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  06:56:59 pm, by The Dreamer   , 42 words  
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Apple iPod Battery Settlement


Much to my surprise, I found a letter in regards to this in my mailbox today.

The answer is that I have a $50 Store Credit. It is good until October 7th, 2007.

Hopefully, I'll find the opportunity to use it before it expires.


  11:37:37 am, by The Dreamer   , 160 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, iPod, Hardware, Computer, Networking

lhaven: The Reconstruction Continues

After recovering the /boot and /(root) filesytems on lhaven, I discovered that the data filesystem on the same disk was also damaged. The difference being it could at least recognize it as a filesystem, so I let fsck to do its damage.

Lots of stuff got disconnected, etc. But, they all look like old and files that I could tolerate losing....

Namely it affected the old /home location (which is now on a different disk, but I had kept the old location as a backup) and what are supposed to be the backup of my iTunes music folder. There was pretty much only one area that I didn't want to lose, and it seems okay.....1 of 3 DVArchive volumes on this system.

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  02:01:08 pm, by The Dreamer   , 104 words  
Categories: Stuff, iPod

The Revolutionary CD Stripper


I wrote over on AudioScrobbler, how I had ordered a pile of CDs recently.

Well, the first 8 CDs from that order arrived today. And, I was setting out to open the CDs and rip them into iTunes....when I remembered that I had bought a bunch of CD Strippers as Xmas presents last year.

Kind of hard to believe that before this, the last time I bought CDs was about 3 months ago.

So, now it was time to finally try out this gadget. &#59;D

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  05:01:46 pm, by The Dreamer   , 194 words  
Categories: iPod

Judge Orders Apple To Pay Up For Bad iPod Batteries


The settlement, which won tentative approval in June, gives buyers of the first two iPod models either $25 cash or $50 in credit at an Apple store that can be redeemed for any Apple-branded product, including iTunes downloads. Owners of the third-generation iPod are entitled to a free replacement battery if theirs fails.

This is kind of disappointing...

I had a 3rd Gen iPod....from October 2003 to August 2004....and I was hoping to get a $50 credit for it. Considering I (initially) replaced it with a 4th Gen iPod...which is now a year old.

Which kind of implies that it is probably suited for another upgrade, where $50 off of a new iPod would be nice. But, I don't really need a new battery for my old 3rd Gen iPod. Especially, since the would probably only offer an apple branded replacement (or 50% refund of an apple performed battery replacement). Ignoring that the aftermarket iPod battery is of higher capacity, etc. Plus they probably won't like the fact that I opened up my iPod myself (kind of roughly too....and stabbing myself, because I tried to pry it open using my pocket knife, probably complicates things for me....)


  04:02:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 128 words  
Categories: General, iPod

Apple/iTunes is missing out.

As part of my post-cruise shopping...I started looking for ideas for this year's Birthday/Christmas gift giving....

Because it'll be a reunion aboard a cruise ship preceding Xmas, weight and bulk are factors in what kind of gifts I should consider.

So, I'm looking largely at gift certificates and the sort.

And, that made me think of iTunes....only problem...I'm the only one that lives in the US. But, iTunes is available in other countries. But, as I found out....Apple will only allow iTunes purchases to be made from the country that specific iTunes is operated in.

Guess gift giving of music is out....wonder what kind of Gift Cards/Certificates that I can get from the US that will work outside of the US? :??:


  06:26:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 139 words  
Categories: iPod, Travel

I guess I'm packed....

...I think I got everything crammed into my suitcase.

I'm already dreading the end of my vacation....'cause it should be interesting to see how I get everything packed up again. :lalala:

As horrible as it sounds, I've decided to not take my iPod with me. )-o I kind of ran out of room and couldn't figure out a really good way to make it go with me. Though it was partly more about the space for all the accessories, and the fact that I don't have a good pair of headphones...and none at home. So, it was either slip into the office to fetch them or run out to the store and buy something.

I just decided that I'll do with out. I'm expecting that I won't exactly get all that much time to use it anyways.


  08:22:18 am, by The Dreamer   , 385 words  
Categories: General, iPod, Hardware, Software continues....

The buying of stuff in the week before I leave for the cruise.

Not really sure if you could say it is related to the cruise or not.

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  01:33:43 pm, by The Dreamer   , 105 words  
Categories: iPod

Apple iPod Settlement


I wonder if I should make a claim for my Third Generation iPod...even though I replaced it with a Fourth Generation one.

I suppose since the choice is either get the battery replaced or $50 off of a future purchase....I suppose I could go this route...and perhaps get the iPod Mini I've been thinking of getting (since the iPod Shuffle was kind of a disappointment....because it doesn't do sound check)....

Hmmm, maybe I'll do that....

Plus I was thinking that if I did replace the battery in my 3rd Gen iPod, I would check out the aftermarket replacement that has more capacity....


  01:43:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 60 words  
Categories: iPod

PODWAVE - Portable iPod Stereo Speakers


My latest acquistion....I thought it would be cool, but I'm somewhat disappointed.

I have to crank my iPod all the way to get a barely tolerable sound level and it is a touch bigger than I had expected.

But, compared to the options I have for listening to my iPod without headphones...this is better than what I had. &#59;)


  08:10:45 am, by The Dreamer   , 146 words  
Categories: iPod

No Sound Check on iPod Shuffle 2

Yes, the lack of sound check on the iPod Shuffle has proven to be very annoying. First it almost made me deaf...and now there are times I can't hear it.

But, if I'm not listening to it will I remember to have it with me? :P

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