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  06:41:25 pm, by The Dreamer   , 223 words  
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Upgraded to Outlook 2003

For reasons that suddenly escape me....I upgraded to Outlook 2003, today. I was previously running Outlook 2000 as part of the Office 2000 Suite.

In my current situation, I couldn't justify the cost to upgrade to Office 2003 at the moment....especially since I believe Office 2007 is just around the corner. But, there was probably some compelling reason to upgrade....probably because Outlook 2000 kept crashing for unknown reasons. :??:

Well, installing the upgrade didn't seem such a bad thing....until I tried to run it. Various plugins didn't work, namely the version of Chilton Preview and LookOut. So, I have to track updates for these.

I then tried to do a sync with my Palm Tungsten| wants permission to connect and then it doesn't work. Guess I need to update the conduit (PocketMirror), only it looks like I need to pay to update. :##

Guess, I'll just live with it...since I don't sync all that often at the moment....and I'm sure that once I buy the Palm TX (or whatever is new when I can), I'll have access to a version of the conduit that works better.

I then checked my also had trouble, but a quick reinstall of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software seems to have it working again.

Now off to customize it to get back my old feel..... :(


  10:09:02 am, by The Dreamer   , 145 words  
Categories: WiFi, PDA

Palm TX handheld


Darn...looks like Palm finally did it.

For the longest time (ever), I've been making use of just a Palm Tungsten T. Because there hasn't been a compeling enough reason to leap to other models.

Namely, the lack of compeling new features to satisfy my desires. And, features that I actually want or will use.

Looks like the TX will finally be that model. WiFi is pretty much the only thing I'm missing in my Tungsten T. Though more memory would also be helpful. There is also a price factor, especially if upgrading will require me to buy all new accessories....

But, this looks like the model that'll get me to make the plunge.

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  03:15:37 pm, by The Dreamer   , 408 words  
Categories: Software, PDA

Upgraded to MSMoney 2006 Deluxe

What a pain that was.

Could this program get any more slower....well, obviously not. Because it is.

Other issues, no more support for custom currencies. And, it changed online configuration.

I have two AMEX cards, and more recently Chase and Bank One merged. But, each was calling separately and download their own data. In setup, I had it skipping the other account....for AMEX and skipping Chase data, because each time I had run it in the past resulted in tons of duplicate data (so I stayed with active statement download from the site, actually active statement option was a recent used to only do QIF. Perhaps that's why when online update became available things didn't mesh)

Well, it did its update, and the accounts that used to get created new accounts for them. And, the merge duplicate didn't work completely.

Took me a while to figure out that the extra 'First USA Credit Card' was actually my Chase Perfectcard. But, once I figured it out...that merge went alright. But, it wouldn't let me do the merge on AMEX. Eventually figured out that I needed to disable online updates for one and then merge. Except that it would let me delete the data from the previous updates (without offering to delete all my other data, that I want to keep). And, the merge that it would merged the wrong way (deleting all my old transactions).

So, I had to revert to before I upgraded again. This time removing the extra online account setups before doing the first online connect.

Other changed the home page again. Now it shows less information than before. And, it does backups a little bit I had revise my scripts for processing the backups and flinging them off-site.

Otherwise, I think I've survived. |-|

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  02:46:41 pm, by The Dreamer   , 853 words  
Categories: General, ReplayTV, Hardware, Software, Computer, PDA

Today is upgrade day.

For some reason today is the day.

At work, I'm upgrading an IBM pSeries Server (model 615 6E3) to be a dual boot AIX 5.2 and AIX 5.3 QA machine.

The machine was originally delivered with a pair of 36GB drives, one as rootvg and the other as vg00. A 73GB drive was ordered for it, and moved vg00 over to this drive (extendvg->migratepv->reducevg) that the old 36GB drive would become the AIX 5.3 disk.

Used alt_disk_install to clone the rootvg to hdisk1 and next is to upgrade that system to 5.3. Wrote a pair of scripts so switching between the two will be braindead easy....once somebody cracks the root password (actually, I've already given it out...) I thought about sudo, but that's too much work and once I'm gone...there'll be no more control on who has the root password, etc.

Problem right now is that the attention light comes on everything the machine is booted, it is reporting a scsi bus problem. Since the only change was the 73GB drive, it is suspect.

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  05:25:16 pm, by The Dreamer   , 108 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Software, PDA

HdTach on SD Cards


I wish I could remember where I stashed my Lexar 256MB SD card.... I found it, see page 2

But, I tried HDTach on the SD cards that I had handy....

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  04:27:45 pm, by The Dreamer   , 189 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Computer, PDA

SanDisk Ultra II 1GB SD card received.


Well, I received the SanDisk Ultra II 1GB SD card that I bought off of eBay.

Before popping it into my Panasonic DMC-LZ2, I decided to pop it into my Palm Tungsten|T to see what VFSmark would think about it.

The results are:

VFSMark Results SanDisk Ultra II SD 1GB

File Create:      324%
File Delete:      200%
File Write:       16%
File Read:        122%
File Seek:        236%
DB Export:        42%
DB Import:        264%
Record Access:    218%
Resource Access:  210%

VFSMark:	  181

That's pretty poor, seem to vaguely recall this is why SanDisk was despised.

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  09:25:21 am, by The Dreamer   , 63 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, PDA

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 is here!

Well, it is here.... :>>

And, that's about all I can so for now.... :..(

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