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Spewed on IRC

Wed 17:49:24 <   lkchen_> wonder what happens if I don't pickup a package that was returned to me, because the person I
                          sent it to didn't claim it.
Wed 17:50:55 <   lkchen_> I wanted to not put a return address on it, but they wanted my info for the international
                          express mail form and customs.
Wed 17:51:54 <   lkchen_> I had bought something that was junk from an international seller on ebay...and ebay required
                          me to return it with tracking information, before they would issue me a refund.
Wed 17:52:38 <   lkchen_> Seems they don't care if the bad seller doesn't accept the return to issue the refund, just
                          that they could see that it got close enough.
Wed 17:54:11 <   lkchen_> but now the item has come back....but the post office wants me to go to the post office to
                          get it.  But, I don't care about it...its junk and I got my refund...

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This will be an attempt to consolidate the little thoughts that come to me while away from my computer.

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