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Lawrence Chen's Daily Tweet Spew


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Lawrence Chen's Daily Tweet Spew

  • 07:03 time to start unfollowing spies that haven’t followed me back #spymaster. #
  • 07:16 reached level 49 in #MobsterWorld bit.ly/2uK1E2 #
  • 08:26 says morning, will there be an EOF today. And, should I dress differently today? plurk.com/p/2g87y9 #
  • 16:56 RT USA Today: Disney Cruise Lines will be installing hi-def TV "windows" on inside-cabin walls, showing real-time view outside. Cool! #
  • 21:12 reached level 50 in #MobsterWorld bit.ly/2uK1E2 #

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This will be an attempt to consolidate the little thoughts that come to me while away from my computer.

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