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Introducing Najma....


The latest child that I'm sponsoring through Childreach/Plan USA....

Najma in Nepal
She's in Nepal.


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Migration Happens


Today, I got 'sad' news again from Plan USA. :?

Sonila and her family have moved to another community, which is not served by Plan, in search of better economic opportunities (better rain). I'm wishing her and her family the best for the future.

IIRC, she had aspired to be a doctor, I hope this (or whatever she aspires to) will happen.

The "Cancellation" report goes on to discuss one of the principles they try to bring forward to the area, that of "gender sensibilization". Being who I am, I guess I will seek out to sponsor another girl in the same region.


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Another letter from Sonila


the girl I'm sponsoring through Childreach/PlanUSA. :>>

Apparently, she has already received the 'birthday' present that I bought for her....even though it isn't until February :?:

I suppose I should probably write to her again, though I haven't really been in the mood to write since I found out that I'm losing my job. Though there is that worry factor that I might not be able to continue to sponsor her should things change.

Namely, should I have to move back to Canada or something.

Full story »


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Childreach Update


Got news today....I'm now sponsoring a girl named Sonila who lives in Tirana, Albania.


Now to figure out what I should write as my first letter to her....

Sonila in Albania


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Plan USA: Home of Childreach Sponsorship


I should try to keep up on reading my non-bill mail better. Today, I found an old envelope from Plan USA.

It informs me that Magdarena Peter T., the child that I've been sponsoring has moved out of the sponsored community. So, time to find a new child to sponsor.

Wonder who she'll be..... :wave:


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Asia Tsunami Relief Donations

I think I'll allocate $100 for this. :wave:

So far I've given to:

$25 to Asia Tsunami Relief - Donate Now - World Vision

$25 to Plan USA - Asia Tsunami Relief

$25 to Amazon Honor System - American Red Cross Disaster Relief

Now I need to find one more site.

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