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Black Friday and

Black Friday started early because of

I had take Wednesday off from work, because I needed to. And, I had thought that I might need to use it to wait for UPS to show up. But, UPS hadn't showed up when I got home Tuesday night...and somewhere after 7pm they showed up with my delivery.

I took delivery of a Ricardo Beverly Hills Capistrano Lite Free Wheelers 29-inch Two Compartment Vertical Pullman, Iris Purple. Should complement the 21-inch version that I got for my trip to OLF. Plus I had tweeted that my old pullman was starting to look sad....

And, while I was waiting at home on Tuesday, I happened by, and saw that they were starting Black Friday already. They had the Leatherman Micra for $12.99. Don't know what its usual price, but it was lowered for a limited time (right now it shows up as $16.46).

It was very tempting, but at first I was going to resist. Even though I could use some new tool gadget in my pocket since I was missing. But, a quick look at my shopping cart and my wishlist, and my planned purchase list. I saw that I had down to get another Tea Wand as a present, but I hadn't actually ordered a new one yet. So, I added that to my cart and put that order through.

2-day Prime delivery would put that sometime on Friday. I didn't really want to venture out to the mall on Black Friday, so I went ahead and ordered it.

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Air Cleaner Shuffle

I bought a new air cleaner.....

The Kenmore EnviroSense™ True HEPA Air Cleaner - Model 85500

I had been researching getting a new air cleaner, though I probably still pulled the trigger on this too soon. It looked similar to what I was looking for....though it doesn't have all the features that I was looking for.

But, there has been a odor problem in my condo...smells from the condo below getting into mine. So, I've been looking at units suggested as capable of helping with this issue.

Before this, I had 3 air purifiers....two Oreck XL Professionals (refurbs, one from and the other from and a Brookstone Pure-Ion (the older, small grill, big tower one). The Orecks have been working good at dust and such, but not sure about odor control. But, I've had one in the bedroom and one in the 'computer' room. Though the 'computer' room is the quieter one...the bedroom has a bit of a rattle somewhere. I've been thinking of switching the two.

The Brookstone Pure-Ion seems to have been a waste of money. The clean filter light comes on way to often, and nothing washes off of the filters. Also sometime ago the oscillate feature had become an issue....sometimes it won't move, other times it'll go all the way around instead of back and forth. Though other times it'll start working again. I seldom use that feature anymore.

So, the shuffle...has moved the Oreck air purifier from the 'computer' room out into the living room (where I have replaced its carbon filter with a 3-in-1 Odor Absorber.) Moved the bedroom Oreck to the 'computer room'....putting in a new carbon filter (when I use up my supply, I may look into getting a 3-in-1 Odor Absorber for this one as well).

That puts the new air cleaner in my bedroom.

It seems to do its job...though the lighted display is way too bright and annoying, and I seemed to recall reading that a different model had a light sensor to dim the display in a dark room (also make it automatically switch to quieter operation). So, I may yet seek out this one.

It'll still work, later I can move the Kenmore to the other bedroom (which is storage now, but some day I plan to clear out enough to make it usable space. Thinking I might set up the 'shack' in this room.)

In the meantime, I'm looking for somewhere to put it where it'll function...but shine away from my bed and against light absorbing surface (or not against a light intensifying surface), but still be workable by its remote. Or perhaps some duct tape or something may come into play. :??:


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Oh no...I've ruined my coffee maker

Last night I was loading the dishwashwer....and popped in the brew basket and brew cup of my Cuisinart SS-1. The manual says these items are top rack safe, and that's where I put them.

The brew cup came out fine.

But, the brew basket turned black....and the black transfers to anything it touches. >:-(

Wonder if I can buy just the brew basket somewhere (online)? :**:

Wonder if the new "Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs w/Bleach Hydroclean Action" that I'm using for the first time...instead of my normal "Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs in Citrus Breeze". :??:


  02:06:54 pm, by The Dreamer   , 100 words  
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Stuff learned on the Cusinart SS-1

In further use/experimentation, I learned that I need to clean the plunger once in a while. Had water coming out of the sides....corrected by cleaning it. :oops:

3 scoops is not enough to make a 16oz cup, it is barely acceptable for a 12oz cup. And, 5 scoops is not enough to make a 16oz cup and 12oz cup. Guess I'll be burning through my coffee at a faster rate than I was with my old coffeemaker.

The basket is easier to empty out, if I pull it out after I'm done and let the grounds dry a bit first.


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Cuisinart Cup-O-Matic Single Serve Coffeemaker

Well, I've had the Cuisinart SS-1 for a week now.

While, I still have my old coffeemaker on the counter....I think the Cup-o-matic is now my regular coffeemaker.

I put the coffeemaker on my kitchen table by the light switch. Because, as I found, I need clear access to the top to access the water tank...either to pull it off or to fill in place.

And, the location straightens the path from bed to computer in the morning. &#59;)

I have opted with fill in place, since that is the most convenient way to fill from my filtering pitcher. And, the location is good because water drips from the lid and on my countertop it would be hard to get behind it regularly to dry up.

For the first couple of days, I filled my coffee mug using the 12oz setting, which I found somewhat insufficient. On the weekend, experimented a bit on how to make 16oz....(12+4) or (8+8)...I've settled on (8+8) and only filling with grounds once each 16oz fill of my coffee mug. On one day I also tried using it to make seemed to work, but it probably would've gone better if I had first prepared the tea....because there was a fair bit of water bypassing the leaves for the first bit.

Now I guess I'm tweaking to figure out how many scoops of coffee I need to get my 16oz cup.

The old way, I used 4 scoops during the week and 5 scoops on weekends. Getting one fill of my cup during the week and two fills on the weekends. Even though it has been a long time since I've had coffee at work....which is probably why I feel so tired in the afternoon now. :yawn:

Now....5 scoops will get close to the Max line (without going over)....but yesterday and this morning, I tried 4 and it was still of satisfactory strength.... Not sure if I want to try making 2 16 oz cups from the grounds. But, obviously this means I'll be using my coffee up faster than the old way....which I guess means I'll have to increase the frequency that I get selections from Boca Java.

As for morning operations, it is kind of an interruption that I have to turn it on and wait for it to become ready before I can start brewing. And, then I have to wait for it to be ready again before I can finish brewing. It is also a pain that I can't just pull the 'basket' and dump the grounds into the trash....but have to find a spoon and dig the grounds out and then rinse it out.

Plus the thing is noisy and vibrates bad (my mug moves while it is brewing, so I have to watch that it doesn't stray while brewing.) And, it makes noises that make me worry about its longevity.

There is a big of a different taste from usual, but that's probably the difference between filtered and unfiltered coffee. Wonder if there's an inexpensive way to address that.... :??:

Maybe I will save up for a $5000 coffee maker (or maybe something in between, but can at least do 16oz at once and use beans...and be easier to get the grounds out afterwards)....or give in to become a pod person. :))


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Cuisinart - SS-1


For more than 2 years, possibly even longer than 3 years... I have been thinking of replacing my coffee maker.

The coffee maker I have now is a Black & Decker Spacemaker, of approximately 15-16 years. They just don't make them like this anymore...current model Black & Decker Spackmaker Coffee Makers don't compare either. Though I was leaning towards giving up my search and getting one anyways. Except the old one basically still works, just the stopper seal on the removable water tank is starting to lose its elasticity.

At first, I was looking for another drip coffee maker. More likely something in a regular paper basket type filter, because I had tried other types before and they didn't yield the same coffee experience.

The later the office got a Flavia coffee maker. This thing was was single serve machine, where I needed to use two packets on large to get close to filling my cup....but I could do more than just coffee. I could have tea, or hot chocolate or whip up work. I thought about getting one of these at home.... But, I wasn't sure if it was really something I wanted at home. The special packets wasn't something I was sure I could justify. Plus I belong to a coffee club where I'm getting coffee on a regular basis....and I occasionally indulge in coffees such as Hawaiian Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain. There was even a time where I was considering going on another cruise with a port in Jamaica, just so that I could get some more cheap Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Full story »

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Tilley Hat Update


Last summer (sometime after returning from my brother's wedding, having failed to make a trip into an actual Tilley store during the trip....due to US Airways screwing things up, in multiple ways)....I ordered my first Tilley Hat.

I got the LTM8 -- Nylamtium with Mesh, eventually I was finding that I was wearing this hat all the time. Which caused a problem because it made it hard to keep it washed, and the sweat staining was getting to be a problem/concern.

So, I blogged that maybe I would get a second Tilley Hat to solve this problem.

After I got my new washer and dryer...I was able to wash it thoroughly enough to get the sweat staining....

Then earlier this year, I pulled the trigger and bought the TH4 - Hemp Mocha. Now this has become my favorite Tilley Hat. And, the problem of not being able to wash it regularly....that problem went away when I got the new washer and dryer. Mainly the new washer.

The old washer near the end of its life, and the worn bearings and other parts were kind of noisy. Noisy enough that I had to go out to do laundry. Wonder what my neighbors thought of that.

But, the new washer is nice a quiet, and I still find myself watching it work than doing anything else while it is going. This means that I don't need a Tilley Hat on my head while one is being washed. So, I didn't really need a second Tilley Hat, but then I wouldn't have found my new favorite Tilley Hat.

Plus I get more compliments about this hat than the other one. :D

I wonder if I'd consider getting a Tilley Winter Hat or two for the other part of the season....


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New Washer and Dryer

My new Washer and Dryer arrived today.

It is so amazingly more sound of a freight train driving through the building, guess I won't need to only run it during the day when I'm not at home anymore. No more running the washer while I run errands and then hear before I get to my door that I've gotten home too soon.

It does take a longer, perhaps more so because I watched it run the first wash load.

Now, I think I need to buy more clothes so that I can run full loads....though its more about not having enough whites to last two weeks.... :P

Wonder if I can use up what's left of my stockpile of detergent before I buy HE kind.

Wonder if I'll try washing my comforter today...

My New Washer and Dryer

...well, I am trying...and can't see it through all the foam :oops:


  05:20:10 pm, by The Dreamer   , 44 words  
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Coming Soon... new washer and dryer....

I pulled the trigger and ordered it from

I'm getting the LG WM2455HW and its matching DLE5955W.

Darn the site is down at the moment....

Anyways....its done, now to wait for its delivery on January 27th.


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The latesting thing... go is my washer. It had been in rough shape since I got it, it was free. And, I always intended that after I became a home owner, I would probably buy that dream washer and dryer.

But, the cost of becoming and being a home owner was a bit steeper than I had anticipated, so I was pushing my luck and saving for the real dream washer and dryer.

Evidently, it wasn't meant to be. :..(

I came home from work today, and found that my washer wasn't where it was supposed to be. The laundry inside wasn't on the sides and was still pretty saturated. Further inspection seemed to indicate that the washer was leaking, possibly for some time.

I moved it back into place and watched it carefully as I redid the final rinse and spin....and soon there was a fresh puddle under the machine. Perhaps the leaking was a relatively recent development...but long enough to have made the mess that I had found behind it. This also means that replacing the washer is a higher priority than I would like. It'll pretty much be a shop and buy a new washer (and dryer) this weekend kind of thing.

I guess I don't need the top end in front load washer and dryer, nor having it tricked out with every option. But, still it should be a decent sized front loader with the features at least the features I know I need now.

Hmmmm..... )-o

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