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  05:28:14 pm, by The Dreamer   , 304 words  
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Tilley Hat Update


Last summer (sometime after returning from my brother's wedding, having failed to make a trip into an actual Tilley store during the trip....due to US Airways screwing things up, in multiple ways)....I ordered my first Tilley Hat.

I got the LTM8 -- Nylamtium with Mesh, eventually I was finding that I was wearing this hat all the time. Which caused a problem because it made it hard to keep it washed, and the sweat staining was getting to be a problem/concern.

So, I blogged that maybe I would get a second Tilley Hat to solve this problem.

After I got my new washer and dryer...I was able to wash it thoroughly enough to get the sweat staining....

Then earlier this year, I pulled the trigger and bought the TH4 - Hemp Mocha. Now this has become my favorite Tilley Hat. And, the problem of not being able to wash it regularly....that problem went away when I got the new washer and dryer. Mainly the new washer.

The old washer near the end of its life, and the worn bearings and other parts were kind of noisy. Noisy enough that I had to go out to do laundry. Wonder what my neighbors thought of that.

But, the new washer is nice a quiet, and I still find myself watching it work than doing anything else while it is going. This means that I don't need a Tilley Hat on my head while one is being washed. So, I didn't really need a second Tilley Hat, but then I wouldn't have found my new favorite Tilley Hat.

Plus I get more compliments about this hat than the other one. :D

I wonder if I'd consider getting a Tilley Winter Hat or two for the other part of the season....


  07:34:14 pm, by The Dreamer   , 171 words  
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No Archos 605 WiFi

Because I've been doing too much stuff with my TiVo HD DVR at the moment, I've decided to put off the purchase the Archos 605 WiFi. Instead I'm likely to purchase the MyDVR Expander for the TiVo.

There are rumors of the Archos 606 coming out later this year, while the details of what it'll do and look like are sketchy....the consensus is that Archos is going to have regular releases of new products (which kind of fits with most consumer electronics companies &#59;D ) And, since it has been a major struggle of choosing between the Archos 605 WiFi or an iPod would hope that the next version of the Archos will make the decision easier. :?

Plus the thinking to push ahead with the 605 at this point was based on wanting to have it before I go on my next trip (Penguicon).

So, quick cut to my netmap for April 2008....

And, now off to figure out where other gadgety goodness falls in my budget. Like moving up my next ThinkGeek order.


  08:05:53 am, by The Dreamer   , 642 words  
Categories: Travel

U S Airways Charges For Second Checked Bag

Today, US Airways announced a change to our baggage policy. Beginning
May 5, 2008, we'll charge $25 for a second checked bag. The new fee
applies to travel on or after May 5 for tickets purchased on or after
February 26, 2008.

Dividend Miles Preferred members (and anyone traveling on the same
reservation) are exempt from the fee. We're also waiving the fee for:

Confirmed First Class and Envoy passengers
Passengers with Star Alliance Silver or Gold status
Active military personnel in uniform and with ID
Unaccompanied minors
Passengers checking personal assistive devices
We're making these changes to offset record fuel prices and rising
airline related expenses. We simply must make changes to the way we
do business to provide the high level of service that our passengers
have come to expect from US Airways. Also, we're doing all we can to
keep fares low. With this policy change, we're able to give travelers
the choice to avoid the fee and pack fewer items. With fewer bags to
process, we save both money and fuel and can pass that savings on to
our customers.

:?::?::?: High level of service....this would be the airline that bumped me to a later flight, making sit at an airport for 12 hours...and then canceled the flight. Announced that all the flights for the next two days were full and claimed that they were canceling due to weather so they wouldn't put us up. Said they would request a refund for me...but I never got my refund. >:(

But a few people got rental cars and we carpooled to our destination and the weather was fine all the way. Of course, they had mechanical trouble on the corresponding outbound flight making me miss my connection, to which they gave away my reservation on the return (non-stop) star alliance partner flight (even though they had told me on the phone they wouldn't)...and added a couple of extra stops to my itinerary to get there and back. Fortunately I was trying to get in two days before a wedding, instead of what ended up being the night before.

Later when I was talking to Air Canada (a star alliance partner), they told me that I shouldn't have booked my flight with US Airways....then I would've been treated better. Guess I didn't think of it, given that my city is only served by US Airways.... though they couldn't recover the non-stop return flight that I was original scheduled to be on, though they couldn't think of any reason why US Airways had taken me off of it in the process of trying to find me a new outbound flight. And I had paid extra to get that non-stop flight.... Also the non-stop return flight was an afternoon flight, they had rebooked me into a multi-stop (very) early am flight.

Oh well, I haven't flown US Airways since, and I'm thinking that I will work with an agent (rather than booking online) so that I can come up with a workable plan to get me to and from the cruise terminal that won't involve US Airways. (something that meshes with KCIRoadRunner's schedule from here to MCI)

:idea: But, I'm planning to spend my stimulus check on a cruise now.

Though I think the only times I've flown with two bags (other than an overseas trip ~30 years ago) has been 1-way's where I was relocating. Though there have been a few times that I've been dinged for an overweight bag. It was particular bad when I did my Alaskan cruise (Sun Princess) started from Vancouver, so I was well under the 75lb weight limit....but coming back from Anchorage I was over the the 50lb limit. I guess if I could get a do over....I should've gone the other way. Though don't know if I would've had the same good time that I had....


  07:22:08 pm, by The Dreamer   , 315 words  
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USB A to mini-B Cable quest

With a business trip coming up, I've been looking for my pair of USB A to Mini-B cables. IE: Blackberry Data cables. Its also the cable for my Motorola KRZR K1M.

I use the cables, so I can use my work MacBook Pro as a really expensive charger for these mobile devices. But, it is starting to look like I left them in the hotel room on my last business trip....because they are no where to be found. :##

The thing is that some time ago, that my first Blackberry had come with two...and I'm pretty sure that my second one did too. But, I had managed to lose I had acquired a couple more via eBay....because strangely these cables are hard to find (in a B&M).

I remember early on (in 2006) having looked in the computer store on campus, they didn't have this particular cable.

Now the KRZR didn't come with a cable, and on my last business trip...I resorted to swiping the one for my portable harddrive (time machine drive 'LKC SIDRAT')....

Anyways...I didn't conclude that finding my cables would be a lost cause until this morning.

I immediately checked to see if they could get me a pair tomorrow. Unfortunately, they wouldn't offer Saturday delivery as an option...just two day (Tuesday) or one day (Monday). Too late.

I was starting to worry about what I might do for cables. I could swipe the one on my computer in a pinch I suppose, and there's the blackberry wall well. Though I'm already missing the cable for my other blackberry wall charger because of this.

But, I decided to check the campus computer store again....and fortunately they did have some this time. :>>

Now I wonder what else I'm gonna be in a panic to locate for the trip....


  11:20:11 am, by The Dreamer   , 172 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Computer, Travel, Networking

Linux (Server) Update

Last night I finished the repartition and reformat all the drives in my old Linux server, to see if it thinks there is a better geometry mapping under the new BIOS. It still seems weird, but it is an improvement. I wrote off all the content that I had under DVArchive.... :|

Since I still have the Core 2 Quad system (in a still sealed box)...I may move some of the services off. Though I'm not sure if I'll move it all. Largely depends on whether I go with Linux or Solaris. I'm still leaning towards Solaris, since my Linux box is running. I suppose I might feel differently if ZFS was native to Linux somewhere. Of course, I haven't heard if ZFS root and boot is production quality yet for Solaris.

OTOH, I'm not really sure if Solaris is really the way to go....there's some esoteric things that Linux might just be better at. Especially with the weird network that I run.

Meanwhile, I have made plans to attend Penguicon 6.0 :wave:


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Something different for the gift giving season....


Because this year I won't be traveling to the cold for the winter holidays to see family, etc. I 've been scratching my head on what I would do for gift giving this year.

The norm would be a online gift certificate of some sort. Because of the latest thing my brother is doing, I first went looking to see if there were any Fair Trade stores in Canada where I could obtain gift certificates for from the United States. Alternatively reasonable US based ones that didn't want more than the gift certificates value to ship the goods to Canada. I didn't have any luck googling for such a place. So, I sent an email to the Fair Trade Advocacy group here at K-State, but never got a response.

Earlier in the year, I had gotten some catalog and there were a variety of donations to help around the world. At the time, the key item was a fund a traditional (shallow water) well. I joked about how we should all chip in for one. Of course, my parents could only see the value of giving as a tax deduction and since they live in Canada, it wouldn't have been one. Plus they only give $5 here and there. At the time they made a point of say they just gave $5 to fight Cancer (I've lost an aunt, and other people, to breast cancer)....I countered with the fact that I had just given $50 this year specifically to fight breast cancer. Meanwhile, my brother and his wife, who are currently in Ghana, are on the crusade against giving money to any charities.

I set the catalog aside, but when I came back to this idea, I couldn't find it again. But, then among the several pounds of mail that accumulated while I was at LISA '07 (but not the other several pounds of mail that accumulated over the same period in my box at the UPS store)...there was a World Vision Gift Catalog. Which had a variety of other gifts.

So for my brother and his wife, I've made a donation to provide Malaria prevention for 5 families: Provides anti-malaria bednets and teach parents on how to keep children safe., and for my parents a Complete fishing kit: Give a family a fishing pole, hooks, lines and a basket, to help feed children and build self-sufficiency. and Tools and training for farmers. Though in retrospect, I'm not sure the last two are totally in fitting with the theme I was going for. But, given the choices available and my gift budget....

Meanwhile, I stuck with what I originally went with, and got myself a Share of a traditional well.

Perhaps this'll be a new tradition.... &#59;D


  11:25:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
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Fluxx - Looney Labs


Note to self.

Order this is wild.


  02:32:22 pm, by The Dreamer   , 360 words  
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My New Pocket Knife


I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I've been frustrated to be without a pocket knife, ever since I went straight from the office to a flight one day...and had to forfeit my Leatherman Juice S2.

Now before I realized I had forgotten to leave it behind, I had been contemplating getting a Leatherman e307x....well last month I finally took the plunge and got a new knife, though I opted to get the Leatherman e303 instead.

It took a long time to get to me after I purchased on eBay. Seems the sending post office delayed sending it on its way until 9/11 :?: But, it proved to not be the knife I wanted. They made the thumb stud too long, so it pokes into my leg.

Trying to decide what I would do next....I decided that maybe it wasn't all that important that my pocket knife have a philips screwdriver. Which had been a significant criteria for as long as I could remember. The number of times where it had proven to be handy I can't recall....and nothing in recent maybe I didn't need it anymore. And, there were times along the way where the knife I carried didn't have a philips screwdriver.

At one time I had a CRKT M16-02Z, and it was nice basic pocket knife. And it was among one of the ones I had acquired back when it was okay to carry a pocket knife on an airplane. They just didn't allow serrated blades.... But, I knew that it would have a stud and that it wouldn't stick out too far....and it was a nice knife. So, I went looking to see what one I should get to be my new current pocket knife.

Browsing the CKRT site and eBay...I settled on the M16-10KZ....actually it was just any M16-10 that I was looking for, but found a price I liked for the KZ model. It turned up yesterday, but I already like it. So looks like this saga has come to a least until I lose it and need to find something else again. |-|


  08:57:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 606 words  
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I have two Internet Browser icons on my Blackberry

Over the weekend, I went up to Toronto for my brother's wedding. When I returned to the United States (first landing in Denver), my blackberry got a registration email and suddenly another "Internet Browser" icon appeared next to the one I already had.

It does everything the first one did, and has the same name. I tried hiding it, but that causes both to hide. I tried moving it, that worked until the phone was restarted. Then the other one moved as well.

I tried going on to BIS and having the service books resent. I didn't solve this problem, though I did get a flood of email messages. They were the work ones, so I guess I didn't notice that this wasn't working.

I thought about seeing if I could remove the Browser and reinstall it, but I never used the software from Sprint to set my computer up. So, I didn't have means on my desktop to reinstall it using the Applications installer. I went to the Sprint website, and grabbed it. Noticed that it was a slightly newer version. Meaning it would cause an upgrade. Decided that I would just let it do the full upgrade and see if that resolved it.

It did....

Full story »


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SplashID Password Manager for BlackBerry


The Palm PDA to Blackberry migration continues.....

My Tungsten T is hardly being used had been falling the wayside gradually, ever since I got a Blackberry (2.5 years ago). I've been thinking of upgrading, but they don't seem to offer PDAs much anymore. And, I'm hooked on my Blackberry.

But, there are a few things on my Tungsten T that I don't yet know how to live without. One of which is PDA SafeID (which has evolved into Splash ID for Palm, but I haven't had the urge to update anything on my Palm in a very long time).

There's probably a ton of stuff in this application that I no longer reference, or have need to have around. But, every now and then, it comes in handy as the place to stash something important (usually frequent flyer numbers).

And, since I'm about to go on a got me thinking that there must be some way to easily migrate and have this data on hand in my Blackberry. Even though I might opt to having my Palm PDA along anyways. I quick google search yesterday, and I found SplashID for Blackberry...a quick email to support, after I guessed my old login information....and found that I could export/import my data. And, I then downloaded and installed the trial....and everything seems to be working great.

It'll definitely be something I'll register.

Now to figure out how I'll move other things I depend on, or see if I can live without...and then finally retire my Tungsten T. Though I haven't yet decided what gadget will replace it.... :lalala:

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