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Homeward bound from LISA '07


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Homeward bound from LISA '07

Well, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to MCI. I'm feeling the post-event blues... Starting to think the answer is find more events to go off to. Guess I need to take a look at my budget so that I set aside some of my discretionary funds for non-gadget items... Though there are gadget items that I already have planned and some adjusted plans....

Meanwhile, I've been informed that I am slightly overweight. Guess I acquired more loot at LISA than I thought I did, though I also shifted some of the weight from my carryon... So shifting could probably resolve the issue, but the agent let it pass.

Listening to others I heard that they had shipped some of there stuff... Namely dirty laundry. I had never thought of doing this. Perhaps something I might consider in the future, though I suspect it would be unlikely. What I need to do is remember to pack some bags so that I can better keep things separated.

It sure was interesting the 'friendships' that I formed by going to my first conference... There was that strange feeling that I knew some of the people longer than the conference, and that I will miss the people from my life now.

I am going to look to going next year, and as mentioned, look to see about attending other related events.

Oh well....

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