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  11:14:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 270 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, AppleTV, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, Cox HSI

AppleTV HD Streaming

I was bored and playing around with my AppleTV, I'm way behind on my video podcast viewing...but there's only so much I can take in at once.

So, I was playing around with other parts of it, and looked at Trailers. Finally saw the Star Trek trailer. I tried it in HD format. And, it keep stopping to buffer. But, watching SD format trailers were okay. Maybe Cox can't deliver the consistent speed I need for HD streaming, wonder if this'll be a problem when NetFlix HD streaming comes to my TiVo HD....except that the TiVo's are on DSL. Though I had contemplated flipping them over.

Later I was looking at my MRTG graphs, and saw that once again the transfers were considered Bulk. Guess I should set QoS marking for the AppleTV to Express. We'll see if that makes a difference next time.

I was kind of hoping that NetFlix Instant viewing would be available on my TiVo's this long weekend, but I guess it'll be sometime next month. Wonder if I'll have time off to inflict damage of watching too much NetFlix during the Xmas break &#59;D

I thought of asking to borrow a NetFlix instant viewing device again, but now see that there's a limit of device activations that I can have on my account. And, I've already burned one. And, I think the plan is to activate both my TiVo HD's, so that I don't have to think of which one I'm on when the urge strikes. Even though, of course, they are both right next to each other and connected to the same display :P


  10:02:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 98 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, AT&T DSL

Netflix: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: Special Edition


I rated this 3 stars.


This is the first show I've watched using NetFlix Instant, it was okay. The lack of subtitles was kind of annoying, and it was difficult to reverse. There was only one spot where the picture broke up.

Pretty good considering that QoS on my router flagged it as a bulk transfer and gave it the Bulk priority.

I'll make a note to increase QoS priority to Express for when I have my own Instant View devices. Namely, the anticipated ability to use my TiVo HD's for NetFlix Instant Viewing.


  06:25:55 am, by The Dreamer   , 149 words  
Categories: AT&T DSL

Another blip in the DSL upgrade

It is day two of the latest DSL upgrade. No change in sync rate, since its already reached the upgraded rate. But, DSLreports spectrum analysis gives somewhat more room on the downstream. Guess that'll ensure a stable connection.

Downstream Maxrate (Estimated): 6708
Upstream Maxrate (Estimated): 952

Bit tones with notches/missing bits:

bit(s) 38:43   		163.875   - 189.75    KHz
bit(s) 49      		211.3125  - 215.625   KHz
bit(s) 59:60   		254.4375  - 263.0625  KHz
bit(s) 67:68   		288.9375  - 297.5625  KHz
bit(s) 88:90   		379.5     - 392.4375  KHz
bit(s) 92      		396.75    - 401.0625  KHz
bit(s) 100:104 		431.25    - 452.8125  KHz
bit(s) 106     		457.125   - 461.4375  KHz
bit(s) 118     		508.875   - 513.1875  KHz
bit(s) 120     		517.5     - 521.8125  KHz
bit(s) 133:137 		573.5625  - 595.125   KHz
bit(s) 147:150 		633.9375  - 651.1875  KHz
bit(s) 162     		698.625   - 702.9375  KHz
bit(s) 169     		728.8125  - 733.125   KHz
bit(s) 172     		741.75    - 746.0625  KHz
bit(s) 176:186 		759       - 806.4375  KHz
bit(s) 190:191 		819.375   - 828       KHz
bit(s) 197     		849.5625  - 853.875   KHz
bit(s) 199:200 		858.1875  - 866.8125  KHz
bit(s) 203:212 		875.4375  - 918.5625  KHz
bit(s) 218:219 		940.125   - 948.75    KHz
bit(s) 228:255 		983.25    - 1104      KHz

No change in Line Attenuation, but S/N Margin is now ~8.5


  06:28:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 169 words  
Categories: AT&T DSL

Surprise, I got it all this morning.

Woke up this morning, and checked my DSL modem.

At around 5:20am, my DSL upgraded.

The Sync Rate is now 6016/768 (Line Attn jumped from 48.5 to 49.5 and S/N went from ~12 to ~7.5).

Looks like I get it all, and they upgraded the line to such that it can just down the downstream and little bit more for the upstream.

Here's my Cacti graphs on the matter:

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  07:16:48 am, by The Dreamer   , 657 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, DVDs / NetFlix, Blu-Ray, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, AT&T DSL

Time to upgrade my DSL again

Last time I pulled the trigger on upgrading my DSL, I was just hoping to get them to bring me up to the speed I had been paying for (originally they said I could only get 1.5m/384k, and they did deliver that for the first month....when after a storm they then locked me down at 768/384. And, no amount of calling or emails, would make them think to let me back up.)

When I had last looked, both tiers were offered...but I was pessimistic, so I only ordered the 3.0m/512k tier. But, since sync rate is almost always this rate now....and DSLreports tools suggests that 768k upstream is possible. And, should be able to get another 1-1.5m on the downstream. I had started wondering if I shouldn't have gone for the higher speed.

Then the Roku NetFlix player was announced, and that seemed like something I would want to have. Which would make the need for more speed that much more desirable.

So, I had drafted a plan to get the NetFlix player last month and upgrade my DSL last month. Only as time went on, and reviews of the NetFlix player came interest faded. The lack of subtitles or CC capability in the player is a big negative.

Especially since I've been catching up on my TV recordings, and the big thing I miss is that they weren't recorded with CC enabled. Of course, I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that some of the people behind ReplayTV are now behind Roku. Though to be fair, part of the lack of CC on my ReplayTV recordings is the transition to digital....

Anyways...I was online today to check my account information....couldn't remember if I had seen the bill or not. Decided to go ahead and order the upgrade to see how close to 6.0m/768k they can actually deliver.

I'm more likely to be holding out for the LG/NetFlix combo device now....than the Roku. Even though the LG device is apparently no more capable than the Roku for NetFlix. But, I've been wanting Blu-Ray since the beginning, and now that its the might be time to finally pull the trigger on that. Guess it'll depend on whether NetFlix streaming improves....and whether I see enough Blu-Ray now to justify it.

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  07:02:31 pm, by The Dreamer   , 56 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, AT&T DSL

I may have jumped the gun....

....but I've already assigned/reserved an IP (in DNS & DHCP) for my NetFlix player and updated the QoS rules on my router to give this IP a boost in priority.

I will very likely place the order later this month...but I probably won't pull the trigger on ordering faster DSL service until next month.


  02:34:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 212 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, DVDs / NetFlix, AT&T DSL

Netflix Ready Devices


Roku has a set top box for Netflix instant watching. I've been neglecting my Netflix subscription, because the selections I have out right now don't match my current mood....but I don't want to send them back unwatched.

Though a couple of the selections were ones that were my mood at the time I was reordering my queue. Since at least one of them could've been instant viewed....perhaps this is what I should've had then.

Guess I need to acquire more HDMI to DVI cables....since it looks like I'm going to acquire more devices in the future and they'll only have HDMI outputs...though at the rate I'm going...I might use up all 5 inputs of my DVI switcher.

One question I had was whether the Roku box does video up conversion....or whether there might be other devices down the road. But, reading the details...sounds like I may have to order the speed upgrade on my DSL service sooner than later.

While it says a minimum recommends at least 4.0Mbps for high quality video and audio. I think I can get that out of AT&T, but I'd have to upgrade to the next tier to see.

Wonder what happens when they get HD content....


  09:25:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 154 words  
Categories: AT&T DSL

DSL Upgrade is Final?

It was last week that I ordered the upgrade of my 1.5m/384k DSL service to the next tier. Even though two tiers up were offered.

I was previously only getting a sync rate of 768k/384k for the 1.5m/384k service that I have been paying for about the last 22 months. For a few days when I first got the service, I was getting the full speed....but then it went away, and numerous calls (and various changes in my condo) didn't yield any improvement.

But, in the 3-5 business days for the upgrade...they now have me at (a sync rate of) 3.0m/512k, as ordered. Perhaps next year when get my annual increase, I'll consider pulling the trigger on trying to get 6.0m/768k. Should be able to get the upstream rate, and hopefully there'll be some further improvement on downstream.

Here are the DSL modem graphs for the last week:


  06:50:36 am, by The Dreamer   , 157 words  
Categories: Computer, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, AT&T DSL

Another day in the DSL upgrade

Starting to look like 6.0/768 might be a real possibility for my DSL connection.

This morning (around 3am) another bump in speed. Sync rate is now 3008/512. No noticeable change in SN Margin, but Line Attenuation has gone up by another db.

DSLReport's Spectrum Tool shows an estimated downstream rate of 4660 now.

I may really look at moving more over to it now. Think I'll move the TiVo HD....though now that Amazon Unbox is going to have HD content, that might mean that I really should be looking at the 6.0/768 tier.

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  07:06:50 am, by The Dreamer   , 169 words  
Categories: AT&T DSL

Another day, and more DSL speed improvement

Since it is still within the 3-5 business days for upgrade order completion, I guess they will continue to slowly inch up my speed and improve my line. Starting to make me really think that I should've gone for the 6.0/768 tier, since it looks like they might even be able to achieve acceptable levels for that.

This morning, the sync speed jumped to 2496/512 (from 1984/512). The latest DMT Spectrum plot gives an estimated downstream of 4044 (with estimated upstream at 818). And, cacti shows a slight improvement in SN margin, with no change in line attenuation.

Perhaps I'll revisit 6.0/768 in a couple of months.

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