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  08:50:26 am, by The Dreamer   , 307 words  
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TiVo Desktop Plus

I'm hurting my Internet connection! 88|

Last night I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus, to gain access to hopefully more TiVoCasts....

It didn't go well. After I got my license key, I tried to apply it to TiVo Desktop wouldn't take, said something about missing component. So, I downloaded required that I uninstall the old version first. XX(

Then, it kept saying the key was invalid. :##

I was looking around trying to figure out how to contact sales and get them to give me a working key...when I decided to poke around in registry. I found that it had decided that I my account (even though I'm Administrator of my own box) shouldn't have permission to HKLM/SOFTWARE/TiVo, granting myself permission to this branch....made it take the key and start working.... &#59;)

Now to see what additional stuff I can get....well, I was specifically looking for current GeekBrief.TV feed....instead of the delayed feed via TiVo. Didn't see how I would add feeds to it....seems it just makes additional ones available on my TiVo HD.

Searching around on Google, there was mention of RSS and TiVo Desktop Plus...but I didn't find any such option. Though another blog described adding using iTunes to subscribe to (video) podcasts, and adding the appropriate iTunes folder to TiVo Desktop Plus. I used this approach. I downloaded the most recent episode and it transferred it to my TiVo HD. I haven't watched yet (and not sure when I'll get to it tonight...or if it'll have to be later this week). But, it seemed satisfactory. :>>

So, I went to iTunes and clicked the "Get All" button...and now I'm hurting my broadband connection. :lalala:

Now I wonder if there's a way to tap other the DearCali one.... :?:


  12:40:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 257 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, Cable HD DVR, Computer, Networking, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

TiVo HD CableCARD Update & Downloads

Well, now that things seem to be working, I was making use of the TiVo HD last the point where I didn't check any of my other recorders for content last night....

There's quite a bit of channels that I got on the Cox HD DVR, that I don't see via CableCARD....don't know if that's because Cox isn't making them all available to CableCARD subscribers or because they aren't in the lineup data from TiVo. TiVo lineup isn't very complete...there are channels it knows about, but has no program info I can't schedule anything from those channels. And, there's other channels that are just missing. I had submitted the missing channel form for Fox HD, along with a link to the local lineup hopefully TiVo will eventually get around to having things right.

Meanwhile, I started looking at the TiVoCasts....some of them are pretty interesting, I've downloaded just a few of them, and set up season passes to keep them coming. Checking my cacti monitor, I see that I've already downloaded >10GB of data in the last week. Wow. Probably the most downloading I've done....even more than when I set up my last new computer. Though that's probably because it wasn't a Windows computer.

Someday I'll get a new Windows computer.....only because my current one is starting to fail (had originally intended to replace it a couple of years ago, when it was 3....) And, want to get one before I can't get Windows XP anymore. &#59;D


  09:08:44 pm, by The Dreamer   , 422 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

I got CableCARDs ... working

Well, I got to a point where it said it was going to take a long time to update. So, after waiting a while....I decided to go in to work.

When, I got home, it was still finishing its connection. It was the the slow count up of "Loading". It was at 40%. After about half an neared 50%....but while I was checking what channels I was getting (and ignoring the messages that it had no program info...) it rebooted on me.

It wanted guided setup again (but I ignored it)....afterwards, live TV was funny. Sometimes I would get ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, TNTHD, UHD, etc....but most of the time I didn't. So, I tried guided setup again. It kind of worked, but mostly didn't....hopping around the setting some more and few more unexpected reboots, some successful and some failed net connects. I once again was asked to do guided I did.

Finally, I poked around in the CableCARD menus....found that CableCARD 1 was working for everything, but CableCARD 2 was having issues. I contemplated calling the Cox installer to see if he could help, but opted to try another guided setup, but tried to see if instead of confirming 23 as QVC what it would ask and see if I saw it. But, it would ask if 24 was X, then 25 was Y, then 26 was Z....they all were, so I stopped there. Would take to long to see if it would tune digital channels.

The gist was CableCARD 1 was getting all my digital channels (SD and HD)...while CableCARD 2 seemed only able to get broadcast HD. So, I gave the Cox installer a call. He said he would call somebody and then call me back. While staring at a black screen of something I should be getting (what happens when CableCARD 2 is selected...) It jumped...flashed an error screen....and then seemed to work. Though I found that CableCARD 2 now reported that it had no channels, and CableCARD 1 was doing all the work.

I got the call back, he said he had them do a reset/refresh for that card and asked if it was working. I described what I was seen and that it was currently saying no channels available for CableCARD 2. Said it would take some time and that he would call back in 5 minutes.

Soon started working, and I had everything. When he called back, I told him that it was now working.

Now to start scheduling stuff to record on it.....

  01:10:19 pm, by The Dreamer   , 399 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Time Warner/Cox Cable, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

I got CableCARDs

The process got off to a rough start...the installer put card 1 in and then put card 2 in, and called to do the pairing. During the call he was instructed to remove cards and then do them one at a time.

That seemed to go somewhat better.

He didn't want to go through guided setup, just wanted to see live TV to confirm that things were working. But, it stayed at Acquiring Channel Info, forever. A quick call, seems he would have to do it, if he wanted to see channels.

So, we did the guided setup.

Still no channels. He decided that everything was done on their end, that it must be TiVo that is preventing he left his number, and said to call if there were any problems on their end.

Full story »


  06:02:06 pm, by The Dreamer   , 245 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

Cox CableCard Installation Scheduled

Well, I pulled that trigger....

I called Cox, navigated through the phone menus...entered my old Vonage phone number (the Ohio one)...and then got to talk to someone about getting CableCards.

The only hang up was how many did I need? I asked if they did S-Cards or M-Cards...she didn't know, said the installer will bring the right card based on the work order of what they would be installing the cards into. Saying that it was for a TiVo HD didn't help answer the question, she needed the model number and then she would go find out.

The answer was, I would need two cards.

The installation is scheduled for between 10-12 on Thursday March 20th.

It never came up that I have other Cox boxes already, etc. Just the one time fee for them to come out and install the cards and the monthly fee that having the cards would add.

A much improved experience so far. B-)

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  03:44:55 pm, by The Dreamer   , 284 words  
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I'm drowning in remotes again....

...but to be fair, I have like 15 (unique IR code) devices in my Home Theater setup.

I used to have one remote to control them all...a URC-6131 which was hacked controlled 7 ReplayTVs, and the TV + Receiver.

I had a another URC that that I had reprogrammed to control the Momitsu V880N because it worked better than the original remote. And, even though this remote could control my Cox HD DVR, I opted to keep the Cox remote around.... I have a few other remotes stashed to control less frequently used devices or the Samsung SIR-T351/SIR-T451 remote, Samsung HLN4265W1 remote, CD changer.

But, yesterday two new remotes got added to this mix. The TiVo HD's and the Zektor HDVI5's. I could reprogram the Zektor to respond to a different remote, but I don't have extra buttons around to do that....and I need to think what would make good codes. Or find a open spot somewhere else to add it.

I briefly thought about reprogramming the second URC for the TiVo or getting another universal remote of some type...but one of the problems of universal remotes is the layout doesn't match the original or keys aren't labeled as clearly as the original, etc. And, I decided against least for now.

I would like to find another URC-6131, since the buttons on that are starting to give me trouble.... Which might prompt to get JP1 software going again so I can at least clone the URC-6131 (wonder how straight forward to clone to a 6131N....of course, the layout is different so I'd have to learn another layout for something I've gotten used to).

Oh well..... :**:


  05:23:24 pm, by The Dreamer   , 242 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Home, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

Setting up my TiVo HD DVR

Quarterly Pest Control was to make an appearance around noon today, and I had those cables coming by Amazon Prime upgraded to One-Day. In the past, they would send it so that it was to arrive by 10am. But, evidently they decided to not do this despite the 3.99 per item upgrade fee applying to 7 items.

So the Pest Control visit took place and I was still waiting for the order to arrive.

But, it finally did. I couldn't I started hooking things up.

Found the PureAV optical cables suck...they don't make a positive connection with the jacks... But, nearing the end...I couldn't get my Momitsu V880N to show up over I had fiddle some more to see if there was a problem in its setup. Turned that while I had a DVI cable connected to the DVI jack on the TV and snaked for I don't remember wasn't screwed on to the back of the TV, and had worked itself sufficiently off that it wasn't working.

Final, obstacle came when I went to connect the TiVo HD DVR....I apparently do not have any more reasonable length ethernet cables. In my search, I only found a 25' cable....I know there's 100' cable somewhere, but I wasn't looking for it (and didn't find it). Guess I need to stock up on some cables.

Now I'm going through the guided setup.... :wave:


  10:31:33 pm, by The Dreamer   , 507 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Time Warner/Cox Cable, OTA HDTV, Momitsu V880N, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

TiVo HD DVR has arrived

Today, I came home late from work...and found sitting on my doorstep that FedEx has left the TiVo HD DVR there. Odd, when I ordered the Cox HD DVR, they wouldn't do that...and even though I waited at home all day by the front door, they claim that I wasn't there to make the delivery (ignoring that it was the first K-State football home game of the season...or perhaps the real reason?)

Anyways....I just moved the box aside, since I intend to hook it up digitally and not knowing how quickly the woot order would ship, I had put off buying DVI and/or HDMI cables. Though I had a good idea of what would be needed, since the TV is DVI and the TiVO HD is HDMI. What I hadn't worked out full is placement of it and my Zektor DVI switcher. Or what pieces of tech that have an input on my TV need to move onto the DVI switcher, because I'm out of digital audio inputs on my receiver.

The plan is that I'll likely move my Momitsu V880N to using DVI. The OTA HD tuner will probably be retired as a result of the TiVo HD DVR (and not because it only sees one station and poorly)....but that digital audio output had already been bumped. Since unlike my setup in Columbus with TimeWarner, I have both an HD tuner and an HD DVR from Cox. Not ready to retire the HD tuner from my mix...but perhaps some day it'll go.

I suppose the only outstanding issue I haven't figured out is whether I need open return path for the TiVo's cable connection. I have a 4 way and an 8 way splitter....the 8 way has no return path and is off of one of the 4 way splitter outputs. I have my cable modem, Cox HD Tuner and Cox HD DVR on the other 3 outputs of the 4 way. 7 of the 8 outputs are my ReplayTV...the 8th has floated around a bit depending on what gadget I wanted to try....on the HDTV for using its internal tuner, a DVD recorder that I had to see if TVGuide data was available, the OTA receiver to see if I could do clear QAM....

Now that I think of it, I probably should've checked for an upgrade of the 4-way splitter...I think the next up is an 6-way (want to minimize the split loss at that 'tier'). But, I once again used Amazon Prime to order a bunch of DVI/DVI and HDMI/DVI and Toslink cables....discovered that the 3.99 upgrade to 1 day service is per item, not per shipment or order. In retrospect I might have scaled down the size of the order to just what I needed to get the TiVo HD going, and leave the rest for free 2 day service. But, I guess I'm not thinking clearly right now :zz:

Initial setup will be a weekend project, not sure how it'll go on getting the Cablecards.


  06:43:58 am, by The Dreamer   , 141 words  
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Woot : TiVo HD DVR


A new category has appeared on my blog.

That's because I pulled the trigger on buying a TiVo HD DVR yesterday....via Woot!

Not entire sure where I'm going to put it or how it is going to be connected into my setup. But, I've done it.

Not sure what this means to my HTMac project. I think I still want a computer as part of my HT, but it might take on a different form....perhaps it'll be something with its own screen (either as its primary display or only display)...also not sure how it ties into the plan to switch my main desktop from Windows to Mac. Or my other Mac purchase wishes.

Like the Time Capsule. Or at what point do I stop buying stuff for the only mac that I do work laptop. :lalala:

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