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No Hassle Groceries....not yet.

Link: http://shop.nohasslegroceries.com

Years ago, when I first moved to the US. I came to live in an area where I did not have foot access to groceries or much else. Having come from a small city where I could talk to work and walk to groceries and just about everything else I needed (or use public transportation). It was kind of a shock. Of course, public transportation in the US is pretty much non-existent.

But, soon I found that Columbus, Ohio had Peapod...so I was ordering all my groceries online using Peapod, and I survived....until Peapod went away and left me with no groceries. I switched to using NetGrocer, which meant no more fresh items...but I still survived. In fact, I kind of miss those days in some ways...because it seemed I had greater variety and more creative meals than now. Though I did live across the street from work, and which gave me more time to cook before the start of Prime Time (which was 8pm, here in Kansas it's 7pm...so even less time).

Anyways, now I live halfway between a grocery store and work....its about a 30 minute walk to work. The walk to groceries is harder, because it's more up hill on the return. I wouldn't use public transportation to do groceries, though I would use it for other things. However, I was surprised to learn that there is no public transit here in Manhattan, KS. Even though of the small city I was from before, was about 30,000 and it had 6 fixed transit routes, 5 running regularly....well, could also be said it was 4 routes, where two routes had two buses that ran opposite sides of the run. It did feature a summer population boost due to the nearby military base. But, Manhattan, KS also has a military base nearby....but additionally has a University. But, transportation around and in/out of the city has been somewhat strange. Guess that's one of the big differences between Canada and the US.... Hopefully things will improve soon.

Well, on Monday morning I happened to be listening to bits and pieces of the morning radio alarm...and heard about No Hassle Groceries, I wasn't sure if I was dreaming it or not...but once I found the site and it seemed real...I made a plan to try it out today.

Only problem is that I went to the site today...and it says "We will be closed Sunday, May 17". So much for being no hassle.

Guess I'll have to go do groceries the traditional way....even though it messes up my plan to not leave home and tackle a home project that I've been putting off, because usually I'm too tired to do it after a hike.

This was also the first weekend in a long time where I didn't have UPS deliveries to pick up...which was kind of based around the idea of trying to take the hassle out of my weekend run to the grocery store.

Not sure which I'll try again....I will have deliveries to pick up next weekend....

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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