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Yesterday Lawrence Chen spewed these tweets


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Yesterday Lawrence Chen spewed these tweets

  • 08:56 I just entered the @ZAGGdaily iPad-a-day Giveaway. Each day is a new chance to win, so I’ll enter tomorrow too! zagg.to/lLSuST #
  • 11:01 I just became the mayor of Kellstrom Pharmacy on @foursquare! 4sq.com/egrley #
  • 11:01 I’m at Kellstrom Pharmacy (1860 Claflin Rd, at Jarvis Dr, Manhattan) 4sq.com/fPNmx3 #
  • 11:24 I’m at Hale Library (1201-1351 Mid-Campus Dr, Manhattan) 4sq.com/gXmWFB #
  • 12:44 I’m at Commerce Bank K-State Student Union Bra!
    nch (17th and Anderson, Manhattan) 4sq.com/eBKrGe #
  • 13:11 I’m at Aggie Hair Shapers (1220 Moro St, Manhattan) 4sq.com/gEnMeC #
  • 13:35 I’m at Hale Library (1201-1351 Mid-Campus Dr, Manhattan) 4sq.com/h2DHuJ #
  • 17:31 EOF! :-) (@ So Long Saloon w/ 2 others) 4sq.com/euAy3P #
  • 19:04 I’m at Collegiate Villas (1534 College Ave, Denison, Manhattan) 4sq.com/eJESpL #

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This will be an attempt to consolidate the little thoughts that come to me while away from my computer.

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