount of traffic in the different QoS levels.

However, it only shows incoming traffic in the given QoS levels....and not the more interesting (to me) outgoing traffic.

The graphs are kind of misleading too....because like IVS traffic....I do mostly sends (and I wanted to see that the sends don't interfer with my VoIP traffic)...but the most of the recorded activity is at the Premium level. This is because I put SYN,ACK,NAK,FIN type packets at the Premium level. But, the bulk data is at the Bulk level.

Don't know if there is anything else better for firmware that will do this, and I don't know if I did find something if it would be enough to get me to upgrade. The main thing is that my router basically does what I need it to do...right now. So, there's no compelling reason to break something that is working. &#59;D


  06:45:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 113 words  
Categories: VoIP, WiFi

More issues with DPH-540

Found some more issues I have with this phone.

Seems that closing the phone doesn't mean hang up like other flip phones that I have used, so have to make sure I press end when I'm done.... :roll:

And, it doesn't have speakerphone function....something all my other phones can do. :`(

Also, found an oddity....I wanted to look at its settings via its web interface, but it kept saying locked by SIP provider setup. Which didn't make any sense, since I own the device and I'm using Broadvoice's BYOD plan.

Turned out that because the phone hadn't been left at 'home' state (it was showing the Phonebook screen) that it was 'locked'. :?

  05:18:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 421 words  
Categories: Stuff, iPod

Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Headphones

For quite some time I've been using noise canceling headphones on my iPod, and I find it hard to enjoy my tunes without them. Except, that I've been wearing the on ear type...and my ears get pretty sore after a day of listening to tunes.... :..(

I've been meaning to get a pair of over ear types....though they are pretty pricy and then I learned that I was going to get laid off. So, it dropped off my radar.

But, now that I'm working a nice cold basement near the door to the data center, I once again thought that I should get around to investing in a nice pair. Especially that day where they had the door propped open and fans blowing....

Then while I was catching up on my email, I spotted that Sony was changing its MySony rewards program. And, they were offering a one time coupon of $25 an option to its 10:1 points conversion. I have so few points that it translates to even less cash, so $25 was a big deal. So, I lept at the chance to get it.

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