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  11:48:08 am, by The Dreamer   , 882 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking, BOINC

Mourning the loss of my Linux server

Yesterday I picked up the fans and new CPU from the UPS store....and set out to try to resurrect the Linux server. Which I found had been purchased on August 14th, 2002.

The original CPU fan was a ~6cm x 1.5cm....Amazon Prime could get me either a 6cm x 1cm or 6cm x 2cm. I got both. The 6cm x 2cm was too big (guess the 6cm is an approximate dimension with CPU fans... >:-( ). But the 6cm x 1cm fan would fit.

That didn't help.

So, I got the Athlon XP 2000+ retail processor out (with its bundled heatsink/fan) and tried that....still no go. Guess more than just the CPU went.

I had started looking around for ideas on what kind of computer I would get to replace it if I had to. The hard part was that there just doesn't seem to be any more retail computers to 3 PATA drives (+PATA CD drive). They are all with only one PATA header now.....guess SATA has taken over. So, I started looking at what I could for cheap/fast in Core 2 Duo's, and then for grins I looked at Core 2 Quad's.

The Linux server has been my fastest single processor BOINC machine at home. The Windows desktop is a P4 w/HT, so it does two WUs at the same time...but each thread takes more time than the Linux server does....

Saw that I could get new computer from NewEgg....a Core 2 Quad for under $750.

So, that's what I ordered....except Newegg triggered a fraud alert probably because they reformatted my billing/shipping address from the way I entered (which is the exact way my statement comes, which is also the format dictated by the post office.) I approved it, but Newegg is saying that the charge was declined. :##

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  05:17:12 pm, by The Dreamer   , 175 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking

CPU (fan?) for Linux Server

Things are kind of weird here and my Linux server is missed.

I checked the computer store today at lunch, no luck on CPU fans...guess its kind of hard for them to stock these. They were were I got the case fan though. reports the ones I did order from them should arrive on Friday...I have the order directed to my personal mailbox, so it'll be the weekend before I get them. Neither are exactly the right size, one is smaller and one is bigger...hopefully it'll just work.

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  09:03:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 840 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer, Networking, BOINC

LHAVEN lives

Not to be confused with, my home linux server known as 'lhaven' horked a disk on Sunday. It was the primary slave drive...a 300GB/16MB MAXTOR harddrive. The other drives are Seagates (300GB), the primary with 16MB cache and the secondary with 8MB cache.

This horked disk contained /home. I was kind of annoyed. Aside from the home directories my account and various services, it also contained a significant portion of my DVArchive storage on the system. I lost all my Farscape episodes....including the ones I have never seen (Farscape was the reason I got into ReplayTV, having moved to somewhere that didn't carry SciFi at that time....though I never used it for such, because I couldn't get broadband. Hopefully SciFi will do another Farscape marathon....)

The system would kind of recover, so I figured I could read data from. It was the active processes writing to the disk that would eventually bring the machine down again. Namely, BOINC, MRTG and well as MMC and DVArchive. So, I tried to find space elsewhere to copy stuff over. I managed to get all of the home directories, minus the DVArchive content into free space on the primary drive. I got some of the DVArchive content, but it came up weird...and I started removing incomplete stuff before I realized that it was probably all there, but the DVArchive.XML file had gotten corrupted. At this point I wrote off the Farscape stuff, pruned other content that I'll probably never watch (and some that I had watched via other channels....need to upgrade the home network to actually watch the content on this box).

I then set in my mind that on Monday I would go to the Computer Store in the K-State Student Union, and finally buy a harddrive. Apparently, I always stop and look at the harddrive section on every visit there. Too bad the person that made the comment, wasn't there when I made the purchase.

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  07:24:44 am, by The Dreamer   , 37 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Cable HD DVR, Networking, Cox HSI

Suffered another Cox outage.....

Looks like I experienced a nearly 24 hour outage of my Cox HSI service.... :##

Ping and Packet Loss

Wonder if my TV recordings for the period were affected....guess I'll find out when I get home from my business trip on Saturday..... :**:


  07:58:50 am, by The Dreamer   , 275 words  
Categories: VoIP, Networking, Cox HSI, AT&T DSL, Broadband, RoadRunner

What is COX's problem?

Apparently, they just don't care that they are unreliable....and its not just consumers, it hits KSU. (though it is especially bad because both primary and secondary DNS for the university go down, so not only are on campus sites down...but all name lookups fail, so off campus hosted sites are also unavailable).

Though KSU does kind of have an AT&T backup....actually, so do I.....but my living room is on Cox and my bedroom is on DSL....should come up with some way to do automatic failover or something :P

Because, line monitoring looks something like this (bottom is obviously Cox): Line Monitoring

Too bad I can only get 768k down from AT&T/Yahoo! DSL (I'm paying for the 1.5M tier).

Now is partly my fault. I had been advised numerous times from people in this area before and after I moved here to stay away from Cox, etc. Even had somebody mention that KANREN is Cox, and its what the University....

Guess I had been spoiled by the service I had gotten from Time Warner's Roadrunner in Dublin, Ohio. Never had the choice of DSL back there, since the phone company uses linesharing in the apartment buildings (even though they were the ones that offered DSL when I ordered service from them, and said it was available, etc.)

Hopefully, there won't be any more outages like last Wednesday afternoon/evening....were everything digital was out, and analog was snow ridden. Hard to call during outages when it also takes out your phone service.... The only stuff I could watch was WIBW-DT using my OTA HDTV receiver.....&#59;D


  11:41:38 am, by The Dreamer   , 244 words  
Categories: Software, Computer, Wireless/iPhone, Networking

MacBookPro Bluetooth Tethered to 8703e


Yay...the Pulse Gateway Server is finally available...barely in time to get it going before I start my holiday travel next week.

The free server they've been providing is slated the ceases the day after my holiday travel starts....


Well, first thing I did was try to get it going on my home Linux box ('box').....but the silly thing clears iptables and only sets its definitions. And, 'box' has a very complicated iptables rules setup already, etc.

After lots of fiddling, it was time to go to I put that aside.

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  06:11:26 am, by The Dreamer   , 210 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software, Networking

SuSE 9.3 and 2007 DST


It bugged me that my Red Hat Linux 7.3 machine would correctly transition into DST next year, but my SuSE 9.3 machine wouldn't. And, I have all the current patches for both machines (the RH7.3 machine being terminal EOL at the end of this year).

I don't want to upgrade the machine, because other than is working fine, and the last time I upgraded it caused major disruption to my home network. And, it makes it rather hard to recover without network access.

Anyways, as I was googling around....looking for how to 'build' the timezone change. I concluded that I needed to create input files and use 'zic'. Too bad there isn't an 'unzic'... So, what I found was a location to get the 'zic' input files.

Now takes care of that issue with box, so there'll be no worries or need to disrupt things. Now I wonder how zoneinfo files will get updated on my ReplayTVs? :?:

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  05:28:21 pm, by The Dreamer   , 206 words  
Categories: Computer, WiFi

MacBookPro 10.4.8 Airport Slow

Slower than dialup!

It was so fustrating...I thought the culprit was student loading the campus WiFi network. Though it occurred to me that it started being really slow after the application of the 10.4.8 update.

So, I searched and searched for why.....there was a vague reference to something called CoconutWiFi as a culprit. But, I didn't know what it figured it didn't apply, so I kept looking for the culprit in my case.

Finally, I looked up what CoconutWiFi was...while I didn't have it or anything like it running on my MBP....I did have Yahoo! Widget "Sys Monitor" running.

Turning this widget off, made a dramatic improvement to my speed.....I ran several speed tests to confirm.....speed differences were like 10kbps versus 2200 kbps.

I can't believe I suffered this long....

OTOH, I was positive that I had taken the MBP home a time or two, and didn't observe this level of degradation.... Could be the fact that campus is a large area served by many different APs on different channels around campus, all with the same SSID. While home, my APs are all on one frequency (and the neighbors' have different SSIDs...and different channels). Or some other technical factor....


  09:38:12 pm, by The Dreamer   , 142 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Wireless/iPhone, Networking Blog > BlackBerry OS X Tethering Bounty Winner: Daniel Pasco!


Well, this has been occupying a large part of my free time with my BlackBerry 8703e....and I'm not having much luck with it.

Though, I've also been mucking around with GoogleTalk and Yahoo! Messenger on the Blackberry...and getting the same on my MacBookPro. I now have GoogleTalk identities on all 4 computers: work desktop, work laptop, home computer and Blackberry....guess that leaves out my home laptop, but at this point it probably won't travel anymore (and it lives in the same room as my main home desktop). The work laptop probably gives me another year to put of its upgrade (it was due last year).

The other minor thing...I'm been playing with the Sodoku on my Blackberry. I don't really need the distraction from work, etc...but having it on my new toy, kind of drawn me in.... &#59;D


  07:59:38 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1018 words  
Categories: General, VoIP, Networking

I answered the damn phone

One of my phone numbers had been acting kind of weird lately....this morning I decided to investigate. It was my BroadVoice VoIP line which I have configured for simulring to my landline. I also have my Vonage number set for simulring to my landline. This was largely for historical reasons.

When I was using the D-Link DPH-540 WiFi phone with BroadVoice, I wanted my landline to get the calls....because the phone was kind of iffy. So iffy, that I have shelved the $250 piece of junk and gotten a different adapter to do phone with the service at home. Though that isn't without its problems.

Later in trying to resolve DSL issues, I had moved the cordless phone from my Vonage adapter to my I could be calling from the problem landline while talking to phone repair. So because that meant there was no phone attached to the Vonage box at all....

Well, those calls were completing because the landline seemed to be sucking those calls into a blackhole.

So, I tried calling ring and then noise. Tried again...same thing. One more time....same thing. Then I looked at the VoIP activity logs and found that I was paying for calls that were being routed to the landline (I only get 100 minutes a month, and I do more than that just talking to my I should probably upgrade to unlimited, but it currently isn't over that threshold). But, the landline never rang or anything.

So, I walked over to the landline phone (a basic AT&T line powered phone...since the main reason I have landline, is so I will have something in the event of a power outage....or something 'reliable' to call 911 on). No dial-tone...just noise. Though the DSL is working fine.

So, I log a trouble report...which wasn't easy. I first went online to do it...and at the last step it said it couldn't process my request online and that I would need to call.

Calling the repair number....routed me to a hold queue....where they kept telling me in the recording that I should be using their website to log my trouble report. Umm, that's what I tried first!

Finally got through to somebody....quickly rattled off that I not an idiot....but left out that I'm a Professional (Electrical) Engineer and I already did numerous internal wiring checks (though I couldn't find my buttset, which probably gives me the excuse to get a DSL safe one to replace it &#59;) And, they said somebody would be out by 6pm to look into things...but since I'm not paying them their special service fee to cover my inside wiring, there would be a charge for the service call if the problem is on my end. Didn't I just tell them that I already know the problem is on their side.

Well, I wasn't gonna wait around to see them show up....I already missed half a day on Monday, when they finally responded to my DSL trouble ticket. Where they knocked and said they were here and would look around outside and get back to me. Later I noticed they were gone and I didn't hear from them ever again. If it weren't for the 12-month contract, I'd cancel the DSL....and I'd strongly be thinking of going landline free again. (Hopefully, my new Sprint phone will appear soon and it'll have a local number, etc.....unlike my T-Mobile line where I asked to have the number changed to a local number...and they only got as close as being in the same area code.... for a small city of population ~3300... But, T-Mobile was glad to charge me for changing my number....and my old number was gone forever and any additional changes would result in the same change fee again....oh they finally said, that they are currently out of local numbers.)

Anyways....I came home, eventually remembered to check for dial tone....and went about my evening....

Until the phone rang. I answered it....though I guess I was kind of expecting an automated message from AT&T telling me that they had completed the repair (sometimes I get one, sometimes I don't....though I'm supposed to get some kind of work completion indication...and there were times I got the message even though they didn't actually complete anything. Like when I first got service...they turned it on, but didn't feel it necessary to connect my home to their system...and it took a major effort to convince them that they needed to send somebody to connect the wires, instead of assuming that a remote circuit test was sufficient and any lack of service at my end was a problem on my side....even though I told them that there was nothing connected to the wires sticking out of the side of the building.) I guess this is what happens when the phone company turns into a monopoly again. They broke up AT&T so that one of the pieces spawned from it could buy up all the pieces and eventually buy up AT&T and become AT&T again? wasn't an automated message...but somebody looking for a Brian. I told him he had a wrong number....and then it was just apology or acknowledgement. Some people.

At least it wasn't a Sunday 6am call for somebody looking for some hotel....or some 3am call, because some girl is giving out my phone number at bars. The last ones are worse, because the guys won't accept that they have a bad number...

The rest of the time...its people calling for money....while they are worthwhile does make me wonder how they got my name, address and phone number...I don't want incoming calls on the line (I'm thinking of turning the ringer off again). Obviously the answer is that the phone company sold my personal information to them.

Not sure who I'm angrier at in this case.....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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