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At Penguicon 6.0


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At Penguicon 6.0

  • Well, didn't get to sleep until just a few hours ago....guess all the sleep while traveling did a number. But, now I'm up again. 05:30 AM April 18, 2008 from TwitterFox
  • From Facebook... Lawrence is trying to remember how to live in a hotel...I think there's a restaurant involve.. 06:11 AM April 18, 2008 from twitterfeed
  • Guess I'll explore the hotel and area while waiting for Penguicon to start?? 08:15 AM April 18, 2008 from TwitterFox
  • Boy, my room is rather far from everything. And, my leg has been hurting since the flight in. 09:24 AM April 18, 2008 from web
  • Wow, it is a lot warmer here than the Internet had led me to prepare for... Long walk to room to ditch jacket, and then off 2 kill more time 09:58 AM April 18, 2008 from web
  • From Facebook... Lawrence is debating buying breakfast or seeing what is free at Penguicon. 06:38 AM April 19, 2008 from twitterfeed
  • Think I'll try for a few hours of shuteye while at Penguicon.... 12:00 AM April 20, 2008 from TwitterFox
  • From Facebook... Lawrence is tired from lack of sleep, but ready for another day of Penguicon. 07:22 AM April 20, 2008 from twitterfeed
  • Checking badges by Consuite. Am I volunteering to be here next year for free, or just some free shirts? 11:30 AM April 20, 2008 from web
  • Penguicon 6.0 is over, time to bed before 12+ hours to get me back home. 10:35 PM April 20, 2008 from TwitterFox
  • But, I am registered for Penguicon 7.0. Wonder what other cons I should consider exploring along the way. Wonder how to pay for them... 10:37 PM April 20, 2008 from TwitterFox

sometime after I tweeted about checking badges by Consuite, I met wolfger....who mentioned he is now following me because he saw me mention penguicon in my tweets.

I ended up with using Whuffies to buy a 2008 Penguicon shirt, and registration for next year's Penguicon.

Wonder if I'll still have the two left over Whuffies come next year....

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This will be an attempt to consolidate the little thoughts that come to me while away from my computer.

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