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  12:26:10 pm, by The Dreamer   , 74 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer, Networking, BOINC

'box' is here....

...and while there are no IVS transfers in progress, so in theory I could do a quick swap with little impact.

I do have a couple of phone interviews scheduled for later this afternoon, where a problem in the swap might cause I guess I'll delay doing things until after those. Plus it'll give the computer a chance to warm up.... :P

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  10:22:47 am, by The Dreamer   , 604 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer, BOINC

Upcoming 'box' upgrade

According to UPS, an IBM NetVista off-lease refurb Celeron 1.8Ghz with 256MB/40GB/CDRW/NO-OS machine that I ordered to replace my current 'box' will arrive on Monday. The old 'box' was an off-lease from a state auction (via eBay) Celeron 433MHz with 128MB/6.4GB/CDROM/NO-OS box....


Meanwhile, it just occurred to me...that after the upgrade, this Linux machine known as 'box' will move from being my slowest BOINC minion to 2nd or 3rd place....well, there's only 4 minions.

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  09:15:10 am, by The Dreamer   , 285 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer

Today is a bad day for the box

In my morning check of my systems, I found that box wasn't responding....

I figured at first that the scheduled mondoarchive of the system had run long (which I normally run at 6 month intervals....March and September....kind of surprised that March had snuck up on me).

So, I went on to box to take a look at what it was doing....and it was bad. The harddrive had failed a minute into the backup. Strange that's when the previous harddrive failed. Perhaps it wasn't a harddrive problem last time...but a more serious system problem.

Wonder if I can afford to replace it. :**:

The bigger problem is what do I do in the mean time. Can I recover enough to resurrect this critical piece of my home network? How are the remaining bits even working...the machine is my local DNS server, hmmm....starting to have trouble accessing sites on the Internet.... and it is also my DHCP server. And, it is a router to part of my network.... :??:

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  03:10:38 pm, by The Dreamer   , 300 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software, Computer

Interesting BASH quirk....

I had a fustrating making continued enhancements to my Personal ReplayGuide 'update' script, I added some handling for a missing map entry (Zap2It is not providing a map entry for UHD, even though the site knows that it should be at 715).

A simple thing that I've done hundreds of times on other platforms (at work in a file called nsconfigmod, apconfigmod, csconfigmod, or the like) that looks to see if a line is present or not (using grep) and adds lines as needed (using sed).

But, for some reason it just wouldn't work on the Linux box that is running PRG. I stared at it for a good long time, and then tried the script on my other Linux boxes....and it worked. So I started thinking maybe I need a newer version of 'sed'...that didn't help. Maybe a newer version of 'bash'. Well....really new versions have other dependencies that I didn't feel like tackling for this one seeming odd quirk. The PRG box is a RedHat 7.3-legacy box, while my other Linux boxes are more modern (though the other main Linux box will also be update frozen soon) is using bash-2.05a-xx and the other box has a bash-3.0-xx. Evidently the way the versions treat line continuation characters differs....which was what was tripping me up. :##

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  02:16:12 am, by The Dreamer   , 75 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Digital Photography, Hardware

What are they?


  12:23:55 pm, by The Dreamer   , 179 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software

More WiRNS Updates

Well, this morning I found that my update hadn't happened. Turns out the dependence of getting the last update time for 'GuideUpdated' was flawed...because the string is set to "Failed" if the last update failed....probably results in an ignored exception that means no GuideUpdateTimer is created.

So, I updated it to handle "Failed". Which seems to work for my case, though I can't help wonder if there's a case where it wouldn't work....wonder what kind of timer gets created immediately after an update failure.... U-(

Next on the list was to see about reducing the calls to 'acknowledge', to just being down when a 'download' was done and successful. But, Ryan beat me to the punch with getting that in. Though I had a set of store blockedTime and suggestedTime....and check blockedTime when doing Manual Guide Updates, even though it currently isn't being used or enforced.... &#59;D

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  01:38:16 am, by The Dreamer   , 495 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Software

Need to get back on local time....

....for getting to sleep, I think. :yawn:

I've been trying, but it is hard to go to bed when I'm not tired...and then I somehow manage to get busy that I forget that I should.

Today, it was yet another Zap2it related code change....this time in WiRNS. To tweak the GuideUpdateTimer scheduling to use suggestedTime, in a better fashion.

The old code, just has HH:mm for when to do an update...and the quick change was to hack this portion out of suggestedTime and set the next update time to this.

The problem is that if it does an update at say: "2006-02-14 13:34:30" and after 'acknowledge'ng the 'download' it suggests "2006-02-15 18:09:08"...WiRNS would just take the "18:09" and try to update this this time rolls around....less than 5 hours after the last update :!:

I know Zap2it returns Zulu time, but I made an adjustment, yesterday, to convert this to local time. I also made a change so that it gets both blockedTime and suggestedTime from the response to 'acknowledge', but blockedTime isn't being used anywhere...though if it was, it would probably be applied as a constraint to using the manual guide update.

So without making too extensive of a change to the code...I added a check that if what GuideUpdateTime thinks should be the next update time is on the same day as the last update, then it should really be looking for that time the day after the last update.

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  12:46:31 am, by The Dreamer   , 367 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Cable HD DVR, Software

Personal ReplayGuide Lives!

A few days ago, Zap2it reduced the amount of data available by DataDirect to 3 days. (they have since removed the restriction, without solving the actual issues that prompted them to do this....)

This reduction of data was kind of bad, because I've been using the extended range of data to map out the recording of the Winter Olympics (though though I'll probably limit my viewing to finals in events of interest, which I haven't decided what they are yet). Though it wasn't the end of the world, because the ReplayTVs can still get the full data from DNNA. Though I do use PRG to help catch shows that I might want to record on my HD-DVR.....)-o

The issue is the stress other people are putting on their servers. Namely the large cluster of people that do requests in the early morning (about midnight to 3am). I had long ago changed my polling to be somewhat random at later times....though since my updates are scheduled by cron. For a given day of the week, the download is done at the same time each week.

Zap2It had added an acknowledge function, which returns two for which downloads are blocked 'til and one for a suggested time to hit them again. It doesn't currently impose a blocked constraint (since it returns the time of the request for 'blockedTime').

And, without resorting to a rescheduling 'at' job or something (which I'm too tired to investigate doing, now that I've thought about it :yawn:) based on 'suggestedTime'. I updated the to require next run to be sometime on the next day after 'blockedTime' and/or 'suggestedTime'.

There's a couple lines in the script that can be commented out, so that it ignores 'suggestedTime'....I had thought about releasing it this way, but opted not to. It was more to test my changes (which kept pushing 'suggestedTime' further and further into the future....:oops:)

So, here's the file:

Now to see about catching some zzz's :zz:

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  05:13:24 pm, by The Dreamer   , 317 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Home Theatre, Samsung HLN4365W1, Cable HD DVR, Software, Momitsu V880N

New and improved JP1'd URC8910

Thinking things over some more, and noting that there was an SA8300 DVR code available....I decided to mess around with my JP1'd URC8910.

Key changes....

SAT now controls my Samsung SIR-T351' shouldn't because I have two and there's not enough separation now using this remote. :oops:

CBL now controls my SA8300HD DVR

I moved the receiver code to RCVR/AMP, because...I replaced the ReplayTV codes where I can control things from a single button.

And, the VCR is this key. I could've mapped a different keymove to select which unit is set, but I used the AUX device mode and the numeric keypad as the unit selector.

I'll still probably use the URC6131 for regular ReplayTV operation, because I'm more used to its layout and I like the arrow keys on it better.

Though I did customize the ReplayTV keymap on the URC8910 to be somewhat similar. Also while I was at it, I loaded a custom Samsung HLN DLP TV code...which gives me extra things like P.Mode, S.Mode, DNIE, Aspect controls...which weren't present under the builtin code. Though I had to still tweak things a bit, because other definitions were wrong....(for discrete inputs).

I also don't know if I'll use the DVR setting that often....guess it depends on if the layout grows on me.

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  02:48:07 pm, by The Dreamer   , 424 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Home Theatre, Samsung HLN4365W1, Software, Momitsu V880N

Time to JP1 a remote to control my V880N


I had this extra remote (URC-8910) from when I was first playing around with JP1 and multiple ReplayTVs....before I settled on really liking a URC-6131 for the task of controlling my 7 ReplayTVs and TV/Receiver.

Opting to use the Momitsu V880N's poor remote for when I needed to control that. When I first heard that V880N upgrade was available for JP1'ng remotes, I thought about trying to use the extra remote for this (not wanting to mess with what is working on my URC-6131).

But, I read up on the procedure and started downloading all the bits and pieces I needed, and then I got distracted and forgot all about it.....until now.

Well, I did some quick fiddling and it doesn't look like I can create a URC-6131 like setup with the addition of the DVD player....not enough room for all the keymoves etc. Now there is a ReplayTV setup that could in theory control many ReplayTVs from a single device button, but I decided that it wasn't important to try that at this point, and just left out my ReplayTVs from this remote.

All, I really need is the TV/Receiver setup I had on the URC-6131 and the addition of the Momitsu V880N.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to recreate the TV/Receiver setup I had before. I was able to get the keymoves to do discrete input selection on my Samsung HLN4365W1, just like I had on the URC-6131. But, I can't get the discrete input selection for my Receiver to work the same way.

In the end, I got the mappings to work by:

  1. Realizing I had assigned my Receiver to a device button, so I could use VPT instead of Key Move to work 'volume' from other devices (the DVD mode).
  2. Loading an upgrade for the Sony STR-DE935 (I have the STR-DE835) and looking at the codes of the keys I wanted and trying them. I first tried EFC, but that didn't I had to do Hex Cmds, which did work. The Hex Cmds in turn reveal a different EFC value.....

Now to watch something on my Momitsu V880N &#59;D

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