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  06:50:38 am, by The Dreamer   , 578 words  
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Working Assets Credit Card


I got a new credit card today. I applied for it a while back, but turned down in the instant online approval wasn't expecting to actually get it.

Lately, I seem to be going towards a cashless way of life. Many of the places were I spent money on a daily basis, like lunch and snacks, have streamlined paying by plastic. Like only need to swipe for lunch, no signature. Similarly for purchases under $5 when getting snacks. I was largely keeping the cash mode spending, because of But, the axe might have come when I forgot to bring a stamp with me on a recent trip. One of the few occasions where cash is still preferred over plastic...paying for taxis and such (and often the only form of payment they'll take even if they advertise acceptance of plastic).

For a long time I hadn't been using my VISA card, in favor to my other cards which all offer some form of reward. It had been on my list to replace the VISA card with another bank brand and that offered something worthwhile for using it. But, it was low far I had been managing just fine, since I hadn't yet run into an establishment that would only accept VISA. And, can't say as I ever have (I have run into places -- namely in Europe -- where they only accept Mastercard).

Through my involvement with groups at KSU, namely Amnesty International....I had been getting various emails. Some of which from Working Assets. Last month they sent out an email for the Working Assets Credit Card. It's a VISA card, it makes donations when I use it, and I get a reward. It is points for dollars, rather than fixed or tiered cash back of my other credit cards. Though the points can convert back to cash, in a tiered structure.

It seemed too good to be true...guess time will tell.

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  10:20:55 am, by The Dreamer   , 365 words  
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The Late DST of 2007

Well, nothing significant to having to update clocks for the time change this year. Didn't see any issues last week, except at work were a few forgotten machines that hadn't gotten retired on schedule switched off of DST early :D

I'm sure I missed a few clocks somewhere, but that's normal.

But, once again it is time to check the lamp timer on my Samsung HLN4365W1....gotta write down somewhere that the sequence is POWER-MUTE-1-8-2-POWER and that I need to be on an active input before I do get to the service menu.

Anyways...the timer reports that 5937 hours.

For a few months, it has seemed that the screen isn't as bright as it used to be (also seems to take some time to reach its full brightness) I've been debating whether I should replace the lamp. Perhaps I'll do it some day, but not this weekend.

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  04:21:16 pm, by The Dreamer   , 37 words  
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Phew...missing package has turned up....

The big, long, heavy part 1 of 2 has turned up....gonna just stash it somewhere, because I don't have room to set it up just yet...and I'm starving, so it is time to tackle the turkey. )-o


  04:33:33 pm, by The Dreamer   , 250 words  
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New Home - - DreamHost


I have a new home.....that is a new home for my blog.

After the 3rd significant outage in the year with my previous hosting provider, and no explanation (at all). I went looking for a new hosting company. I had been hearing of dreamhost from various people on the work-related IRC channels.

So, I popped over to the site and see if it might fit my needs. There was a popup (which firefox blocked, but I opted to open it to see what promo it wanted to tell me about).... The popup told me of their recent 10th birthday, and a $110.10 discount for their first 1010 new customers.

Well, that was plenty of incentive to become a new customer of DreamHost. And, not just because I'm The Dreamer &#59;D

I didn't really want to make the switch this weekend. I had booked this off as a long weekend (to use my discretionary holiday for the year)...and I was going to do some non-computer stuff that I had been putting off at home.

But, it looks like everything had made it over....with only minor inconvenience (one feature broke, but that's because the new host is more secure than my old I guess that's a good thing. I could fix it later, but its low on my list of things I want to do to this site).

So, back to my regularly scheduled blogging....there was something I wanted to blog about, but didn't because of this move....

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.


  12:05:55 pm, by The Dreamer   , 450 words  
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Death of an Email address

I have finally had to kill off one of my old email addresses :##

It was one of the first email addresses I created when I got my own domain name, and it is my name....and at one time it was also the one I used in the online job hunt (I didn't know that you were supposed to use a disposable email address when looking for work).

But, it had been drawing in more and more spam over time....and lately there has been a flood of bounceback spam. Someone using my email address to send spam to other people And, unfortunately not all users and, even, email administrators are bright enough to know that the from address doesn't mean that's where the spam is coming from. After all, K-State frequently lands on block lists because they are mis-identified as the origin of spam. Especially because we allow all our users to forward all of their email off campus (unlike some places which will employ spam filtering and only forward the messages that pass, its a catch-22....people worry about not getting email that only looks like spam. The emails from the company that CES at K-State has outsourced the generation of their emails to. Our spam filter gives it a score of 4.7 based on message body contents (actually its a bit higher, because there's a negative score that is added because we 'trust' them). Though part of the problem is that the default spam score threshold was lowered from 5.0 to either 3.0 or 3.5 last year. Personally, I use a threshold of 4.7 since I would otherwise too much emails. And, still some important emails still get flagged as spam (they tend to have scores higher than 5.0).

Though this is why with my hosting providers, I do not use their spam filtering services. I want my email to reach me, and giving me full local control on what is spam and what isn't. Especially a problem with the accounts I use for eBay activity. Or online banking and related. The phishing emails from banks I have no business relationship with are easy to spot...its a little harder with the ones that I do use, especially if they find the email address I currently have registered with them.

Anyways...I have had to nuke this long time account. Though I did it rather impulsively, so nobody knows it is gone...and I have to figure out now what things I should update. The ones that are obvious though, are like my UofC alumni information record (and forwarding), and my membership records with the professional organizations that I belong to....APEGGA, NSPE, IEEE....

Though I'm sure there'll be others that I miss. :**:


  04:10:46 pm, by The Dreamer   , 352 words  
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Ordered from PizzaHut online

I ordered some pizzas and stuff from Pizza Hut online today.

Probably doesn't seem all that strange, because they were one of the first companies to do online ordering for food delivery. And, I came from Columbus, Ohio where for the first part of living the US I lived online....doing the Peapod thing, in addition to Pizza Hut. There was also Donatos, which I kind of miss more.

And, it was kind of planned that I would be ordering food online this I do my 4th weekend with no working dishwasher. I've been washing some by hand....I sure use a ton more water doing it by hand, and drying it a problem...not having a dish rack or much in open counter space. And, I'm keeping them out, so that when I do finally have a working dishwasher again....

What is special. Is that when I was job hunting....and figuring out where I might live next, I was looking at the livability of the various locations. And, one of the things I looked at was the proximity to fast food, and/or the ability to get online food deliveries. Use a phone is so last century, especially if you want to know it'll be right, etc.

One of the things I had noted when I was moving here to Manhattan, KS...was that Pizza Hut didn't do online deliveries. I wondered if I could survive without Pizza Hut. I had been, since there are quite a number of other Pizza establishments in Manhattan, KS from which I can order online from. Such as directly from Papa John's or using CampusFood (Gambinos, Dominos, Gumby's). CampusFood is interesting, in that not just Pizza places are available....perhaps someday I'll try getting Chinese delivered. I don't think I've done Gumby's yet.

But I don't have delivery as often that I'm acceptably close to a grocery store, and can't really afford it as often now. Still the same kind of tipper that I've always been...just now it is much more likely that the service person is a student &#59;)


  06:25:53 pm, by The Dreamer   , 219 words  
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Walk Score - How walkable is your house?


Here's an interesting site I wish I had known about a long time ago....

Comparing Collegiate Villas Condominiums and Collegiate Villas at Aggieville....I find that my condo has a score of 49 versus 80.

Though it is kind of that some info is wrong and it doesn't match my needs. Though if I could've afforded it and it was available, I think I should've opted for Aggieville....

The big error is it doesn't account that "Tuttle Creek Blvd" is a horrible street to cross, especially since the walk light stopped working.

Interesting looking at other addresses:

My last apartment in Dublin, OH scored 42, and my first apartment in Dublin, OH scored 52. I knew my last apartment was worse than what I'm in now...but I'm surprised that my first apartment scored so high. Probably doesn't account for the wall or that I think closeness to groceries should be top of the list.

Interesting that it can do Canadian addresses as well.

Like my home in Medicine Hat scored 52, while my first apartment in Medicine Hat scored 66. My parent's place in Calgary, not surprisingly only, scored a 12. But, the home before that get's a 20. Though this doesn't account for the sharp drop over the cliff and the Bow River.

Wonder what I would've done when I was job hunting....


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30 and counting....


Have I really given blood that many times???

Wow...I have lost count.

Today after giving blood, there was a quick poll about the number of times people had donated in their life and at K-State.

I guessed it to be almost/around 30....the poll taker made it 30. Turns out he got it right.

As for times at K-State...this is my 4th.



  10:16:22 am, by The Dreamer   , 41 words  
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Today is 7/7/7, the luckiest day of the year....century?

I had fantasized about getting married on this day, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. )-o

Perhaps I'll find someone for 888, the day of best fortune for the century. &#59;D


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Today I became a home owner....again.


Well, I've done it again....I now own my own home.

Kind of different than last time, because I have already been living in it for the last year. Plus its the whole in the USA thing. Different than how things are done in Canada.

Not sure what else to say....guess because I've already lived in it, it is less of a thrill than there would be otherwise. But, it has me thinking of what kind of stuff that I've been putting off buying....will I buy now that I own this place.

Such as will I get a new, high efficiency and/or super high capacity, washer and dryer? A gas grill for the deck? A bicycle? Hmmm....a new computer? a new digital camera? or two? a 50" HDTV? other gadgets?

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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