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DVD: Ghost Rider


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Where's LG?

Even though, I had said yesterday that it was pretty much just a question of when...rather than will I...on getting the NetFlix Set-Top device. It occurred to me today that I thought LG was working on a device as well. And, then reading the various RSS feeds I get, started working if a NetFlix only Set-Top box was really thing thing to get. It would probably be cooler if it did more than just NetFlix, but I'm still leaning away from sticking a Windows box into my Home Theater.

If I were to stick a box in, it would be a Mac fact that's another question of when than will I. I'm leaning towards this fall, to where I've decided to not put off getting a new Windows computer until perhaps the next Windows release (assuming I'm still stuck with a few Windows apps that won't move). An iMac to become my main desktop computer is starting to look like a possibility....

We'll ignore that the when will I question for the Mac Mini has been burning on my mind for over 3 years now..... :lalala:

I guess I might wait a little bit longer on getting a NetFlix device (instead of the original plan of pulling the trigger sometime after I get back from the upcoming training trip I'll be going on for work).

Though there is the question of what kind of box NetFlix streaming would get incorporated into. Or if LG (or other company) will just come out with alternative NetFlix only devices. Because, I pretty much have no interest in getting a set-top box that does more than just NetFlix....if the extra stuff it does, just duplicates functions I already have.


I guess I'm more interested in whether there'll be quality or upconversion enhancements in rival offerings.


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Netflix Ready Devices


Roku has a set top box for Netflix instant watching. I've been neglecting my Netflix subscription, because the selections I have out right now don't match my current mood....but I don't want to send them back unwatched.

Though a couple of the selections were ones that were my mood at the time I was reordering my queue. Since at least one of them could've been instant viewed....perhaps this is what I should've had then.

Guess I need to acquire more HDMI to DVI cables....since it looks like I'm going to acquire more devices in the future and they'll only have HDMI outputs...though at the rate I'm going...I might use up all 5 inputs of my DVI switcher.

One question I had was whether the Roku box does video up conversion....or whether there might be other devices down the road. But, reading the details...sounds like I may have to order the speed upgrade on my DSL service sooner than later.

While it says a minimum recommends at least 4.0Mbps for high quality video and audio. I think I can get that out of AT&T, but I'd have to upgrade to the next tier to see.

Wonder what happens when they get HD content....


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DVD: Mr. Bean's Holiday


Of what I managed to watch...I rated 1 star.







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