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Select Comfort Update

I had sent an email to customer support at Select Comfort at 12:32 am (12/30)....

This afternoon (1/2) I got a reply that a replacement wired pump is coming by UPS within the next 10 business days.

Which is probably good, because it has stopped working again.

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Winsome Wood End Table/Night Stand with Door and Shelf, Natural


I've been meaning to get a proper night stand for the other side of my bed for some time...but it wasn't until I became pressed for space due to the addition of a CPAP machine, that I got around to actually buying one.

So, now that I was rushed...I opted to order one online from, that was Amazon Prime eligible (so I could get it quickly) and that was affordable and appeared functional and somewhat attractive.

Well, this night stand turned out to be somewhat flimsier than I had expected, but I probably would've known if I had taken the time to read the reviews on the different options that I was considering. OTOH, there was only one other choice fitting the constraints and it was quite a big more expensive... though it was rated 3.5 stars from two reviews (versus 2.5 stars from 10 reviews).

The other problem with it was that the predrilled holes for the magnetic catch were too close together (so it was use one and not the other)...and the supplied screws popped out the other through the I had to leave the catch loose.

Otherwise, it'll do.

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First night with Heated Humidifier

Last night was my first night with the heated was kind of mixed night.

It went on so well, that I wasn't sure it was even working. Other than that I would've had difficulty breathing with the CPAP off, it certainly didn't feel like it was on the same way before the humidifier. Guess the lack of cold dry against the inside of my nose confused me.

So, I spent the first part of the night feeling for the air flow, and then wondering if I was feeling the right air flow. Didn't need ramp (at this stage). However, there was more noise from things last night...I guess its just the added sound of the air going through the humidifier now. Though it might also be that I put the machine in a different spot, due to its added size.

But, this time I was up twice during the night.....rolling over and nearly drowning is kind of a problem. I had ordered a HoseBuddy, to help with getting tangled up in the hose during the night. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten rid of the headboard for my bed a couple of months ago.... I think I debated getting a hose cover, trying to pad my order to be over $99....which I do have one coming. But, it probably won't arrive until after this weekend, so it would mean I have to wait until the 10th to get it from the UPS Store.

Going back to sleep after the near drowning was harder....did feel the need to use ramp once.

Then when I woke up there was a 'new' smell inside my nose. Though later when I was cleaning things, I noticed a lingering smell....guess its a 'feature' of the dish soap I'm using. Guess I'll add baby shampoo or something to my (mental) shopping list. Hopefully I'll remember while grocery shopping hungry....

The fit was a little off, because I was using the medium nasal fit okay when I tried it at the Home Medical place, but I guess laying down and moving about in doesn't fit as well. Guess the large nasal pillow is what I'll stick with using for now.

I recalled a dream from last night....the annoying kind. I dreamed that I had woken up because my nose had water in it, and that I had pulled off the mask and turned off the CPAP and....then I woke up to find that I needed to actually do what I had just dreamed.


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Night 2 with the CPAP

Tried a different cushion. Didn't like it....makes different contact with my face that bothered me. RT has suggested the medium nasal pillow might be the right size for me (rather than the large that was prescribed). Think I'll try that one tonight.

Also my head was wet this morning....apparently I was sweating a bit...and the mask/pillow arrangement kept things damp.

Still rough adjusting to the pressure when I first put it on, but when I wake it just feels natural. How I sleep has changed. Though right now instead of getting up half a dozen times through the night to use the bathroom...I do all those trips during the first hour of getting into bed, but I sleep through the night. And, now no more dreaming.....

I picked up the humidifier this morning. Not sure if I can find distilled water to use in it for the first couple of nights.

Meanwhile, I had left the Select Comfort pump unplugged all day...and after I plugged it back in last night, it eventually came to life and I was able to get more air into my mattress.

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  08:52:05 am, by The Dreamer   , 613 words  
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First night with CPAP

Well, I survived. I got home late, I then called my mom and talked for a while, and then I finally started getting ready for bed.

There was a struggle trying to get comfortable and putting on the mask and such in the dark. And, it seemed like I was getting up to use the bathroom more in the first hour than I had done before. Though there have been nights before where I seem to be going every 5 minutes for the first part of the night.

Once I felt the mask was on and I had the machine going. On one hand the lack of backlight on the LCD made it hard to see how it was set, but it didn't really matter...because I could feel whether ramp was selected or not. Then it was that the blue lights of the buttons was really bright. Maybe I'll buy a night stand for the other side of the bed, and see if that works.

I soon seemed to figure out how to swallow with the mask on, and not inflate my ears. Hopefully the initial discomfort of the mask will fade once the heated humidifier shows up. It was bothersome with the cold dry air blowing on the edge of my nostrils.

Now that I'm not all wired up, I decided to try sleeping on my stomach. I often start this way (in the winter time) and then roll over to my back for the rest of the night. It was a problem finding a position on the pillow where the mask didn't shift to leak a lot. I found myself holding the mask in position with one hand as I laid this way. Eventually, I gave up and tried to find a comfortable position laying on my back.

During this part I felt the pressure of my Sleep Number bed was off, but I found that control wand to be dark and non-responsive. I tried unplugging it a few times, the pump clicked a few times when plugged back in...but the wand remained dead. >:XX It is the one annoying part of my Select Comfort bed....this time its only like 3 months old, and it hasn't fallen off the bed or anything yet. Wonder what I'm going to do now.

Then somewhere during all this I went to sleep. And, I slept until my alarm went off. It was strange, because I didn't feel like a waking dream....but then I remembered that I had a mask on my face. It didn't seem all that strange breathing wise.

I don't feel any more awake then I normally do. But, I didn't stay in bed snoozing as much as I normally do....though that could be the need to rip the mask off once the alarm switches to the beeping. And, then I didn't feel the desire to switch it back to radio and continue snoozing. Will need to work out how cleaning the mask every morning will best fit into my morning routine now.

Perhaps tonight, I'll try the cradle cushion....

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Continued Great Service


A few months ago, I noticed the problem I originally had with my Select Comfort bed had reappeared. Some missing segments on my (wired) pump remote. It had beed just about the same amount of time since I got the remanufactured pump unit for the last time I experienced this problem.

They had indicated then that they wanted the 'failing' unit to determine the cause of the problem and address it. So, I guess it isn't totally surprising that I've experienced the problem again.

Despite my continued effort to be careful with the remote, the problem has reappeared. I kind of suspect is doesn't like that occasionally the remote does slide off the edge of my bed and on to the floor. But, you'd think that I'm not the only person that this kind of occurrence happens to.

One random morning, when I was looking at an empty search box....I decided to see if there was anything out there about my problem. I got distracted reading about problems in general that people have had.

Evidently I don't fall into that group.

At first it was an intermittent miss a few segments...and they would sometimes come back and others would leave, etc. With no apparently indication of why the changes were happening. But, then a few nights ago...remembering that my back was sore that morning, I went to see what pressure my bed had changed to. Felt like it had gained about 20.

Well, I was stumped.

Only one segment was working on the display. I could tell whether the indicated number ended with a '5' or a '0'....I had to go by feel that night. As it was, I apparently hit the right number...because a couple nights later enough digits returned to tell what I had dialed up.

But, annoyed that all I could tell was whether the number ended in '5' or '0' and annoyed that my back is bothering me again...I went to fire off another customer support request to see about getting the pump replaced. I knew the bed is supposed to be a 20 year limited warranty....though I wasn't sure how things fall with the 'limited' part.

I did wait a long time to get a response, but I see that this happened the last fact I've forgotten when I sent the support request (fairly sure it was like midnight Labor day or something). So, it wasn't like forever.

But, I got the email today. They said they want to confirm my delivery address, so they can replace my pump at no cost under my warranty by UPS Ground.

The only struggle was whether to have them ship to my home address or another address to have somebody receive it for me. I opted to have it go to my home address. Shouldn't be a problem if the UPS guy has to make a second delivery attempt should I not know to expect it on a certain day. There will be other planned UPS deliveries coming up.

I sure hope that they have worked out the kinks and that this'll be the last time I deal with this problem until I buy my next Select Number bed. Which I kind of would like to be sooner than later...hint, hint, hint :))

"I'm now a 40" :wave:


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Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Recently I got a new chair at work. A Loaded Herman Miller Mirra Chair. This thing is amazing. Last night I stayed later then I had planned, because I didn't feel the urge the leave it.

I've never had a good chair at work before.

Meanwhile, I had been thinking for some time of replacing some of the seating at home....guess this means I need to step up those I won't find myself preferring to sit at work more than sit at home :))

Though it is kind of a I want to replace the seat in front of my Home Theatre....been thinking of either a Lazy-Boy or a Massage Chair....both are kind of expensive... But, so would buying a Herman Miller chair to replace my computer chair.

Leaning towards the computer chair being had been thought of as a priority for many years (13+) But, I still have the cheap $50 task chair purchased from (I'm pretty sure) Consumer Distributing....guess its like 25 years old. 88|

Plus not really sure of how I want to reorganize the living room from changing from a futon to a recliner or like. :??:


  06:40:58 am, by The Dreamer   , 573 words  
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Restwarmer Electric Mattress Pad


Last January, I had purchased an electric mattress pad from Select Comfort. Expecting it to be the right thing to go on top of my Select Comfort bed.

But, it was just a Sunbeam mattress pad. And, as I have since found other people have found it equally annoying with its connection point being on the top of the mattress pad (where my feet keep hitting it) So, I've only used it for a while before I threw it aside.

This fall, I started looking again to see whether I would be getting an electric mattress pad or an electric blanket for the season. I was getting frustrated trying to find pictures of prospective mattress pads to see where the attachment location was, to see if there were any that attached on the side rather than on top like the waste of a purchase I had done with the Sunbeam one.

It was frustrating enough that I thought about giving up the search for a mattress pad (which I think would work better for me, since I'm a back sleeper and there's things like logic....) and just settle on finding an electric blanket.

I even tried going to a few brick and mortar stores to see what they had for electric mattress pads. But, the boxes refused to show the detail of the connection point and none were open for inspection (and I didn't feel like cracking one of the glue sealed box open to find out....).

But, then I don't know where I came across a picture on the Internet (most likely that seemed to indicate that the connection point for the Restwarmer was halfway down the side....which meant that it was exactly what I wanted.

Then it was a decision on whether to get it from or JCPenney, where I had also seen it. With Amazon, I could get Prime shipping and get it at home at a predictable time. With JCPenney, I could support Make-a-Wish....though I would then have no idea when it would show up, etc.

JCPenney had it on sale, so I went that way....but then the price at Amazon came Amazon probably would've been the better way to go. Especially since I ordered in December, but didn't get it until yesterday (picked it up from the UPS store). With Amazon's price now matching JCPenney's...the free shipping (ground or prime) is far better than what I paid for ground shipping from JCPenney....and I didn't get the tracking number from JCPenny until after the item was I didn't know when to expect it.

Anyways...I only have one gripe about it....

This piece from the instruction manual is confusing:

Restwarmer Connection Setup

I set it up last night based on where the "Control with Service Information Label" was located, which is the opposite of the picture. And, ended up with the controls backwards....controlling opposite side of bed. So, this morning I switched to match the picture ignoring where the label(s) is(are).

Otherwise, so far all is good. :zz:

Though the attachment point is on the edge rather than on the is out of the way sufficiently that it doesn't cause too much discomfort at night. And, I'm not entirely sure how JCPenney can say it'll fit a mattress up to 17" thick. Especially since the manufacturer's site says only 12". Fortunately, my mattress is (only) 10" thick.


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CD Storage Rack


For a long time, I've been meaning to get a new CD storage rack of some sort. I used to have a pair of 500 CD Storage racks, which I had out grown. Plus, there weren't the most of them toppled shortly after I moved to my second apartment in Ohio.

When it became clear that I be undertaking a relocation, I decided that I would just toss the old CD racks with the plan that I would purchase new ones. Well, the new situation was less the ideal, so figuring out how and when to acquire a new CD rack and where I might put it took some time.

Recently, I got an email ad on a CD storage rack...and I started thinking that maybe it was time to see about taking the plunge. With the plan to take Columbus Day off, I went looking to see who I might order from that might be able to target as a UPS delivery on Columbus Day.

I had nearly settled on a choice, until I went to find out how much shipping was. Over $100 for ground shipping. While Googling for other sources, there was a sponsored result touting free shipping. So I ordered from them. The site gave the implication that it was a limited time offer and could take up to 2 weeks to ship. Well, it took less than that to ship and it still offers free shipping.

So, as I previously tried to arrive the Wednesday before Columbus Day, and I got UPS to defer until Columbus Day.

Well, today I finally set it up.

The hardest challenge was that I don't have free space to assembly it laying down, and wasn't designed to be assembled upright. But, I managed to get it sufficiently assembled.

Now to find the boxes with the CDs, and start loading it up.

CD Storage Rack


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Blackout Liner

Well, because the drapes didn't quite make the room dark enough, especially when the outside parking lot light is shining right onto my window. I had ended up ordering a blackout liner to see if that would solve things.

Guess I need to set the rod out further to make that work...but except for the light leakage at the sides, it is great now. The blackout liner is longer than the drapes, so it does look a little strange. But, I'm mainly about function here. &#59;D

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