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March 2nd, 2013 #NChat


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March 2nd, 2013 #NChat

  • stridesagainstN #Nchat today at 2pm EST! We will be talking about support - for #PWN and those who have a #PWN in their lives. #narcolepsy #cataplexy -6:56 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • lauramariee19 I'm going to go ahead and cast my vote early that the #nchat go back to the old time... I'll still be at work today at 2. Have fun! -8:23 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • TheRealMikeHunt @MaireadLawless its tonight at 2pm est. Which I believe is 7pm your time. #Nchat -9:44 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • MaireadLawless @TheRealMikeHunt Oh goodness - that snuck up on me. Am recovering from Flu so may have to miss it this time. Hi to all tho. #nchat -10:32 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • MaireadLawless #nchat this evening at 7pm Irish/UK time. @jamesgblackwell @NatalieBlackwel @hilary_dowdall @mary7511 @caz4965 #narcolepsyfamily -10:35 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • MaireadLawless @NatalieBlackwel @jamesgblackwell I will have to give this one a miss. Glad to can take part. #nchat Wish 7pm was bedtime in our house! -10:42 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • convergecollide @JinkxMonsoon Tweeps w/ #narcolepsy are getting together for our monthly #nchat at 2pm Eastern today - you should join us! #nchat -11:12 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • catthoma 90 minute warning for the March #narcolepsy #nchat! Be there or be square (or asleep- we can accept that)! Please RT -11:30 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • MaireadLawless @catthoma I probably won't make it. In recovery from Flu!! Have a great #nchat -11:36 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • MaireadLawless @catthoma Thanks. Will see how I feel!!! The temptation to participate is great. #nchat -11:52 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • catthoma @MaireadLawless when creating the questions- many of our 'chats' came to mind! :) #nchat -11:55 AM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • catthoma I'm so excited for @TheRealMikeHunt and my announcement today during today's #nchat! We've been waiting to share for 2 months! Yippee! -12:12 PM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • THEAdnAmA #NCHAT 2pm EST!!! -12:27 PM Mar 2nd, 2013
  • convergecollide Hey followers: I'll be participating in a chat for ppl w #narcolepsy starting in a couple min. Feel free to mute me or to check out #nchat! -12:59 PM Mar 2nd, 2013

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This will be an attempt to consolidate the little thoughts that come to me while away from my computer.

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