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  08:19:28 pm, by The Dreamer   , 17 words  
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Taxi is scheduled....

...but I couldn't help thinking that I sure hope it isn't as eventful as last time. &#59;D

  06:26:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 139 words  
Categories: iPod, Travel

I guess I'm packed....

...I think I got everything crammed into my suitcase.

I'm already dreading the end of my vacation....'cause it should be interesting to see how I get everything packed up again. :lalala:

As horrible as it sounds, I've decided to not take my iPod with me. )-o I kind of ran out of room and couldn't figure out a really good way to make it go with me. Though it was partly more about the space for all the accessories, and the fact that I don't have a good pair of headphones...and none at home. So, it was either slip into the office to fetch them or run out to the store and buy something.

I just decided that I'll do with out. I'm expecting that I won't exactly get all that much time to use it anyways.


  06:57:52 pm, by The Dreamer   , 16 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Travel

Compact Drive PD7X is here.

And, it all seems good. :]

Guess I'll find out more when I take it with me....

  08:42:22 am, by The Dreamer   , 121 words  
Categories: General, Travel update

Well, today when I went to check my Chase Mastercard activity....I found that I finally received the refund for the watch.... what started on March 18th, which resulted in something that didn't match what was described...repeated in April when after my paying to return it, they sent me another of the item instead of a I had to pay again to return it again later that month. To not hearing anything for weeks and weeks, until I finally write to find out when I'll get my refund....

The end result...I'll have to live with one of my other watches during the cruise next week. :**:

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  03:41:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 412 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Travel, Scanner

USB Cable for Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2

Ever since I got this camera, I've been looking to score an extra USB cable for it. Because the camera uses a 'unique' connector on the camera, it makes it kind of hard to get.

While I could use an SD card reader for getting pictures off of the camera, there are just some times where it would be nice to use the cable route rather than fiddle with the reader method. Or to have to pack a reader and its drivers.

Even Panasonic's online store didn't list the part, but finally after some hunting around on Panasonic's website, I found a Parts and Accessories order page and found out from a Google search that the part number of the USB cable was "K1HA08CD0001"

So, I went to the page:

And, plugged in the number...and it told me a price for it. So, I promptly ordered it...even though I was at work at the time, and don't usually don't like doing online transactions away from my home computer. Where I keep records of all my online transactions, that way when something unexpected shows up...I can immediately hit the 'report fraud' button (or something like that) for it.

It reported that it wasn't going to be available for a couple of months....until late in May....but went ahead anyways. Since I still wanted it....

The date slipped...but then the charge went through recently....and today, in my mail box was the cable. :yes:

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  02:58:45 pm, by The Dreamer   , 25 words  
Categories: General, Travel

The results are in....

On June 3rd, I had my annual physical....

....My cholesterol was 225 (206, 50, 134) significantly better than last year

Wonder what the cruise is going to do.... :lalala:


  07:27:03 pm, by The Dreamer   , 415 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Travel

Am I Insane??? Compact Drive PD7X


Here I am, in final countdown for leaving on my cruise...and I bid on something on eBay.


I bought a Compact Drive PD7X, with an 80GB drive.

Been debating about what I'll do to archive my memory cards while traveling.

Kept going back and forth between extra memory cards or multipurpose harddrives with card readers, or see if there was something to exploit my iPod (except that there isn't much free space on my 40GB iPod). Or upgrading my laptop (or getting a new one).

But, mostly on impulse....I decided to go ahead and get one of these.

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  11:35:54 pm, by The Dreamer   , 479 words  
Categories: Stuff, Digital Photography, Travel

BC-900 Battery Charger by La Crosse BC900 w/LCD Display


Next on the post holiday acquistion spree....a La Crosse BC900 Battery Charger.

I forget how I came to first seeing this, but I kind of thought neat....I want one.

I used to use the Rayovac one-hour chargers...actually I own 5 of them. Originally the plan to was keep me well stocked with NiMH batteries for my digital camera and flash. Except that I don't use that camera much and the batteries didn't seem to give me much more life than the LiOn battery.

But, the new digital camera uses AA batteries as well, just not as many. But, still I wanted to update my collection.

First thing I did was use the charger to refresh the old batteries. Found lots of cells that were just dead, and the rest were useless. According to the charger only had capacity of around 200mAh. They were Nexcell 2100mAh batteries.

Pretty much the whole lot is toast.

That's okay...around the same time I ordered a 10 pack of 2500mAh Power 2000 batteries from Adorama.

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  04:44:27 pm, by The Dreamer   , 177 words  
Categories: Travel

It's more official....I'll be going to Alaska

My tickets have arrived in the mail today.

Now, I had opted to having Princess arrange the flights rather than my agent. Princess is going with United. Wonder if they know that which frequent flyer programs I'm under. My agent knows which programs I'm in, but I doubt Princess did or cared.

Last time I went on a cruise, I didn't bother joining the FF program to get credit for the flights related to that cruise.

But, now I actually already belong to some programs where I could get points for the flight. Just wonder which one I should present when I fly? I have both Air Canada and United Airlines. I just have zero points under United, because each time that I've flown...they have credited the points to my Air Canada program. Largely because the flights were to Canada.... Actually the cruise starts in Vancouver, so it does kind of still do....:D

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  06:17:46 pm, by The Dreamer   , 80 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Travel, AppleTV, HDTV

Sony HD Digital Video Recorders


Looks like the Sony HD DVRs are finally going to appear....wonder if I'll get one.

Probably work out to be a better way than building an HTmac around the EyeTV 500....except that I can't afford one at the moment, because I've spent money on various other things...such as the EyeTV 500 :P

Plus, there's how am I going to pay for my vacation...both the parts that have already been billed and the parts that will be billed..... U-(

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