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  07:28:18 pm, by The Dreamer   , 246 words  
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When I saw that Thunderbird had finally been released, at first I wasn't going to upgrade to it. Was gonna wait for the version....except that I at work I have been plagued with 1.5.0.x version crashing.

So, I upgraded the work desktop to this version to see if it would solve the crashing problems. It didn't. Worse, my theme wasn't compatible and many of my extensions didn't work.

Searching around, I found places where some of the extensions had been hacked to work...and the next day most of the other ones started appearing. And, I was mostly back in business.

One change between 1.5 and 2.0 is labels versus tags. Which impacted my message filters....largely in the import/export to synchronize between my other Thunderbird instances in accessing my work IMAP account. (perhaps somebody'll write an extension to sync the filter via the IMAP account :P )

Since it didn't solve my main issue, and not all extensions had updated....I held off updating my work laptop or my home desktop (I don't bother updating my home laptop just runs BOINC now &#59;D )

But, I started getting emails that I wanted to update filters for, and then joined another mailing list....and I'm going on a business trip soon, so I took the plunge and updated my work laptop (Mac OS X, both desktops are Windows XP). Then last night I updated my home computer.

Now if only it would stop crashing at work..... :**:


  09:27:44 pm, by The Dreamer   , 233 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, AppleTV, BOINC

Updated my laptop

and, it had been a while. I had taken it into the office, with the intent to work on a problem that I couldn't seem to solve using any of the 4 computers I have in my cubicle.

Aside from lack of updates to various parts of it....the battery in it had completed self discharged. In fact I was worried it would recharge. The days for this laptop are probably'll probably move to where I'll find a corner to stick, and leave it on all the time to throw more cycles at BOINC.

At the same time, I think I could use a laptop as a laptop. Though the old laptop is kind of showing its age....which makes it hard to use a laptop. Most of the time, I want it to do some impulse web surfing....but it takes forever to become available after being re-awakened. Even longer if I have to reboot, which seems inevitable because there'll be at least a few updates from Microsoft to make it run slow and then force me to reboot.

But, I have the work laptop...and if I were to get a new personal laptop...I seem to be leaning towards getting a better of the same (MacOSX)....and I think I want to get a desktop first....or rather that HTMac idea I've been tossing around for a long time.


  06:54:03 am, by The Dreamer   , 405 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, BOINC

New Memory Update

Third time's the charm...received another batch of memory after I was forced to escalate my claim with PayPal, because they were going to otherwise automatically close the claim (on February 9th) as resolved with the only option to keep the issue open is be escalating it.

The first time, I couldn't POST. The second time, it did...but died overnight and then was really unstable after that. So, this time I wanted to 'burn-in' for 48 hours before I would declare the memory as working.

Though there was a pretty good sign this time that it would. The first two times they were unlabeled sticks of memory, so I could only assume that they were at least close to being compatible memory for my Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2.

This third time..the memory was labeled. And, it was the same OE (and P/N series) as the original memory. In fact its an upgrade from the original memory....because these sticks were made in the US, while the original memory from Dell was made in Singapore.

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  09:21:59 pm, by The Dreamer   , 645 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer, BOINC

Finally got 2GB

I've been meaning to upgrade the memory in my main desktop.....up from its stock 1GB.

Earlier this year, on a spur of the moment I ordered 2GB of memory off of eBay for it. Only after I had paid for it, I realized that I had ordered 2GB in 4 sticks of memory rather than 2GB as 2 sticks. The difference meaning that I could then only upgrade my desktop to 2GB of total memory instead of a bit more.

Though when I was planning the upgrade, I was only planning to take it to 2GB total anyways. But, things have a way of growing to consume all available memory.

In fact, right now....having had the extra memory for only mere memory reading is fluctuating between 500-700MB. Though I do have BOINC running in the background (instead of the normal, only when idle).

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  07:52:43 am, by The Dreamer   , 333 words  
Categories: Software, BOINC

Norton Antivirus 2007 (and 2006)

Probably without too much surprise, I opted to purchase the Norton Antivirus 2007 that I've been trying on my main computer.

Even though I haven't worked out all the kinks, I would once again stick with this. That'll be the 3rd time I've purchased Norton Antivirus for this computer. First time I bought the trial that was bundled with the machine (NAV2003)...but the version was kind of hinky with SP2, and it didn't get along with BOINC....the autoprotect would consume 25% of my CPU when BOINC was active...and I wanted BOINC to get 100% of the available idle CPU.

I then tried exploring other packages....even purchased a copy of McAfee. But, in the end I purchased NAV2005.

After the year was up, I was unemployed...but starting a new job, where they had a site license that allowed the corporate version of NAV to be installed on all (work and personal) computers. So, I ran this version. But, the University switched from NAV to TrendMicro. And, the Trend caused a lot of problems (still does, but policy only requires its use on computers that connect directly to the campus network), so I went looking for other packages for my personal computers.

And, now I'm back to NAV2007.

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  06:57:39 pm, by The Dreamer   , 700 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking, BOINC

Recent Memory Upgrades

Recently, I upgraded the memory in both of my Linux machines.

It started, because due to my network changes, I had new services I needed to run on my already overworked Windows 2000 machine. Namely, I added WallWatcher(and WW2DShield) and DirectUpdate.

Since this machine is i815 based, and has its maximum 512MB installed...and thrashes quite regularly....I decided to dump PRTG from it and go to running MRTG on one of my Linux boxes. Not really sure I know why I had put off running MRTG for so long, etc. Just lazy I suppose.

Thinking that this was going to put a strain on the machine, and since it was on my list to upgrade its memory...I went onto eBay and tracked down another 512MB to stick into this machine. That arrived on Tuesday and brought the machine happily up to 1GB of RAM.

Though MRTG didn't really put that much strain on the memory, so I didn't really need it. Though as another move to reduce memory stress on my Windows box. I turned off TV Listings for the Windows DVArchive instance, and run it on my Linux instance. I pretty much use that feature to get daily emails on potential conflicts. Though it seems to have a bug of telling me about conflicts that don't exist.

Like if the show airs twice on one 7pm and 11pm...and I record the 7pm first run episodes each week only on that day at 7pm. It'll tell me that 11pm show conflicts with some other show that I am recording. Of course, I knew that....that's why its scheduled the way that it is. But, that's just a minor thing. Better to have the information than not.

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  08:42:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 508 words  
Categories: Software, Computer, BOINC

PageFile fustration


Ever since I started running Yahoo! Widgets and lots of widgets, memory has been really tight on my system. And, early on I got the low VM warning. So I had bumped my pagefile settings to 3 times memory.

Today, I got back into processing shows into DVDs, and I got the low VM warning again. Scratching my head....I went to bump the pagefile settings again....except I noticed that it wasn't using my settings.

After dozen or so reboots and various other hair pulling....I decided to plug yet more key words into Google to see if it would shed some light. Never would of guessed that it was a really old problem and that it was related to the Norton AntiVirus 2004 that I have on my computer.

But, this was it:

He was using Norton AntiVirus 2004 (version The computer where I noticed this problem was also using NAV 2004. After a few days, he noted that the "fix" is still holding. Specifically, turning "Auto-Protect -> Advanced -> Load Auto-Protect during system boot" on and off is sufficient to re-introduce and then to clear the bug (the failure to honor page file changes across a reboot).

Now I have a pagefile of 4095MB....should be plenty of VM. Though someday I'll up the machine to 2GB of memory. No immediate plans to upgrade yet. Probably gonna wait until Vista before I do, if I do....

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  09:57:54 pm, by The Dreamer   , 222 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking, BOINC, RoadRunner

My new 'box'

Well, got it set up, and everything seems to be good, once I did a quick reconfigure of some of the hardware. Namely the network adapter. Though I can't really fully test it, because as luck would have is the 6th of the month.....which means my RoadRunner service is out.

I don't know what it is, but my service is more likely to go out around this day than at any other time. By some strange coincidence it is also when the bill is due. Of course, I can't do much, because no RoadRunner...means I can't access my bank account nor call Time Warner. :`(

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  12:26:10 pm, by The Dreamer   , 74 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer, Networking, BOINC

'box' is here....

...and while there are no IVS transfers in progress, so in theory I could do a quick swap with little impact.

I do have a couple of phone interviews scheduled for later this afternoon, where a problem in the swap might cause I guess I'll delay doing things until after those. Plus it'll give the computer a chance to warm up.... :P

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  10:22:47 am, by The Dreamer   , 604 words  
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Upcoming 'box' upgrade

According to UPS, an IBM NetVista off-lease refurb Celeron 1.8Ghz with 256MB/40GB/CDRW/NO-OS machine that I ordered to replace my current 'box' will arrive on Monday. The old 'box' was an off-lease from a state auction (via eBay) Celeron 433MHz with 128MB/6.4GB/CDROM/NO-OS box....


Meanwhile, it just occurred to me...that after the upgrade, this Linux machine known as 'box' will move from being my slowest BOINC minion to 2nd or 3rd place....well, there's only 4 minions.

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