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  11:12:06 am, by The Dreamer   , 125 words  
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Dishwasher Update

Well, a service person from Sears showed up to look at my dishwasher today. Kind of caught me off guard, she was hot &#59;D

But, she informed me that the pump would need to be replaced, and it would be $352 for the part. :..(

Of course, my immediate thought was to replace it....though I did think a little bit, since dishes have been piling up and .... and the idea of getting to watch her replace it :crazy:

But, I got back to replacing it and paid my $59 minimum charge for the service call and went back to work.

I had looked on for dishwasher prices, and the first question that came to me was whether to get a white or stainless steel exterior. :?:


  08:09:36 pm, by The Dreamer   , 159 words  
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I won my argument...

...but I'm sad :..(

My mother was disappointed that I didn't sink all my cash into the down payment for my condo. I only paid the minimum that was required to close. Sure, if I worked at it, I could come up with an extra 5%. And, it would reduce my monthly payment by about $45 (saving over $16k over the life of the loan....5% is a little over $6k).

But, the plan was to immediately have $5k (and by year end $6k) stashed away as my emergency fund. Perhaps even more than that down the road.....don't know what my comfort level is. Though have twice experienced lay-offs, both lasting 6 months....I should probably plan on rebuilding to this level. And, since my PITH is about 50% more than what I was paying for rent during my last stretch....

Anyways....I won my argument for having an emergency fund now rather than reduce my principal by 5%....because my dishwasher broke today. >:XX


  10:30:26 pm, by The Dreamer   , 270 words  
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Oreck Certified Factory Reconditioned Air Purifier


Well, first spring in Manhattan....allergy season must be coming soon.

Decided to go blow my tax refund and finally buy the new air purifier that I've been talking about getting.

Went for a reconditioned Oreck Air Purifier. Combination of cost and size.

It was still kind of heavy lugging home from the UPS. But, after I cleared some space in my bedroom and set it up....and then ran it on max for a while, later I could smell an improvement. But, near bed time I dropped it down to low....and then later saw the red cleaning required light was on. But, it couldn't have gotten that bad. And it didn't look dirty at all.

I cleaned it I couldn't leave it running overnight, as the cell wasn't dry yet.

Next day, almost was red again. Guess this is why its a remanufactured unit?

After some fiddling around, it seems to have an issue if the cell is pushed in all the way.

Wonder if I'll still get another one or two....

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