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A website is born

Link: http://thechens.ws

Well, I did it. I built the replacement site to http://www.chen-online.net. The site is at http://thechens.ws

The Chen's Web Site

Stumbled on the domain name, by chance....just typing Chen variations that might work as a new site, and .ws (web site) &#59;D was offered as an available suggestion. After mulling it over for a while...and then finding 'cause to move lhaven.net, I threw in the order for the new domain while I was at it.

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Technorati embed claim

There was griping today at work about how long it takes to load a page in a blog....~15 seconds is too long.

So, I got home and wondered how long does it take to fully load my site? ~30 seconds.

Though I thought that was a reasonable amount of time. Most of the page is fully rendered, its just some strange bits doing stuff behind the scenes.

I knocked out the Twitter widget...that shaved off ~10 seconds.

I then kept poking around....finally I knocked out the Technorati embedded code that I put to claim ownership of my own blog. Now it only takes 3-5 seconds for the main page to load.

Makes me think that maybe I could put the Twitter widget back, to see if the Technorati embed was making the Twitter widget code slow (since part a loaded before and part b loaded after). If only I had kept a copy of the code before I mercilessly hacked it out of my blog.

Wait...I blogged about adding the widget, so that might lead me to where the code is. Except that I tweaked the original code, and okay...I've figured out what quick kluge to make it mostly work again.

Hmm, ~5 seconds for the main page to load. Guess Technorati is out :`(

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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