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  07:07:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 329 words  
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Welcome to my new blog location


You may have gone to, and ended up here. But, you are in the right place. :wave:

I had been meaning to upgrade the blog software for a long time, the old site was running 0.9.2 of b2evolution. Which I had extensively modified its PHP code to introduce a variety of customizations. Both appearance and back office hacks. Particular in dealing with spam.

Not sure if the new version does spam as good as I had it before, but they are up to version 2.4.1 now and there are some neat things that it can do that I've been wanting to try.

When my old host (before dreamhost) decided to become unreliable (without explanation), I wasn't ready to do the work of I restored the blog onto dreamhost and went on my way. But, then dreamhost got unreliable...and I started thinking that maybe I should look at moving once again. While browsing around on, I found that was available...and having some promo codes to try out...I went ahead and registered it. I used GB1.

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  03:21:05 pm, by The Dreamer   , 29 words  
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Added Twitter to my blog....


Decided to add Twitter to my blog....figure even if nobody follows me, I'll still make updates to it now and then.

Though they might only come via twitterfeed....


  08:04:16 pm, by The Dreamer   , 54 words  
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Twitter / LawrenceChen


Yes, I joined is more to follow Cali Lewis, but it had been suggested that I join in the past.

Actually, I did try it once, but it didn't seem like my kind of thing. But, been watching episodes about it on GeekBrief/ decided to give it another twirl.



  03:50:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 85 words  
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Did my 2007 Taxes

I owe $45 to Federal and $423 to State.

TurboTax crashed once while I was starting the E-Filing process >:-( But, hopefully everything worked out right in the end.

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  01:21:36 pm, by The Dreamer   , 364 words  
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Closed my VISA card

Had been putting off closing the card for a couple of years now.... I only used it once in the last year, and pretty lightly in the preceding years, ever since I got responsible with the my use of credit.

Especially since it used to be a FirstUSA card, with an affinity to an organization that it no longer has with (and I am no longer a member of). And, even more so now that it is a Chase Visa...and I'm happy with my Chase Mastercard (and it handles almost all of my needs and has a nice reward program).

So, I called the 1-800 number for 24-hour customer service on the back today....and found that I couldn't call it from my home number (out of the calling area?) So, I had to call it from my cell phone. Then after being on hold for a while, I got an agent and canceled. They didn't give me the hassle that I had gotten when I had canceled other cards in the past. I didn't mention that the reason I don't need it anymore is that I have a Chase Mastercard....didn't have to.

Though I did use it earlier this year, when my Mastercard information had been stolen and used for fraudulent charges, and I had to redirect an online purchase I had made to go to a different card....since I hadn't gotten the info for the new Mastercard yet.

It might be disturbing that this is the second time this has happened with my Chase Mastercard (and I can't recall the last time it has happened with any other card, though I seem to recall that it has happened once before...but the only other incident that is sharp in my mind involved a Visa check card...and I never got any of that money back. And, I didn't know then that I might have been able to use it as a deduction from my taxes....).

But, for now I'm going to stay with Chase for my Mastercard....though co-workers have been suggesting that I go with Citi (and none are the one that left to go work for Citi).



  01:03:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 251 words  
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The End of A Phone Number

Today marks the end of a phone number.

When I moved to Manhattan, KS....I couldn't get a local number for my Vonage account (nor my Lingo account). I opted to cancel my Lingo account, I had mainly been using that to make calls to the UK (part of the 500 minutes a month I got) and for faxing. But, I didn't set up my fax machine after I moved and my cousin no longer lives in the UK.

But, I kept the Vonage account because it works pretty good (better than the VoIP account that does have a Manhattan, KS local number) and I still make calls to Canada regularly. The problem is I get many telemarketing calls to the number, even though its on the DNC. And, worse I still get lots of calls from headhunters....even though I had changed the voicemail greeting to even tell them to stop calling me. Of course, they don't care that leaving me a message is also costing me money....since I got the voice-to-text service. And, the job search ended over 18 months ago!

Wonder what my parents will think that my new number is in the Oxnard, CA local calling area? &#59;D

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  02:54:44 pm, by The Dreamer   , 84 words  
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FAIL: My Cholesterol is still high


Not sure why it took so long to find out, given that I had my complete physical's blood test on October 23rd. But, the results, in a letter dated, November 21st....sent from a doctor's office that is just a block from where I live....arriving on December 22nd.

Informs me that my total cholesterol is 239 :`(

The good cholesterol is low 39, and the bad cholesterol is high 171.

Guess it is time to take drugs....I think my dad is already on something for his... :**:


  06:34:12 am, by The Dreamer   , 266 words  
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K-State Closed Today Due to Ice Storm

MANHATTAN - Kansas State University's Manhattan and Salina campuses are closed today due to inclement weather and downed tree limbs on campus. Normal schedules will resume Wednesday morning.

Provost Duane Nellis, in consultation with Faculty Senate leaders, has arranged for finals scheduled during the day Tuesday to move to Saturday; and for finals scheduled Tuesday night to move to Friday night. The residence halls will remain open an extra day to allow for the Saturday finals.

"President Jon Wefald and I discussed the weather conditions, with the storm predicted to continue through today," said Tom Rawson, vice president for administration and finance. "We are concerned that tree damage and falling tree limbs could be hazardous for people walking on campus."

The safety of our students and employees is paramount, Rawson said.

Nellis said, "I am asking faculty to be as flexible as possible in making reasonable accommodation for students with Tuesday finals who would suffer hardship if they are required to change transportation plans in order to take their final."

Gary Leitnaker, assistant vice president for human resources, said employees who are involved with housing, feeding and the safety of students and campus buildings should report to work if possible. All other employees may stay home.

The only other stuff I see this morning so that most of the FM stations are noise, the bad UPS situation failed again during the night. The tape backup that was in progress stopped and COX is out. There was an interruption to DSL during the night, but its working now....

Cranking the heat and hanging out online....


  11:16:38 am, by The Dreamer   , 455 words  
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Something different for the gift giving season....


Because this year I won't be traveling to the cold for the winter holidays to see family, etc. I 've been scratching my head on what I would do for gift giving this year.

The norm would be a online gift certificate of some sort. Because of the latest thing my brother is doing, I first went looking to see if there were any Fair Trade stores in Canada where I could obtain gift certificates for from the United States. Alternatively reasonable US based ones that didn't want more than the gift certificates value to ship the goods to Canada. I didn't have any luck googling for such a place. So, I sent an email to the Fair Trade Advocacy group here at K-State, but never got a response.

Earlier in the year, I had gotten some catalog and there were a variety of donations to help around the world. At the time, the key item was a fund a traditional (shallow water) well. I joked about how we should all chip in for one. Of course, my parents could only see the value of giving as a tax deduction and since they live in Canada, it wouldn't have been one. Plus they only give $5 here and there. At the time they made a point of say they just gave $5 to fight Cancer (I've lost an aunt, and other people, to breast cancer)....I countered with the fact that I had just given $50 this year specifically to fight breast cancer. Meanwhile, my brother and his wife, who are currently in Ghana, are on the crusade against giving money to any charities.

I set the catalog aside, but when I came back to this idea, I couldn't find it again. But, then among the several pounds of mail that accumulated while I was at LISA '07 (but not the other several pounds of mail that accumulated over the same period in my box at the UPS store)...there was a World Vision Gift Catalog. Which had a variety of other gifts.

So for my brother and his wife, I've made a donation to provide Malaria prevention for 5 families: Provides anti-malaria bednets and teach parents on how to keep children safe., and for my parents a Complete fishing kit: Give a family a fishing pole, hooks, lines and a basket, to help feed children and build self-sufficiency. and Tools and training for farmers. Though in retrospect, I'm not sure the last two are totally in fitting with the theme I was going for. But, given the choices available and my gift budget....

Meanwhile, I stuck with what I originally went with, and got myself a Share of a traditional well.

Perhaps this'll be a new tradition.... &#59;D

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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