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Lawrence Chen's Daily Tweet Spew


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Lawrence Chen's Daily Tweet Spew

  • 07:43 says last night was horrible, couldn’t breath, sleep. Feel like a wreck. Feel like biting somebody’s head. #Zo… plurk.com/p/1139s5 #
  • 07:48 FB: Lawrence couldn’t breath last night, hardly slept at all, feel like a Zombie. Dreamt of biting people’s heads….feel like I want .. #
  • 07:53 #thunderbird keeps crashing today…don’t know why. It was fine yesterday. Wonder if an email acct is at fault, there’s a lack work email. #
  • 07:54 anybody know what’s this strange process called zdesktop.exe that’s also eating up all my CPU ? #
  • 08:08 is trying to best figure out how to transport his kindle to and from work….something that works for both walking or cycling to work…. #
  • 09:32 the thought that kept up all night has lead to trying to take a bite…. sharing the misery #sleep #apnea #cpap #
  • 09:33 apparently it is my imap accounts on #dreamhost that is causing thunderbird to crash all the time today. #
  • 09:48 @thinkgeek I think I could use one of those right now. Either that, or a red shirt (I’m wearing the blue one right now). #
  • 11:56 says can’t stop yawning for some reason (: plurk.com/p/115tgc #
  • 14:04 wonders which he’s looking forward to most on June 17th. Dentist/Fillings? Shipment from Amazom.com? iPhone 3…. plurk.com/p/116bip #
  • 18:51 ranted about The end is near for ReplayTV. bit.ly/rZxts
    #b2p #
  • 22:50 says goodnight cruel world, off to #cpap during a poweroutage. Hope UPS outlasts the outage…. plurk.com/p/118ggc #

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This will be an attempt to consolidate the little thoughts that come to me while away from my computer.

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