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  09:38:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 121 words  
Categories: mSpew

Made it to Toronto

Well, I made it.

Darn, I forgot to bring my [titanium] spork.

I got a bowl of fruit (various melon chunks [and some cherries]), but no utensils to eat them with :(

Darn, free Internet in the Courtyard....blocking my IRC.

Though I wonder what TSA would've done when they pulled my spork out.... They didn't take to kindly when I discovered that I forgot to leave my leatherman at home/work.

I was thinking of getting something else [to replace the leatherman].... guess that excuse has materialized.

Now to go find some drugs....I think I've come down with nose started running this morning, and I got stuffed up just as we were starting the descent in Toronto....


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