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One pretty annoying aspect of my Blackberry 8703e, is its lack of battery life.

With my old 7100t and its original CS1's (800mAh)....I could get ~2.5 days of lite usage (with auto off periods). Something I tried to do when I went off on a two-night trip and forgot the USB cable.

The new 8703e uses the CS2's (1000mAh)...but I'm lucky if I get a day of no usage out it....often I be close to running out before the day is my usage is probably considered lighter compared to most people.

Plus lately, I've been waking up to find the phone has discharged itself down to 3 bars. Some weird problem when it is connected by USB to my computer, auto-offs from midnight to 5am.... It has been weird with this phone, etc. ever since I got it. With this kind of handicap....there is no way I can make it to the end of work.... Worse are the mornings where it is in the redzone at the start.

Have to disconnect/reconnect to convince it charge again. And, I've been making sure that it is 'charging' when I dock it at night. So, it is probably a bug in the software on this unit.

Sure, I could maybe discontinue use of the auto-off timer...though it isn't a risk I'm ready to take silence during my 5 hours a sleep is a desirable thing....

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  10:50:40 am, by The Dreamer   , 76 words  
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BlackBerry DST 2007 Patch


It slipped my mind that I would need to patch my Blackberry for the upcoming DST change. Perhaps because it is only a few months old.

I suppose I should update my old Blackberry...even though I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Can't quite get around to selling it, even though a unlocked 7100t should go easily....

Wonder what else I've forgotten about that'll need or won't cope with the DST change....:??:


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MacBookPro Bluetooth Tethered to 8703e


Yay...the Pulse Gateway Server is finally available...barely in time to get it going before I start my holiday travel next week.

The free server they've been providing is slated the ceases the day after my holiday travel starts....


Well, first thing I did was try to get it going on my home Linux box ('box').....but the silly thing clears iptables and only sets its definitions. And, 'box' has a very complicated iptables rules setup already, etc.

After lots of fiddling, it was time to go to I put that aside.

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  09:06:48 am, by The Dreamer   , 155 words  
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Pulse Bluetooth Dialup Networking Service


One thing I've missed since making the switch from my T-Mobile BlackBerry 7100t to my Sprint BlackBerry 8703e, is being able to use it as a modem.

So, I've been trying to do this...but so far not much luck. And since I now use a MacBookPro, I've been trying to do it both as a USB tethered and via Bluetooth.

But, now using this...I have the ability to connect to the Internet should I find myself somewhere without regular connectivity.

Did a quick mobile speed test, and clocked a respectible 56kbps.

Just need to figure out where I'm going to put the proxy server piece and then I'll have the option of getting online when I travel over the holidays.

I might even get better speed when I travel....Sprint's network isn't all that great around Manhattan, KS. Probably worse, given that I'm at work...where I'm not on their network at all.


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Good Bye T-Mobile

Well, I called T-Mobile and cancelled my service.

They asked me why....a little matter about asking for a local number and being charged to get a non-local one. The cancellation person noted that I made the request on August 22nd...more than two months ago. He asked if he could get me a local number at no additional charge, would I stay.

Ummm, I've already been going back and forth with CSRs on the subject and now that I've given up on waiting for them to make good on this...he's gonna try? Too late...I already found a new provider and have a local number.

At least he understood that having a number in the same area code doesn't equal a local call.


  10:10:20 am, by The Dreamer   , 235 words  
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Blackberry Email format annoyance

Well, I solved it....turns out it was one character that was preventing my BlackBerry from sending plaintext emails.

The vain people at BlackBerry/RIM had changed their tagline on the signatures to default to having an ® in it. Which is not a plain text character, which makes the entire message MIME'd. Removing it, makes it send plain text again.

Now if the inspiration hits...I can email to this blog from my BlackBerry....which is one of the big reasons, I wasn't ready to give up my addiction when I was shopping around for a new device. In fact, I wanted to upgrade to where it was even easier to serve....

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  09:38:12 pm, by The Dreamer   , 142 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Wireless/iPhone, Networking Blog > BlackBerry OS X Tethering Bounty Winner: Daniel Pasco!


Well, this has been occupying a large part of my free time with my BlackBerry 8703e....and I'm not having much luck with it.

Though, I've also been mucking around with GoogleTalk and Yahoo! Messenger on the Blackberry...and getting the same on my MacBookPro. I now have GoogleTalk identities on all 4 computers: work desktop, work laptop, home computer and Blackberry....guess that leaves out my home laptop, but at this point it probably won't travel anymore (and it lives in the same room as my main home desktop). The work laptop probably gives me another year to put of its upgrade (it was due last year).

The other minor thing...I'm been playing with the Sodoku on my Blackberry. I don't really need the distraction from work, etc...but having it on my new toy, kind of drawn me in.... &#59;D


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Blackberry "Switch Device Wizard" is flawed

I think I have my Blackberry 8703e working again after it got all messed up from trying the "Switch Device Wizard" of the 4.2 Desktop Manager.

The wizard sucks all the information off of my old Blackberry fine...but it doesn't wisely figure out what should and shouldn't get pushed onto my new Blackberry.

I was hoping to save my option preferences...though they changed all the names of the included sound files, so it was kind of limited usefulness. Though losing all my bookmarks is kind of a pain.

It did figure out that the 3rdparty apps on my 7100t weren't compatible for the 8703e, and refused to put these on.

But, it blinding replaced other important things in my service books. Ignoring that my old device is T-Mobile and my new device is Sprint. So T-Mobile service books probably won't work on Sprint's network....

Basically, I resorted to invoking the security option to wipe my blackberry, and cross my fingers that Sprint will OTA put it all back right.

The only thing I can't remember...was there ever a PHONE application on the blackberry? There isn't one now...and it just seems strange. Now it does have the annoying default where pressing keys from home can dial calls. But, it is the first thing I turned off after the reset...and now I'm trying to figure out what key will get me back....

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DVD Rewinder


It's least I think it is....I'm too tired to open the box and look at it tonight....:yawn:

Plus its intended as a gift....

Meanwhile....I'm taking a chance and upgrading my Blackberry Desktop Manager to version 4.2, with the intent to later try out the "Switch Device Wizard".

Though it doesn't seem happy....perhaps because there is no corresponding 4.2 verison on my handheld...and I don't think such a version exists yet. According to Sprint my device is current (and its a lower number than my T-Mobile device, though the Desktop Manager was already newer than it).

Plus preliminary doesn't appear that Oracle Calendar will sync with my Blackberry....


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Sprint Blackberry 8703e - 2

It is here....

But, I'm tired.... :yawn: So, I don't know how much play I'll get in....

Hmmm, Sprint messed up my order :..(

I ordered it with the 29.99 Fair & Flexible and the 39.99 unlimited Blackberry Data Pack. And, the online special offer was for free shipping and no activation. Also the online sales person talked me into placing the order that day, rather than shop offering an additional $50 invoice credit.

Well, the bill that came with my phone....charges for 1 day plus a month of Fair & Flexible. No Blackberry services. I got the free shipping (though it took considerably more than the 4 business days...from October 1st) to actually get it. They didn't email that the order had shipped until Octoer 6th...and then said it would be up to 4 business days from that point for me to receive it. The charges were for October 6th, and the billing cycle of October 7th to November 6th.

The other oddity....the order completion and the enclosed invoice both said my phone was activated and locked....and gave different unlock codes. But, the phone wasn't locked.

I decided to call *2 and try to ask about the issues.... :yawn:

Well, the person explained that it'll be 1 or 2 additional billing cycles before I'll get the 'credit' of no activation fee for ordering online :**: And, she couldn't find any record of my having orded Blackberry service for my Blackberry. :??: But, she added it....though I see no sign of it on my phone yet.

The main thing is that I want to see if I can get an Email set up.....though I'll probably defer all the other customization activity to the weekend.

The only good thing so far, is that they did get me a local number. So, as soon as all my data and preferences are migrated from my T-Mobile Blackberry....I'm going to cancel that.

Meanwhile....time to sleep. :zz:

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