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  10:53:41 am, by The Dreamer   , 506 words  
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ATP and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Join Together for Hurricane Katrina Relief


Here's something new for me that I forgot to tell the world about. For the last few days, I've been doing two strange things.

  1. Watching Sports
  2. Watching Live TV

But, I had come across USAHD on my SA8300 DVR a while back, which apparently is largely added for US Open coverage (meaning I guess it'll be going away soon).

And, while channel surfing in HD one evening...I ended up watching it.

I guess the fact that it is in HD, was a big factor. Well, I guess this isn't totally strange, when I first got the HDTV....I was watching the Calgary Flames attempt to take the Stanley Cup. And, when coverage switched to ABC, I had to watch it live OTA. Though I wasn't a convert yet, so I was also recording in SD, and switch back and forth depending on where things were when I got to turning the set on (switching back to SD when I wanted to pause...)...though this was the catalyst for playing around with recording downconverted HD on a ReplayTV.

Back to the US Open, later I sacrificed stuff in my HD-DVR and scheduled recordings of some of the coverage, because I didn't want to miss the semi/final coverage and some of it wasn't at convenient times.

It was kind of intense and sad watching the women single semi's, perhaps I because I was rooting for Elena Dementieva and later Maria Sharapova &#59;D The match with Maria ran long, so I missed the ending...though I guess I didn't really miss anything. I felt like screaming that she should smile, but I wasn't watching that live....

Though it was good watching the final still....rooting for Kim Clijster....the rough part was that it ran over the scheduled slot, so the HD recording cut me off. Though I had padded the SD recording of it on my ReplayTV. (there is no USAHD OTA :..( )

Boy, it was really terrible having to watch the remainder of that in SD. My interest in continuing to watch faded pretty much after that. And, I deleted the rest of my SD and HD recordings...though I did watch part of the women's mixed finals. After all, got to see Elena again :yes:

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  12:52:39 pm, by The Dreamer   , 172 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, Cable HD DVR

Time Warner Update

Well, they came and swapped my bad SA8000HD for an SA8300HD.

Hopefully things will be better from now on &#59;D

The only hitch other than remembering what all I was recording on it, etc.

Is that I came home just a couple of minutes before the 12-2 appointment window. When I got to my apartment and looked down, I noticed that there was TWC van sitting infront of the apartment. Now between my actual door and the van are a couple of trees, so it isn't like he's watching to see if I come home etc.

So, finally I go down and see when he's going to come up. And, he gives me the usual that he didn't know I was home and why I don't answer my door when he knocked.

And, once again, I came home from work specifically for my appointment window..and he didn't knock during the time. If he had knocked when I wasn't home (before the scheduled time), of course, I wasn't going to answer. :**:


  10:07:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 301 words  
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SA8000 HD DVR: Dead Again

I guess it was too good to HD DVR has failed me again.

This time it was kind of more interesting....I turned it on, and it was stuttering. I pressed LIST, and many of my recented recorded programs were showing start and end times the same.

Uh oh. U-(

Another odd thing I noticed was that part of the onscreen graphic around the list display was missing. Later I noticed that pressing INFO twice, resulted on black on nearly black information display....guess all the onscreen graphics for that screen was missing?

I started pruning out the bad recordings, and looking to see which I can re-record at a later point...when the box rebooted itself.

Afterwards..."There may be a problem with your harddrive". I tried numerous reboots, to no avail.

So, I called Time Warner customer support. After navigating numerous menus and spending about 20-25 minutes on hold, I got somebody. Explained the problem, was asked if I had already tried rebooting and unplugging. Then asked me to reboot again anyways while I was on the phone. Suggesting that she could send something to my box during the time that might make a difference.

It didn't.

Still harddrive it was having trouble with live it would try to buffer a couple of seconds and then freeze to a grey screen. And, LIST continued to report that there may be a problem.... :**:

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  11:49:50 am, by The Dreamer   , 294 words  
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The Dreaded Time Change

I'm really starting to dislike the time change....>:-[

I've barely made any dent in changing all my clocks this morning....almost like I need to write out a list to make sure I don't miss any now....

Meanwhile...since accessing the service menu clears the clock on my TV, this is the time I check how many hours of life I've used so far. It reads 1754 hours. Weren't these things rate for 8000 hours? I guess I'll hit or break 2000 by the time it is 1 year old. Wonder if I should still plan on getting a spare this year.

Next I checked my SA8000HD DVR, while the clock updates automatically....recordings have a way of not working after the time change. Though I created all my recordings to not be time dependent. Sometimes it records a little more than it should, but for the stuff I record with is tolerable.

It mainly records primetime broadcast HD, with the occasional movie from HBO-HD and SHO-HD...there was one movie scheduled for early this I checked that. Instead I was greeted by the dreaded LIST failed message. ARGH. Had to hard boot it again. Calling support won't help, because this is all they'll do to close it as resolved. It has to stay down to make them interested in fixing it. Its not like having a box with a harddrive going 24/7 can't be done.

I did use to record shows from SHO-HD....except it was only the one....Dead Like Me. So, I keep wondering why I keep the subscription.... Of course, I'm also paying for HD-Gold, which they threw in for a 1 month free trial....and I hardly ever watch anything from those channels either....

Oh well, back to updating clocks.


  09:17:24 am, by The Dreamer   , 91 words  
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SA8000HD Woes Continue

Well, this morning I checked my SA8000HD DVR and it reported LIST had failed, retry or restart....retry did nothing, and it hung when I tried I had to unplug it.

It'll probably okay for a day or two and then happen again. It has been doing this ever since I got this one....last Tuesday.

Guess time to call again.

In addition to the LIST problems, there have also the the occurence of incomplete recordings.

And, I was building up stuff to watch this coming 4-day weekend.


  02:27:44 pm, by The Dreamer   , 79 words  
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TWC was here

After some fiddling around and noting that my signal was too good, and moving some cables around so it would be less good. The box eventually reproduced the condition that prompted me to call (it started stuttering, became unresponsive and eventually rebooted).

So he swapped it for another box....just another SA8000HD.

I kind of suspected this would be the case, because I had heard that they were out of SA8300HDs.

But, as long as it works. &#59;)


  03:48:48 pm, by The Dreamer   , 230 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Cable HD DVR

Service Call Scheduled

Well, I called Time Warner about the problems my SA8000HD is having. After a reboot cycle (I've already done this numerous times already), and the problem continuing. They setup a service call to have somebody come out.

It is scheduled for 12-2 on Tuesday.

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  10:44:55 pm, by The Dreamer   , 220 words  
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SA8000HD Sick


My SA8000HD DVR seems to be sick....I think the harddrive is going bad.

Last night while watching a started stuttering and then rebooted. Fortunately, I had recorded the show in SD on my ReplayTV, so I could watching the ending.

This evening, trying to settle down in front of the tube after a long day working volunteering at the Ohio State Mathcounts.....I found that a movie that it should've recorded in my absense was recorded in pieces as it seemed to reboot a few times during it.

Tried watching other seemingly complete recordings to only run into other issues elsewhere....seems certain DVR functions make it workse, such as pretty INFO or pausing. an HD channel makes the crash sooner.

Even just watching live TV will eventually cause it to reboot. Like as it fills up the live tv eventually hits the bad spot and bring it crashing down.

I guess it is time to call TWC and see about getting it replaced....and I was just thinking the other day that it might be time to become a 2 HD-DVR household. Though the lack of ABC-HD and FOX-HD on TWC is kind of holding me back (compounded by the fact that there is not going to be anymore Dead Like Me on Showtime-HD)....


  12:47:53 pm, by The Dreamer   , 288 words  
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ReplayTV and OTA HD vs SA8000HD

:oops: I subjected some random forum to a rambling thought....

The gist is that for some reason Friday programming on my SA8000HD DVR tends to experience a lot of breakup and stuttering....and last Friday, watching Star Trek: Enterprise this way was intolerable.

So, I resorted to watching it whole, clean and intact via my ReplayTV from the downconverted OTA HDTV. Sure I lose some of the detail, and it is just the analog stereo output. But, at least I could watch it and not miss important bits of dialog here and there.

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SA8000HD DVR: Passport 1.5.159


This morning, while processing Poopli requests, I noticed that my SD STB had been rebooted during the night. Fortunately nothing scheduled to record in the early morning today, so nothing affected.

I don't track versions on the Pioneer STB, so I don't know if it changed or not. But, it made me wonder if the HD DVR had been upgraded. And, sure enough it is now Passport 1.5.159.

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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